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Free Purchase Order Template Tool (PDF, Excel And Word)

With the availability of downloadable and printable purchase order templates, Ecommerce businesses happen fast. Using a purchase order template might help your ecommerce shop keep up.


In 2023, you will have access to Free Shopify purchase order templates that you may customize and make your own. Selecting a template and editing your information may instantly make purchase orders for your business.

There are various platforms where you can download purchase order templates in Word, PDF, or Excel. You can also customize your template to fit your company’s image.


What’s a purchase order?

Make a purchase order when you need to buy something from a vendor. A purchase order is a list of all the required products or services, how many of each are needed, and a place to write down the quantity of shipping and delivery. Here is a look at purchase orders in detail.

Free Purchase Order Template Tool (PDF, Excel And Word)-
Free Purchase Order Template Tool (PDF, Excel And Word) 7

How Purchase Order Works

Using purchase orders, it’s easy for small businesses to make purchases. But it makes the purchase easier. So here are the steps in the cycle of a purchase order.

  • When a business needs a product or service, the buyer gets quotes from several suppliers; the buyer would go with the seller whose prices are the highest.
  • The buyer then uses a purchase order template to make a purchase order and emails it to the vendor.
  • The vendor then gets the PO and checks to see if they can fill the buyer’s seller. If this is impossible, the seller asks the buyer to change the PO. If the buyer says no, the PO is canceled, and the buyer looks for another supplier to complete the order.
  • If the buyer approves the purchase order, the seller confirms it by sending all the essential information on the proforma invoice, such as product details, price, quantity, and shipping details. The proforma invoice also has a purchase order number so the buyer can quickly determine which order has arrived.
  • Once the product arrives, the buyer can quickly find it using the purchase order number.
  • The seller then sends the invoice to the buyer and asks for payment for the product or service that the buyer gave. It also has the purchase order and proforma number, so the buyer can check the order and ensure it matches.
  • The buyer then pays the bill, which was agreed upon when the purchase order was made.

Why Do You Need a Purchase Order?

Generally, medium-sized to large businesses use orders to keep their regular purchases from vendors running smoothly.

But this is different for small businesses because they buy things in simple ways and don’t feel the need to make purchase orders.


Try Free Shopify Purchase Order Template Tool

Instantly create a purchase order document Shopify Purchase Order template is formatted to have all the details you need.

Shopify Purchase Order Template
Free Purchase Order Template Tool (PDF, Excel And Word) 8

But as the business grows, so does the number of people who want to buy things, and more people get involved in the buying process.

The value of purchase orders is recognized here and helps make financial accounting more effective and simple.


Lastly, purchase orders make business transactions with vendors more relevant and precise.

Types of purchase orders

A business can make different types of purchase orders. For example, let’s look at the different purchase orders that could work for you.

A standard purchase order

A typical purchase order is used for transactions that happen rarely or only once. For example, you can send a standard PO to your vendor if you need to purchase business equipment. Standard orders will have a very clear price, quantity, payment, and shipping information.

Planned purchase order

A planned purchase order is a long-term purchase to buy things from one supplier. Prices and expected delivery dates are included in these orders, though dates are subject to change.


Blanket purchase order

With a blanket purchase order, buyers agree to purchase goods or services from a vendor, but the quantity is not specified. The price can also not be decided. A lot of small businesses use these forms to order things regularly.

Contract purchase order

A contract purchase order gives the seller information about the purchase, including the price. But the names of the products aren’t given. So, this PO provides the seller and their clients with a way to keep doing business together.

Benefits of using a purchase order template

Using a purchase order (PO) template won’t have to make each document from scratch. This will save you time. Also, changing your purchase order form template can make your documents look more professional and raise brand awareness.

What is the purpose of a purchase order form?

Communication is the key to doing business. A purchase order form is an excellent way to explain what you, as a buyer, need. The payment terms and information about the delivery will also be on the purchase order. The seller’s acceptance of the purchase order becomes a legally binding contract.

How to edit a purchase order template

It is simple to personalize your purchase order form. Start by picking a free purchase order template from the menu above. Each purchase order template comes in different file types, so ensure you have the right tools to edit each.

Once you download the purchase order template, you can personalize it to fit your needs. Make sure it still has all the information a standard purchase order needs.

Here’s what you’ll do to personalize your purchase order template:

  1. Choose a free template for a purchase order.
  2. Save the template in the file format you want.
  3. Open the apt program and run the template.
  4. Add the name and logo of your business.
  5. Fill in the template’s information areas with any necessary information.
  6. Save the template to your computer or the cloud.

Once you’ve finished your template, you can save it and use it the next time you need to purchase something from a supplier.

Fill out the order form with the number of items, the price per unit, and the seller’s contact information. After that, you can save the document as a PDF and send it to the vendor by email.

You can also print and mail a hard copy.

The key aspects of a purchase order form

Your business should be as unique as your purchase order. Make sure to include the following information on a purchase order:

  • Data regarding your business (name, logo, contact info, website URL, tax ID number)
  • The seller’s information (name, contact info)
  • A specific purchase order number (used to track your financial commitments)
  • The name of each product or service you want.
  • The price for each item on your purchase order
  • Information about your shipment, its shipping point, and the date you want it to arrive.
  • The total price of the sale as a whole (including tax and any discounts or unique pricing options)
  • When the order goes into effect
  • The method of payment that will be used to complete the transaction

Using a purchase order template is helpful because the facts about your business will stay the same. For example, when making purchase orders in the future, this template can be used to make it easy to start buying from a supplier.

Purchase Order Template

As we’ve already mentioned, an online purchase order is a financial document that summarizes the purchases of products or services agreed upon by both the buyer and the seller under specific terms and conditions.

By creating a purchase order online, a business or organization can easily manage and keep track of its purchase on purchases, with as little human error as possible.

It also helps lower the costs of buying for a business and improve the purchase order cycle.

How to create Online Purchase Order Templates

With the purchase order generator, you can customize and use multiple templates with a single click. In step 2, you can choose the design of the purchase order you made in step 1.

Free Purchase Order Template Tool (PDF, Excel And Word)-
Free Purchase Order Template Tool (PDF, Excel And Word) 9

You can select designs and multiple colors from your company or organization’s logo to match your purchase order. You can also change the font for the headlines.

On most online platforms, the main templates are a Professional Purchase Order, a Letterhead, Business Purchase Order, and a Print-friendly one. You can easily customize the color and look of any template.

The elements of a Purchase Order Generator

Every person who makes a purchase order must pay attention to the following details:

  1. Purchase Order and Quotation Number: It is helpful to have a quote number for the purchase order and the same for the purchase order when creating an invoice.
  2. Order by Details: In this section, the information about the buyer will be shown. That is a summary of the company.
  3. Order To Details: It will display all relevant information about the seller.
  4. Details about the product or service: This is the most critical part. It has all the information about the product or service, including the price and how many of each are needed.
  5. Terms and Conditions: The terms and conditions of the purchase order should be included.
  6. Additional Notes: As the name suggests, this is just an addition to the purchase order where the buyer can include more information or instructions about the product or service.

Different Purchase Order Template

Many websites on the Internet offer their customers free purchase order templates, and there are different templates for different needs. Here are a few examples:

  1. Professional Purchase Order Template – Designed for professionals. Templates are simple to customize.
  2. Letterhead Purchase Order Template: You can make your purchase order look more professional by using letterhead. Add your company’s logo and choose from the available font headings.
  3. Business Purchase Order Template – For small business owners, entrepreneurs, and new companies.
  4. Print-friendly Purchase Order Template This is a simple, small, black-and-white template.

How to Send the Supplier a Purchase Order

As a professional, you should always send the purchase order through email. Using our purchase order template, you can quickly create a purchase order and email it to the vendor.

You only need to put the vendor’s email address in the recipient section. Our system will fill in the rest. You can also add the email’s subject line and body.

When the vendor gets the mail, they can click on the button or immediately download the purchase order to see it.

The templates also offer different ways to send the purchase order, like downloading it as a PDF, printing it, or sending the link through WhatsApp ( after copying the link).

Why Use a Free Purchase Order Template?

You can create a purchase order quickly with Free Purchase Order. You can make simple transactions with your supplier and keep track of all your purchase orders in one place.

Create all of the information about your vendors on your purchase orders. Purchase orders can have as many fields and columns as needed.

Even if your vendor is located across continents, you can still make an online purchase order in more than one currency.

Read Also:

For example, you can change the number format of the purchase order to the international number system and the currency. You can save time by making a copy of the purchase order with just one click.

The user-friendly and well-designed layout of the template makes it easy to download the whole purchase order at once. Easy to create, manage, and download purchase orders.

You can print it, save it as a PDF, or email it to your vendor. Some templates for purchase orders let you share the order over WhatsApp.

Try Free Shopify Purchase Order Template Tool

Instantly create a purchase order document Shopify Purchase Order template is formatted to have all the details you need.

Shopify Purchase Order Template
Free Purchase Order Template Tool (PDF, Excel And Word) 10


What’s a purchase order?

A purchase order is a piece of paper you (the buyer) make for the vendor (seller). Purchase orders have a number, the name of the product or service, the price, and the amount the buyer wants to buy from the seller.

Is the Online Purchase Order Template truly free?

In 2023, making a purchase order is free, and you can create as many as you want without trouble.

Can I customize the purchase order template?

Yes. You can make your purchase order form more personal by adding your logo, signature, and multiple fields and columns.

Can I generate purchase orders in a different format?

Yes. There are many templates you can use, including letterhead. You can also change the purchase order form’s font and color.

How is an online purchase order useful?

Many online purchase orders let you make professional purchase orders for free. Manage and keep your purchase orders and a lot of information about your vendors in one place.

What are other tools available besides the Purchase Order Template?

Small tools, freelancers, and agencies can manage their operations smoothly with the help of online platforms. In addition, there are tools like invoice generators, proforma invoice templates, quote and estimate generators, and software for managing expenses.

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Free Purchase Order Template Tool (PDF, Excel And Word) 11

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