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Top 5 Uncommon Side Hustles That Make Over $50 Per Hour

Everyone is on the lookout for a side hustle these days. However, the issue is that everybody is engaged in the same side hustle.


Thus, in this post, I will discuss these surprising and straightforward 5 Uncommon Side Hustles That Make Over $50 Per Hour In 2021, you can begin with no money down.

So, what exactly is a side hustle? A side hustle is a way to earn money in addition to your regular 9 to 5 work. 


It enables you to make more money, which helps you pursue your interests, purchase items you need or want, and alleviate financial concerns.

The reality is that the majority of 9 to 5 workers do not cover the bills.

Especially if you’re just getting started in your career, when you add up the costs of rent, food, utilities, and transportation, you can discover that you have a tiny leftover. What a letdown!

Thus, you begin a side hustle to earn a few hundred or thousand dollars extra per month. 


Something that will allow you to make more money today, tomorrow, or in five years. 

Anything that would serve as a backup source of income in the event of an unexpected work loss.

Thus, in this write-up, we’re going to dissect the top 5 Uncommon Side Hustles That Make Over $50 Per Hour In 2021 that I’m sure you’ve never heard. 


And even though you’ve heard of it, chances are you’ve never done it. Today, we’re going to count down the top five most unusual side hustles in 2021 that you can launch with no money.

Let’s roll.

5. Creating Resumes

Therefore, we’re beginning with number five, which is designing resumes for individuals.

As a result, many people are unaware that creating resumes counts among the top 5 Uncommon Side Hustles That Make Over $50 Per Hour In 2021.


However, when applying for a job, preparing a resume can be challenging, resulting in multimillion-dollar companies.

Side Hustles That Make Over $50 Per Hour
Top 5 Uncommon Side Hustles That Make Over $50 Per Hour 5

And then you can latch on to the power that comes with the internet, the power of communication, and offer to write resumes for people because people are not naturally resourceful; they are not going to Google search for examples.

And if you are resourceful and look at top resume instances, Google resumes, Stanford resumes, and Facebook resumes for the world’s most prestigious companies, you will be able to locate resumes that were approved by these companies as well as expert level resumes.

Additionally, you can find resume makers on Fiverr. They do create stunning resumes for $5 or less. 

Thus, you can charge people $45-50 for a resume and then pay someone $5 on Fiverr to make it for you.

And you can keep the difference between the forty-five dollars you charged and the five dollars you incur paying someone else to do the job. 

And by netting the $40 difference, you can build a very viable business model.

Thus, how do you locate individuals willing to pay for resumes? You can do it from a variety of spots.

You can proceed to build your Fiverr gig or even do it through Upwork or Craigslist, but the easiest way to get started is to use your network and social media.

You can be the go-to person for people searching for their first job or improving their resume to land a better job.

4. Monetize Tourism

And being the go-to person while at it lands us to number four; tourism. 

I know, Covid-19, right? But capitalizing on tourism and large-scale events in your region in 2021 is one of the Five Uncommon Side Hustles That Make Over $50 Per Hour.

Thus, depending on your location, you may or may not have a plethora of significant events, correct? Thus, Rangers recently won the Scottish championship.

Or, you know, the Super Bowl may be coming to town, or the World Cup 2022 may be nearby, or there may be some other big sporting event, festival, or something similar. 

You still see these types of people selling, you know, water bottles or hot dogs or whatever outside of these large events, or pedicab services-the bicycle people around, and you are aware these people are practically making a kill.

Untitled design 20
Side Hustles That Make Over $50 Per Hour

Therefore, to begin exploiting this, consult event calendars, identify major events occurring in your general geographical vicinity, and capitalize on them.

And so you can monetize tourism. And you can go out and sell water bottles, food, and a variety of other things.

And the funny thing is, now that you’ve heard about it, you’re probably thinking about those people you see selling food and drinks, providing pedicab services, and driving people around on their bicycles.

And then you can decide for yourself how much you believe they are earning. 

You know that probably you now even recall when you attended an in a different city, you were charged say $200 by a bicyclist to take you on a ten-minute bicycle ride that would have taken you to, let’s say 45 minutes to an hour if you had opted to walk.

And thus, if you travel, especially if you are one of the few people providing those valuable services, you will discover that you can charge absurdly high prices. 

And you know, the bicyclist was probably making over $50 per Hour riding his bike around for people who were too lazy to walk.

3 .Purchase in bulk and resell

That takes us to number three, which is bulk purchasing and then reselling on an individual basis. And you can do this using the previous example of water bottles and similar products. Additionally, you can do this with clothes.

Maybe you have many friends who go out to look for antiques and, you know, old clothes at Goodwill and similar stores such as St. Vincent DePaul and similar establishments.

Untitled design 21
Side Hustles That Make Over $50 Per Hour

And then, they proceed to sell certain clothing pieces individually on eBay. 

When you become more adept at determining what kind of antique or vintage clothing is truly desirable, you’ll find that you’ll improve your ability to monetize this Uncommon Side Hustle That Makes Over $50 Per Hour In 2021.

You’re aware of the fact that you’re on the lookout for these kinds of offers. 

Additionally, you can capitalize on bulk buying & reselling by selling snacks or sweets at your school. You know, after you’ve established that you’re capable of doing so without getting into trouble.

The thing is, you can purchase water bottles for ten cents each and sell them for $1, $2, or $3, and you can earn 30 times your investment if you see hundreds or thousands of people leaving an event and you sell 100 or 500 bottles.

Suddenly, you’ve earned $300 if you sell 100, or even up to $1,000 if you sell 300. And that is purely to sell water bottles. 

Thus, purchasing items in bulk and selling them individually, or searching for discounts on used or antique clothes, is an excellent way to make some extra money in an unusual side hustle.

2. Niche Instagram Pages

The second method of our top 5 Uncommon Side Hustles That Make Over $50 Per Hour In 2021 involves carving out niche Instagram pages. 

As a result, Instagram is one of the largest, most thriving social media sites in the world right now, if not the largest. And creating a niche page is as straightforward as creating content about a particular topic.

Thus, we could build a niche page dedicated to, say, puppies or fitness or something else we’re passionate about; the sky is the limit.

Both types of products work, such as camping or tactical flashlights, used for various purposes.

You have to go to Instagram and look for whatever interests you. And I guarantee that you’ll come across an excellent page dedicated to creating content on that topic. 

You may be wondering why they are churning out all of this content.

Why are they doing all of this work, you’d wonder? To be sure, they’re not doing it for free; they’re building up the page to attract an audience to a particular topic.

And what’s going to happen is that they’re going to monetize that through affiliate marketing; they’re going to sell some tactical flashlight with an affiliate link in their profile, and then all of the hundreds of 1000s of followers who are looking at their tactical images and stuff like that are going to click on their affiliate link.

The followers may navigate to the individual’s Instagram bio and click on the link to the product they’re interested in purchasing.

And then, as you know, the owner of the Instagram account will receive 40% to 50% of the revenue simply for making an Instagram profile. Additionally, there are great benefits.

You’ll earn money not only from affiliate advertising but also from sponsorships, such as when a major tactical flashlight company offers to pay you $1,000 or more to write a single article for your readers about their product or company.

And as your lovely page grows in size, you can charge an increasing amount for items such as shout-outs, sponsorships, and other things. 

Naturally, you won’t be able to charge $1,000 for a shout-out when you first launch, but once you’ve built a substantial website, you can charge $1,000, $5,000, or even more for a sponsored shout-out.

1 .Focus Group

And the year’s number one Uncommon Side Hustle That Makes Over $50 Per Hour In 2021, drum rolls without further ado, is focus group, a very random choice. However, this article is about uncommon side hustles for 2021.

Thus, focus groups are simply experiments conducted by big corporations. 

They invite ordinary people to participate in surveys, fill out paperwork, have their blood pressure taken, exercise or perform other activities to conduct market research into how ordinary everyday people like you and me are doing.

Side Hustles That Make Over $50 Per Hour
Top 5 Uncommon Side Hustles That Make Over $50 Per Hour 6

You know, if they have a new product, you come in and pay $50 or $250 for an hour or two of your time to choose which type of product you prefer, or which type of product image you like, or which brand name you prefer. All of these are things that focus groups do.

And I understand if that seems to be an impossibility. However, this type of thing occurs frequently. 

And these large corporations, with multimillion-or even billion-dollar budgets, must solicit feedback from actual ordinary citizens, especially in a smaller segment, before rolling out new product lines or new ideas nationwide.

Thus, they pay for focus groups and research groups, and they pay these businesses to bring in real people to give their views on new products, new ideas, or new services that these companies are considering offering on a larger scale.

Final thought

A side hustle is a way for you to supplement your regular income. It allows you to pursue your interests, buy things you need or want, and get rid of financial worries. 

And these top 5 Uncommon Side Hustles That Make Over $50 Per Hour concepts have the advantage of not requiring a significant initial investment or even a highly advanced skill set. 

These top 5 Uncommon Side Hustles That Make Over $50 Per Hour can be seen as a fallback source of income in the event of a job loss.

 It’s a list of side hustles you can do to make more money in your spare time. Subject to execution of choice, you can make you $50 to even thousands of dollars per Hour.

Therefore, if you liked this article and are interested in learning how to make $1,000 per day with no money, to begin with, read this article (Here), in which we demonstrate how to do so.

I understand that it seems unlikely, but I will explain.

Thus, all you have to do is look at this resource (Here, and you’ll see that it’s an exciting concept. Take it and go to the places where people are already involved.

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