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T-shirt Templates And Mockups For Your Clothingline

In this post, Grand T-shirt Templates and Mockups for Your Clothing-line, you’ll find a compiled list of top notch-the best t-shirt templates and mockups you can use for your clothing line, so you don’t need to stress over dig up mockups and refine studio lighting. 

You probably have an astounding online store set up for your clothing line, yet one thing equally terrific is amiss, the spark of magnificent product shots. 

Or possibly you’re employing a print-on-demand service to run your store, so you don’t have any of your t-shirts close by, or perhaps you’re experiencing difficulty with product photography. 

The exercise boils down to simply finding a t-shirt mockup you like and add your design. At the point, you’d need to consider the available two types of t-shirt Templates, and they are online t-shirt templates and downloadable t-shirt mockup files. 

On this post

  • What is a t-shirt mockup? 
  • Online t-shirt mockups for your clothing line 
  • Downloadable t-shirt template files (PSDs) 
  • More online t-shirt templates 
  • T-shirt template and mockup FAQ 

T-shirt Templates and Mockups for Your Clothing-line: What is a t-shirt mockup? 

A t-shirt mockup is a clear record for designing a t-shirt with your graphics, images, words, images, or branding. T-shirt mockups permit you to make a design and put it on a virtual t-shirt so you and your clients can get a sense of what it will resemble. T-shirt mockups may be on a ghost mannequin, real or flat lay mockup. 

You may download a t-shirt blueprint and build your design within the t-shirts outline. That’s if you design your mockups.

Again, that requires some essential know-how on clothing design just as you need image editing aptitudes; fortunately, the individuals who don’t have such abilities can utilize t-shirt design templates and mockups accessible online. The templates make the design process a lot simpler. 

Shirt models permit you to show your designs creatively, giving out a setting wherein your apparel line gets everyone’s attention.

If you just completed another attire line and you’re looking for an expert method to show it to the world, at that point, you should be searching for shirt mockups.

In this section, we’ll point you to some of the online t-shirt mockups for your apparel line. Consider the following:

  • T-shirt Mockup Generator 
  • T-shirt Mockups from PrintAura 
  • Custom Ink T-shirt Mockup 
  • Clothing Mockups from Printful

Even with no requirement for image editing software, the tools can assist you in producing t-shirt mockups.

The t-shirt design templates incorporate a broad scope of fits and styles and offer you all the flexibility you require to make impressive mockups. 

Case for T-shirtMockup

  • Diverse t-shirt template styles to browse 
  • The online tool is amazingly easy to use 

T-shirt Mockup is another extraordinary customize native for storekeepers without access to an image editing resource yet at the same time need incredible t-shirt design template options for their store.

T-shirt Templates and Mockups
T-shirt Templates And Mockups For Your Clothingline 23

From your internet browser, you can upload your design, rotate the image, and even look over two different t-shirt styles, select white, black, or a customized color—all from your web browser.

Likewise, you can download a layered PSD as it lends you a bit more control of your blank t-shirt template as you make your custom t-shirt template in Adobe Photoshop. T-shirt Mockup Generator 

Case for

  • Huge loads of styles to browse 
  • The online tool is amazingly easy to use is notable as a site that lets you place screenshots into images of PCs and phones; however, it likewise has a broad scope of t-shirt templates you can use to produce photographs, including your clothing design.

T-shirt-Templates and Mockups
T-shirt Templates And Mockups For Your Clothingline 24

You can choose over a broad spectrum of t-shirt mockups, place your design on them, and purchase those that fit your image, all while never opening an image editor for those of us who aren’t conversant with image editing software, Place. It makes for an incredible t-shirt mockup generator. 

T-Shirt Templates and Mockups:PrintAura 

Case for T-shirt Mock-ups from PrintAura 

  • Incorporates both t-shirt-only and model mockups 
  • Design t-shirt mockups for nothing 

With mockups from PrintAura, you won’t require image editing software to set your t-shirt store in motion, given that this online tool lets you make t-shirt mockups in your software.

T-shirt-Templates and Mockups
T-shirt Templates And Mockups For Your Clothingline 25

So that your images consistently conform with life, the process starts with you choosing the brand of t-shirt you’re already using. From that point, you can customize it with your design and color of choice—including yellow, gray, blue-red, orange, green, and numerous others. 

Custom Ink T-shirt Mock-up 

A case for Custom Ink T-shirt Mock-up 

  • Free and simple to utilize 
  • Employing Custom Ink’s online kit, Mock-ups gets transformed into actual products 

Custom Ink’s t-shirt mockup generator is an extraordinary free device that lets you perceive how your designs will look on a broad scope of t-shirts, e.g., t-shirts, tank tops, and even raglans.

Capture 5
T-shirt Templates And Mockups For Your Clothingline 26

Custom Ink restricts you to pick colors that are accessible to order, which is significantly less scary as opposed to the expansive universe of “pick your color!” Whenever you’re done, you can directly order your t-shirts from Custom Ink. 

Apparel Mockups from Printful 

Case for Apparel Mock-ups from Printful

  • T-shirt template incorporates mockup wearing product 
  • Incorporates a transparent background 
  • Design t-shirt mockups free of charge

Printful isn’t only an extraordinary method to print products on demand for your store—it additionally offers a free-to-use mockup generator and t-shirt design templates. Printful offers you templates for t-shirts, hoodies, and then some.

Capture 6
T-shirt Templates And Mockups For Your Clothingline 27

You needn’t bother with image editing software to add your design to these t-shirt templates. With Printful, you’re secured regardless of whether you need a kid apparel template or a men’s t-shirt template. 

Downloadable t-shirt template files (PSDs) 

In case you’re curious about a PSD, it’s the name of a Photoshop image file. Consider .psd as you’d think of a .jpg or .png extension for images. Remember that you’ll require Photoshop on your PC if you need to open and edit a PSD file. 

These t-shirt design Templates are primarily files you can use to make awesome mockups in image editing software. And since the vast majority of them are in PSD format, that means you’ll require access to and essential know-how on Photoshop to open them. 

Now that you have the lowdown on shirt mockups, how about we get to the great stuff: a juicy rundown through some of the t-shirt template files (PSDs):

  • Men’s Apparel Shirt TemplatesPolo Mockup Shirt Design
  • GoMedia Clothing Templates
  • T-Shirt Mockup Template from Tyunderscore
  • Clothing Templates
  • Zipup Hoodie Mockup
  • Tank Top Mockup Shirt Design
  • Cotton Bureau
  • Baby Growsuit/Onesie Mockup
  • Vintage and Classic T-Shirt from Pixeden
  • Infinity Color Shirt Mockup
  • Photorealistic T-Shirt Mockups
  • Graphic Burger T-Shirt Mockup
  • Short Sleeve Dress Shirt Design Mockup

PS: To work with the downloadable template files, you’ll need to have an essential comprehension of image-editing software. You can also always reach out to a designer if you need assistance with the files (PSDs).

Men’s Clothe T-shirt Templates 

A case for Men’s Clothe T-shirt Templates 

  • Various t-shirt templates accessible 
  • A brilliant way of life shots for any clothing line 
  • Incorporates t-shirt-only mockups and ones that assimilate a model

You’ll require image editing software to utilize these mockups, though. But In case you’re looking for a bunch of t-shirt template PSDs to sub a whole apparel photoshoot, look no further.

Capture 7
T-shirt Templates And Mockups For Your Clothingline 28

This bunch of templates incorporates t-shirts, hoodies, and tank tops, worn by men in life-style images. You can add your design to each image and change the photograph styles to suit your image. 

Polo Mockup T-shirt Design 

Case for Polo Mockup T-shirt Design 

  • Excellent t-shirt template 
  • One of only a handful of polo t-shirt mockups accessible 

Finding a t-shirt template is sufficiently simple, yet shouldn’t something be said about polo t-shirt templates? There aren’t the same number of choices out there, which is why this dig from Pixeden is so incredible.

Capture 8
T-shirt Templates And Mockups For Your Clothingline 29

And because it’s a PSD file, you’ll require image editing software to open it, yet once you do, you’ll have all you need to make a polo t-shirt mockup.

You can change the color of both the t-shirt and the background and position your design on the t-shirt and the inside label. Equally, the blank t-shirt template accompanies a wooden hanger in the image. 

GoMedia Clothe Templates 

A case for GoMedia Clothe Templates 

  • Wide range of garments styles accessible 
  • Simple to use and incredibly great designs
  • Sold in packs with guidelines on the most proficient method to use 

Here, you’ll find a various t-shirt and hoodie templates ready for sale, yet one of the most fascinating and remarkable elements is that you can purchase t-shirt templates that likewise have a side view on your design.

Capture 9
T-shirt Templates And Mockups For Your Clothingline 30

On the off chance that you have design essentials that are best seen from the left or the right, perhaps this is the spot to make your t-shirt mockups. 

T-shirt mockup template from Tyunderscore 

Case for Tyunderscore

  • Simple to use t-shirt mockup 
  • Great t-shirts with an assortment of colors accessible 

First, you’ll require an image editing software to open and use this t-shirt template. I doubt nothing comes across as off than a design added on top of a t-shirt image. However, Tyunderscore t-shirt mockup PSD from w/studio relieves you of that.

Capture 10
T-shirt Templates And Mockups For Your Clothingline 31

The file is set up to adjust the design so that when you add your design, it changes the design to the wrinkles in the t-shirt, giving off a significantly more true-to-life t-shirt mockup. Likewise, you can stow away or customize the t-shirt tag, change both the t-shirt color and the background, or add all-over patterns.

Clothing Templates 

A case for Clothing Templates 

  • T-shirt Templates with transparent backgrounds 
  • Cost-effective for the quality of mockup 
  • Using layered files in Photoshop, the tool can virtually mockup distinctive t-shirt styles 

Clothe Templates is yet another t-shirt template that’s explicitly based on the American Apparel style. Besides offering tank top templates, by using image editing software, the entirety of Clothe Templates are fully editable.

Capture 11
T-shirt Templates And Mockups For Your Clothingline 32

You can even add or resale a hanger, contingent upon what you need the image to resemble. It has diverse t-shirt mockup PSDs dependent on the style number of mainstream American Apparel t-shirts for people. 

T-Shirt Templates and Mockups :Zipup Hoodie Mock-up 

A case for Zipup Hoodie Mock-up 

  • Incredible quality hoodie mockup 
  • Both front and back shots accessible 
Capture 13
T-shirt Templates And Mockups For Your Clothingline 33

Zipup is quintessentially a high-quality hoodie mockup, and fittingly, an incredible template for all your hoodie image requirements-I mean, folks need to wear stuff over their t-shirt, right?

Capture 12
T-shirt Templates And Mockups For Your Clothingline 34

You’ll require image editing software to utilize this file; however, you’ll have the option to change the hoodie’s color to precisely mirror your products.

You get to access both front and back views to capture your designs, and you can turn heathering on and off, thus truly capturing your hoodies in the template images. 

Tank Top Mock-up T-shirt Design 

Case for Tank Top Mock-up 

  • Lovely tank top t-shirt mockup 
  • Colorful and straightforward to utilize 
  • T-shirt template incorporates layered PSD file 

Tank Top Mock-up incorporates a wall-textured background, hanger, and a tag you can modify.

Capture 14
T-shirt Templates And Mockups For Your Clothingline 35

This template is wonderful to exhibit your sleeveless designs on a unisex tank top. The design is screaming, “Sun’s out.” To add your design and even change the colors, you’ll require image editing software as well. 

Cotton Bureau 

Case for Cotton Bureau 

  • Amazingly excellent t-shirt templates 
  • A wide range of styles accessible for download—ladies’, gents’, and kid’s 

Cotton Bureau is reputable as a source of high-caliber, flawlessly designed t-shirts, so it’s nothing unexpected if it likewise sells impressive t-shirt templates for business people to exploit.

Capture 15
T-shirt Templates And Mockups For Your Clothingline 36

Founded on American apparel’s t-shirt line, Cotton Bureau offers t-shirt mockups in a scope of colors, fits, and styles. And having fit and brand data accessible can genuinely enable your t-shirt mockups to display a realistic image of your clients’ expectations. 

Baby Growsuit/Onesie Mock-up 

Case for Baby Growsuit/Onesie Mock-up 

  • High resolution 
  • Copious background choices 
  • Front and back designs 

If your t-shirts are of the onesies or the baby assortment at that point, this mockup is an excellent method that you can employ to dodge the exorbitant photoshoots with models who may require successive rests.

Capture 16
T-shirt Templates And Mockups For Your Clothingline 37

You can put your designs on the front and back, update the colors, and customize the background. Also, to work with this file, you’ll require image editing software. 

Vintage and Classic T-shirt from Pixeden 

Case for Vintage and Classic T-shirt from Pixeden 

  • Classic t-shirt feel with hanger included 
  • Effectively change the colors of the t-shirt applying the included PSD file 

This free t-shirt mockup template gives you all you require for a classic on-hanger t-shirt image.

Capture 17
T-shirt Templates And Mockups For Your Clothingline 38

You should open the file in your image editing software, and you can, without much of a stretch, include your designs, update the t-shirt color, and change the background to suit your product’s look. 

Infinity Color T-shirt Mock-up 

Case for Infinity Color T-shirt Mock-up 

  • Lovely t-shirt templates that come in varying colors 
  • One of a kind product shot angles to assist show with t-shirting artistry 

T-shirts aren’t generally on hangers. However, it very well may be challenging to track down templates that offer substitute views.

T-shirt-Templates and Mockups
T-shirt Templates And Mockups For Your Clothingline 39

That is the thing that makes this t-shirt template pack so impressive: you can feature your designs on a scope of various folded t-shirts, which causes everything to feel significantly more natural. With this PSD template, you’ll require image editing software to add your designs, change the t-shirt colors, and even update the background color. 

Photorealistic T-shirt Mockups 

Case for Photorealistic T-shirt Mock-ups 

  • Exceptionally high-caliber and functional t-shirt template 
  • One of a kind product shot angle

Despite Photorealistic requiring image editing software, it makes for an incredible free t-shirt mockup choice.

T-shirt-Templates and Mockups
T-shirt Templates And Mockups For Your Clothingline 40

Photorealistic is a free downloadable t-shirt template that offers an excellent method to show your t-shirts outside of the typical flat lay or hanger customize options.

You can undoubtedly customize the t-shirt color, the background color, and texture, and you can easily add your design and have it conformed with the folds and wrinkles of the t-shirt. 

Graphic Burger T-shirt Mock-up 

Case for Graphic Burger T-shirt Mock-up 

  • Combines high-resolution & high-quality t-shirt mockups 
  • Incorporates a top-notch Photoshop file to customize  
  • It’s free to use

Graphic Burger T-shirt Mock-up is a free t-shirt template that offers front and back views. The file is free to download; however, you’ll require Photoshop to open it and make changes.

T-shirt-Templates and Mockups
T-shirt Templates And Mockups For Your Clothingline 41

The file makes it seem as though you, out of nowhere, have exceptionally extravagant hardwood floors. 

Short Sleeve Dress Shirt Design Mock-up 

A case for Short Sleeve Dress Shirt Design Mock-up 

  • Excellent t-shirt template  
  • Dress t-shirt is fully customizable 
  • Using the included PSD file, the tool can effectively change the colors of the t-shirt 

Suppose you deal with t-shirts that have necklines (collars). Finding a blank t-shirt template that suits your product can prove elusive.

T-shirt-Templates and Mockups
T-shirt Templates And Mockups For Your Clothingline 42

But you can rest easy because, with this template, you’ve landed an incredible tool that is ready for you to deploy.

This dress t-shirt template is fully editable, offering options to choose colors and add your designs. Although you’ll require image editing software to utilize it, you should be set to go when that’s dealt with.

T-Shirt Templates and Mockups for Your Clothing-line: T-shirt template and mockup FAQ 

How might I make my t-shirts free of charge? 

A large number of the t-shirt mockup generators chronicled herein are free. Rush Order Tees, for instance, permits hopeful artists and creators to upload their designs for nothing. Or, on the other hand, start with one of their pre-made templates and touch it up for your exclusive style. While you can design the t-shirts for nothing, there are costs related to the actual fabrication. 

How would you make a t-shirt template? 

There are three fundamental approaches to make a t-shirt template: 

  • Right from scratch in Adobe Photoshop. 
  • Utilizing an online t-shirt mockup. 
  • Downloading a t-shirt mockup PSD file. 

To adjust your Photoshop design, you can utilize layers to rapidly and effectively sub the graphics on the t-shirt. 

How would you use a t-shirt mockup? 

Whenever you’ve downloaded the t-shirt mockup file, you’ll use image editing software like Photoshop to manipulate the color of the t-shirt. Likewise, it’s this way that you can add design components. Tons of templates incorporate customization options to work the labels, tag, buttons, and other unique bits of the t-shirt. Some mockups additionally offer choices for long-sleeved jackets, tank tops, and different bits of clothing. 

Conclusion on T-Shirt Templates and Mockups

Since we’ve explored the best t-shirt templates and mockups, it’s time that you take a notch higher to utilize them and start your own t-shirt printing business effectively. 

Tell us in the comments whether or not you found this piece a valuable resource. And you can proceed to share it with your kindred business persons. Thank you for reading till next time, for now, learn more, sell more.

Let me know if you have any question in regards to T-shirt Templates and Mockups for your print on demand business.

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