How To Use Shopify WHOIS Domain Lookup Tool

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The WHOIS Domain Lookup tool lets you know who registered a domain name and where. 

Find out how Domain Tools links information from your networks, like domains and IP addresses, to almost every active Domain on the internet. 

These connections help security professionals create profiles of attackers, guide investigations into online fraud, and link cyber activity to attacker infrastructure.

Use Shopify WHOIS domain lookup.

Search Freely the WHOIS database to find Important information about a specific domain. Scrap website data and domain availability with a single search.


IP2WHOIS – Lookup WHOIS Information

IP2WHOIS is a free WHOIS Lookup (Domain Lookup) tool that lets users check WHOIS information for a specific domain, such as the domain owner’s contact information, registrar information, registrant information, location, and much more.

What’s WHOIS (Domain Name Lookup)?

WHOIS is a database that holds mandatory information about a registered domain, or more specifically, the registered users of an Internet resource. 

With a WHOIS information lookup, we can find more about a domain name, an IP address block, and whether or not the Domain is available. 

This includes the registrant’s name, mailing address, phone number, email address, the date the Domain was created, the date it was last changed, the date it will expire, the nameservers it is using, and a lot more.

When a person or group registers a new domain name, the Registrarregistrar must make the registration information public.

 One of the rules set by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is that you can’t do this (ICANN). 

ICANN maintains and updates the database regularly to ensure the registrant’s contact information is correct and up to date. 

This helps prevent fraud and identity theft. For example, when we do WHOIS data lookups, WHOIS search engines will look up information from multiple registrars.

Although it’s capitalized, “WHOIS” is not an acronym.

WHOIS Domain Checker Usage

Enter one of the following into the text box:

  •  A domain name
  • An IPv4 address, e.g.,
  • A Base-10 IP address.

If you use a Base-10 IP address, check the box next to “Convert Base-10 to IP.” Then, click on the button that says “Go!”

What It Does

The WHOIS tool asks for domain information from a WHOIS server. The top-level Domain in your query helps WHOIS figure out which server to send your request to. 

For example, if you enter a domain ending in (.com) or (.net), the query is sent to If you give the tool an IP address, it will do a reverse DNS lookup to find the domain name that goes with it.

When to Use It

With the WHOIS tool, you can:

  • Find out who owns a particular domain name.
  • Look up the domain owner’s contact information.
  • Figure out when the registration information was last updated.
  • Determine the status of a domain, e.g., active, expired, available
  • Look for the DNS servers for the Domain.

You can’t use WHOIS to get information to spam.

Data Models

WHOIS protocol, outlined in RFC 3912, is followed for requests for WHOIS information. Domain registries can use thin or thick data models (the .com and .net TLDs use the thin model). In both models, there are:

  • The information about the Registrarregistrar
  • Domain status
  • Dates of creation and expiration
  • The data from name servers
  • The date that the record was last updated.

Thick Model

The thick model also has information about who to contact for administrative, billing, and technical matters.

Character encoding is not mentioned in the protocol. But the most common formats are ASCII and UTF-8.


There is no standard way that WHOIS information is given back. Typically, you’ll get the following:

  • The domain name and registry ID that was registered
  • The Domain’s creation, expiration, and last modification dates
  • The URL, contact information, and WHOIS server address of the Registrarregistrar.
  • The domain owner’s name and contact information
  • The name servers of the Domain

If the Domain is unknown and can’t be found, you will see the message No match for the Domain. This is a good sign that a domain name is available but isn’t guaranteed. 

The information about the server may be out of date, or it may not be unavailable (even if it isn’t registered). For example, if you enter an invalid top-level domain, the following message will receive: The specified Domain doesn’t have a WHOIS server.

Yet Other Information

You can query for a subdomain, but it’s unclear how useful that is. For example, how the registered Domain is set up determines your results. 

For example, if it lets you create your domain names, you’ll probably get information about the registered Domain even if the subdomain doesn’t exist. 

For example, if the subdomain is hosted on a different server, you may acquire information about the host rather than the Domain that “owns” the subdomain.

Internationalized domain names (IDNs) can include UTF-8 and ASCII characters. To include an IDN in your query, you must first convert the domain name to Punycode. Then, copy and paste the Domain that has been changed and do a WHOIS lookup.

You might see more notices and rules from the WHOIS provider in your search results.

WHOIS servers may limit how many queries they will accept from a single source in a specific time frame. If you don’t get an answer to your question, try again after a while.

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A Closer Look

People sometimes say “the WHOIS database,” but there is no such thing. There is no single source of truth for every domain name. Instead, each domain registrar asks its customers for information, which is then shared with WHOIS services. Any WHOIS server covers one or more top-level domains (TLDs).

Even though all TLDs are supposed to follow ICANN rules, some don’t. For example, a fake domain can look like it belongs to a well-known organization.


WHOIS servers can take a few minutes to a few weeks to update when someone registers a domain or changes the information about a domain. This is why a WHOIS result does not guarantee that a domain is available or not available.

Ownership Details

WHOIS services are supposed to publish the contact information of each domain owner. But many registrars offer a way to hide this information. You will see the address of the Registrarregistrar instead of the domain owner’s information.

Also, not all of the information given might be right. For example, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) wants domain owners to provide accurate information, but domain registrars can’t always check everything. In addition, domains used for illegal data are more likely to have wrong information registered.


Domains can also be taken over illegally, which can be done by removing the registration. Most likely, this is what happens if a domain record starts showing strange content and a change in registrars.

Some TLDs, like. Aq (Antarctica) does not have a WHOIS interface that the public can use. Therefore, the WHOIS tool won’t be able to give you any information on these domains.

Best websites to look up WHOIS information for free

As we’ve already said, WHOIS data can include a name, address, email, phone number, administrative and technical contacts, and other important personal information. It answers the question, “Who is in charge of this domain?”

Here are the nine best free websites to find WHOIS information for any domain.

1. Shopify WHOIS domain lookup

Use Shopify WHOIS domain lookup.

Search Freely the WHOIS database to find Important information about a specific domain. Scrap website data and domain availability with a single search.


2. ICANN Lookup

The ICANN registration data lookup tool gives users access to current registration information for any domain name or Internet resource. The Registration Data Access Protocol takes the place of the WHOIS (port 43) protocol (RDAP). RDAP also has a user-friendly format and secure access to data. is a WHOIS lookup website that ICANN has approved. It has IP tools and services for websites and domain names. To use, enter the domain name into the “Domain names and IP addresses” search bar, click the search button, or press the Enter key on your keyboard.

Using’s tool, you can look up any domain name or IP address in the world with just a few keystrokes.

Using’s tool, you can look up any domain name or IP address in the world with just a few keystrokes.

4. Namecheap

This lets you see their technical, administrative, and contact information. It includes, among other things, the domain name, registry domain ID, IANA ID, registrar URL, creation date, and expiration date.


GoDaddy is a well-known company that sells domain names and hosts websites. It also has WHOIS lookup services that ICANN approves to help you determine who owns a domain. is a one-stop shop for registering domain names and hosting websites. It also includes a WHOIS lookup tool. To use the tool, go to and enter the domain name into the “Search the WHOIS database” search bar.

7. Hostinger

With Hostinger’s WHOIS domain name search tool, you can find out everything you need to know about a specific domain name. It is currently available in 41 languages and is free to use. There is no need for reCAPTCHA; enter the domain name into the search bar.

8. Domain Tools

Domain Tools is another powerful WHOIS lookup engine that can give you all publicly available information about any domain or website. Click the link above, enter the domain name into the search bar, and check the “I’m not a robot” box.


To enter, type the domain name into the search bar below, click the WHOIS LOOKUP button, and confirm the reCAPTCHA.

What’s WHOIS Privacy Protection?

It can also be called domain privacy. Businesses take domain privacy protection seriously because we know how bad a data breach can be in the twenty-first century. For example, WHOIS privacy protection is a service that keeps people from searching WHOIS records for personal information about domain registries.

Under WHOIS privacy protection, some domain registries let domain owners hide some information from the public WHOIS records. For example, some registrars offer a “private registration” service that enables you to hide the contact information in a WHOIS record from the rest of the world.


IP2WHOIS offers a free WHOIS API that lets users integrate WHOIS lookups into any platform using any programming language. Visit the IP2WHOIS API Developer page for more information.

Final Thoughts

WHOIS requests date back to the Arpanet in the 1980s. You could look up people and domain names with the original WHOIS tool and use wild-card requests.

You can learn who owns a domain or buy one using the WHOIS search field. Enter the domain name to find out essential details, such as whether it is available, who owns it, when it was made, and when it will end. If you want to buy a domain, you should know when it will end.

Use Shopify WHOIS domain lookup.

Search Freely the WHOIS database to find Important information about a specific domain. Scrap website data and domain availability with a single search.


Determining who owns what isn’t always easy. Some registrars offer WHOIS protection to protect their clients from fraud, identity theft, and spam.

WHOIS Guard from Namecheap and Domain privacy protection from EuroDNS are two examples. But the Registrarregistrar knows who the customer is; it just doesn’t make that information public.


How do I change my whois information if it doesn’t match the results?

Rules from ICANN say that registrars must keep the Whois database’s contact information for the domain name owner up to date. Most Registrars use the information given by the buyer when the Domain was registered.

If your information doesn’t match the Whois results, you can change it by contacting your Registrarregistrar, who will be able to help you update your information. When this information changes, so does the Whois record. This change can take 24 hours to show up in the Whois database.

What can I do to protect the privacy of my Domain?

Some Registrars offer privacy protection services that let their customers hide their real contact information in the Whois search result. This keeps spammers and scammers from getting their private contact information. Contact your Registrarregistrar to learn more about your choices.

How do I find available domains using the Whois database?

You can check the Whois database to see if a domain name is available. It will tell you whether the domain name you want is taken or not. By doing this for several domain names over time, you can build a list of domain names that are still available.

Why are some entries hidden when I do a Whois Domain lookup?

If the owner of a Domain name has used their Registrar’sregistrar’s privacy protection services, some information may be hidden in the Whois lookup results. Also, some Registries hide some info on purpose to follow local laws protecting data privacy.

Can Whois domain lookup be used to register new domain names?

Use the Whois lookup service to determine how a domain name is registered. For example, can be used to register a domain name if it has not been registered yet and is still available.

Suppose the domain name has already been registered. In that case, you can either register available domain names that are similar to the one you want and that we recommend, or you can use the contact information to get in contact with the owner and try to negotiate a sale. Please remember that you can’t use the information from the Whois lookup service to contact people without their permission.

What information is in the Whois domain database?

The Whois database has information about a domain name’s registration date, expiration date, ownership and contact information, nameserver information, the Registrarregistrar where the Domain was purchased, and so on.

How do I keep my Whois information updated?

If you’ve purchased a domain, the information stored with your Domain registrar is sent to the Registry for the Whois database. Contacting your Registrarregistrar will let you change the Whois contact information for each Domain.

What’s a Whois domain lookup?

Using a Whois domain lookup, you can find out who owns a domain name and how long it has been registered. Like houses, domain name registries record every domain name bought, including who owns it and when it was purchased.

How can I do a Whois lookup?

In the search box up top, type in the domain name or IP address for which you want to do a Whois lookup. We will search for a recent record in the correct database.

How do I execute a Whois lookup?

An IP address is a server’s one-of-a-kind address on the internet. Like a phone number, an IP address lets your computer connect to a specific server on the internet.

Domain names and IP addresses are the building blocks of the whole internet.

IP addresses are given to organizations that do networking, and governing bodies keep track of each IP address and which organization it belongs to. With a whois IP lookup, you can find all of the above domain information.

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