How To Make $150K Dropshipping Using Instagram

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Have you ever asked yourself How To Make $150K Dropshipping Using Instagram? Well, you are in the right place.

There are two main methods for making money through dropshipping using Instagram. The first is to find products selling well on Instagram and then contact the suppliers of those products to see if they offer dropship.

The second method is to create your products and find Instagram influencers to promote your products. For example, if you want to find products selling well on Instagram, you can use hashtags to search for popular products.

Once you find some products selling well, you can contact the suppliers to see if they offer to dropship.

If they do, you can set up a dropshipping account with them and start selling their products on Instagram.

If you want to create your products, you can find a manufacturer or supplier that can help you develop products.

Once you have created your products, you can discover Instagram influencers to promote your products. You can also create your own Instagram account to promote your products. When people buy your products, you will make money.

How Burak Makes $150k Dropshipping using Instagram

Serial Entrepreneur to Five-Star Ecommerce Business: The Power of Social Media. We all want to learn How Burak Makes $150k Dropshipping using Instagram since we all have Instagram accounts, maybe we are all doing it the wrong way.

How To Make $150K Dropshipping Using Instagram

This is the success story of a young 23-year-old-born entrepreneur. As a son of a known businessman, Burak Doğan started experimenting with entrepreneurship as early as his 18th Birthday.

Though he failed at it severally, Burak never gave up; he was always focused and determined to build his store to a very outstanding sales per daily income. For him, it was when you fail at a thing that will you learn to do it better.

And this ideology helped him do better even in the face of numerous failures.

After the tempest had ebbed, Burak realized that with the help of Instagram; he had managed to grow his online dropshipping store into a 150k income source.

Young Entrepreneur: The Journey all the way.

Burak took to the entrepreneurial life of his father. Him, he believes that entrepreneurship is hereditary.

Taking after his father’s footsteps, he had tried almost a hundred side hustles, at a very tender age.

He was so eager to succeed, and according to him; it didn’t matter to him what could give him that comfort.

While in Istanbul, Turkey, Burak was into photo shooting and curetting content for peoples’ Instagram account before he started seeing a little headway in 2017 with a marketing agency online.

Through the ladder of success, Burak learned as he failed and picked new ideas.

In so many ways, he tried to improve his skills; learning from resources online on Youtube and directly communicating with more experienced entrepreneurs. I hope you learn something new about how Burak Makes $150k Dropshipping using Instagram and you can later apply the same.

It wasn’t long before it became clear that all he needed to succeed was clearly at his very grasp all along. He had learned how to magnet his audience with Instagram and make better sales.

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He would meet local businesses to help them with advertising on Instagram and join in building their online presence and hence create more sales; this he also did to business abroad, and it paid off well.

Burak said that “Digital marketing was my first successful business.”
And it was the beginning of a new great era.

A great twist in the world of Dropshipping

While on one of his regular research for his agency clients, he stumbled upon dropshipping. Looking through the business working mechanism, he fell in love with the method already.

As an enthusiastic young entrepreneur, he became anxious to know more about Dropshipping.

Understanding that he had a low risk of wasting money drove him into giving this great option a try. With his marketing skills, he set off to open his new dropshipping store in December. It was so serious for him that he quit eating sometimes.

It was by the end of December 2017 that he launched his fashion store. He added female fashion wears, especially for young ladies within the teenage and young adult age range. And his choice of brand was very far off his style of dressing.

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He sold quote shirts, using what he had learned from his idea of sales psychology. People had tendencies to buy if they felt connected with the quotes on the shirts.

As emphasized by Burak, “We are always buying by emotions. So if I like what the t-shirt says, I’m going to buy it; it’s that simple. I choose these products because of that.”

Though he had the right choice of product to sell, he still needed to handle the most important part; getting a target audience.

How Instagram helped build the brand

At first, Burak’s zeal for dropshipping was driven by speculations and fantasies he had about the business. He had a huge plus anyways, and he already knew how to use Instagram to his favor; though he was new to eCommerce.

With the determination to succeed in dropshipping, he invested his last money ($150) into this business. Gradually, he built a brand and grew his followers on Instagram.

He paid for shoutouts from people that could influence the market for him and also used free methods too.

He tried a few of these options, following pages with related services, making regular posts on his page, liking, and commenting on relevant discussions.

How Burak Makes $150k Dropshipping using Instagram

Waiting wasn’t something he wanted to do, so in the first week of following these processes. He made over $250 in sales. And this was a very nice output for a business model he was new to.

The results gave him an insight that his fantasies about dropshipping were becoming real, making the business model a more viable option.
He understood at this point, how powerful using Instagram could be; in selling one’s products.

As he focused on making sales, he was also giving his brand building on Instagram the best shot; which he did mostly by sharing his products on his Instagram page.

Also, he added a combination of pop kind of life to posting crafty images, which sure increased customer response.

With time, Burak’s Instagram page about his store grew to over 27,000 followers. Presently his sister manages the social responsibility of curetting the page and as well doing the work of a Virtual Assistant.

For Burak, Instagram has, over time, developed into a very amazing testing ground for him, and he suggests it for every intending successful eCommerce entrepreneur.

“If you want to test any product,” he says, “You just put it there, and they’ll tell you if it’s good or not,” he says.

Letting Fear was a Great Mistake

AS things fell into their rightful places, Burak felt very relaxed and stopped all research on other advertising alternatives. This was because he was already getting all the Sales he could get from his Instagram account.

According to Burak, “I always wanted to stay in the safe zone. So I didn’t want to spend my money on Facebook ads, because Instagram was doing well for me.”

It was a waste of time for him to even venture into learning about Facebook Ads. And it wasn’t so much of his fault, because he lost money during one of his ads campaigns on Facebook; at the early stage of his store.

Losing his money with no returns, he never wanted to give Facebook ads a try again. It was very hard for him to finally conclude and join other dropshippers to use Facebook as an advertising platform.

First, he learned how to target his desired audience and then test ideas to know the ones that best fit his store.

With the knowledge he has amassed over time, he realized that his Instagram account has already helped him get enough information for his Facebook Pixel. You can as well read this previous story about  How Karolis Travels Doing Dropshipping As A Side Hustle

Being that he had installed pixel earlier when his store launched, it was easier to design a lookalike audience from the data it has gotten so far. It was now very easy and effective that he understood it more.

And this was the boost his store needed, and things scaled up on their own. “I started to use Facebook ads. And this store started to scale,” he said.

Burak has been able to scale up sales in his fashion store from $5, 5000 to $10,591 in just three months.

In February 2019, his store recorded its highest sales, making over $17,031 sales that month.

Since February, he hasn’t gone below $10,000 in sales monthly. His store had grossed over $150,119 in sales since its sales in December 2017.

How Burak Makes $150k Dropshipping using Instagram

However, Burak has been able to change his life and that of his family in just 20 months.

He said his father was confused when he explained how the dropshipping business model works for him.

“I told him, ‘Dad, I bought the product from China, and I sold it to the USA.’ And my father was like, ‘What? What did you do? Did you do this while in the States? How did you do it?’”

For Burak, with dropshipping, he has been able to explore his young life, traveling to any place of his choice and yet still earning very well.
“Dropshipping changed my life.”

Burak’s Advice: Invest your Energy, Time, and Money

Burak is a true example of determination, after giving everything he needed to give it into building his store for almost years. He could attribute his success to the great presence he builds on Instagram over the years.

And he intends to replicate this zeal in new drop shippers. He advises that starting on a low budget is glaring for all new entrepreneurs, but that giving up is not an option.

Even if you lose money, this is because the system really works, and hence you need to give it your best shot.

He admits life can be pretty annoying, especially when you don’t get returns for your investments but gives a suggestion on the best approach to this.

Conclusion How To Make $150 Dropshipping using Instagram

He had never lost sight of how bad things were in the past, even when he had made tremendous success in his dropshipping business.

He had lost over $4,000 once on Facebook ads, and it was very severe to bear, but what would he do; he had to gear up and move on.

Burak believes that with a positive mindset, the future holds amazing opportunities with time.

And for the best tip and tools, Burak suggests for dropshipping beginners, and I couldn’t have been any less surprised with his response, “Instagram !”

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