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Make Your First Sale On Shopify in Less Than 30 Days

For every new entrepreneur, to Make Your First Sale On Shopify is a significant milestone. In any case, closing a sale on your first deal requires some investment and focus.


With many channels and approaches to advance your business, often it can prove elusive to find the ones that bode well for your business and produce beneficial outcomes. 

Well, you can easily fall into the snare of perpetually tweaking your store chasing flawlessness, rather than putting that consideration into the main action: GETTING CUSTOMERS TO YOUR STORE.


This article, Make Your First Sale On Shopify-a Marketing Checklist for New Entrepreneurs, calls you to challenge; that’s if you’ve launched your store, to go through the next 30 days zeroing in only on driving targeted traffic that is probably going to make a buy. 

What’s Ahead

  • The Importance of Targeted Traffic to New Stores
  • Free Traffic Sources 
  • Paid Ads
  • Outreach 
  • Analysis 
  • Get Down to Business

Make Your First Sale On Shopify: The Importance of Targeted Traffic to New Stores

As the proprietor of a new online store, it’s easy to imagine you’re improving: fussbudget brand colors, tweaking fonts, re-thinking your pricing, and getting engrossed with the minor subtleties as you build a business away from public scrutiny. 

However, tangible improvement is only conceivable when you open your business to the world. Or how else would you get the hang of what you’re improving unless you can ascertain a benchmark that you can evaluate through hard numbers? As such, traffic is so significant. 

If you don’t drive traffic, you’d never know whether there’s any interest in your products, you won’t know whether your prices are excessively high, or even whether your brand resonates with your target demographics. 


On that backdrop, regardless of where you are in your business, consider spending the next 30 days zeroing in on driving targeted traffic to your store as your top priority. 

To increase your marketing, Make Your First Sale On Shopify provides you complete access to some of the most widely useful eCommerce marketing strategies organized into a checklist you can leverage to focus your endeavors, alongside apprentice-friendly resources, to figure out how to execute them. 

We’ll begin this checklist with free, simple traffic sources to get you ready. After which, we’ll proceed to the more highly targeted marketing that requires greater time or even massive investment. 


Before you start

You must understand that if a strategy doesn’t make a difference to your store and what you’re selling, toss it. Suppose you’re selling PC consoles; for instance, Pinterest most likely won’t be your first pick. 

Set up Google Analytics ahead of time and look out for traffic as you execute each marketing strategy. Of course, not all tactics will work. So, prepare to go through the next 30 days learning and iterating asap as you grind for your first deal. 

Make Your First Sale On Shopify: Free Traffic Sources

Free traffic sources are what you’d refer to as going after the easy “picks,” and so Make Your First Sale On Shopify holds that the main sources of traffic to explore are the free ones. Often, it involves sharing your store physically with your network and relevant online networks. 

Since these traffic sources are generally simple to make and accessible to all online storekeepers, they’re an excellent spot to begin. It would be best if you took note of the following tips as you tackle free traffic sources: 

  • 1: Consider offering a discount code to allure prospects to check out your store. With your supposed Premium Laser Hair Removal store, you can leverage LinkedIn to manually reach the prospects, offering $15 gift cards in return for email addresses and survey responses. 
  • 1: For every move, you make online, you can drive traffic back to your store. Add your store URL to your online profiles, for example, your Disqus bio or your Twitter profile for blog remarks. 
  • 1: Don’t spam target demographics with monotonous, inferior quality promotional messages. Instead, seek to offer some incentive-offer value and make real connections. 

Leverage Your Network 

Several business visionaries get their first few deals from their associations, and there’s nothing amiss with that.

As such, share your store on your Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts to announce it to your entire network. 

Additionally, consider directly emailing your closest associations to spread the news about your store’s launch. Expressly request that they donate a share—they don’t have to purchase from you as a sign of their support. 

While any sale you acquire in such a manner won’t be as fulfilling as when you earn a total stranger’s trust as a client, it’s a decent means to solicit early feedback. 

If you don’t get any deals from this method, despair not as this is the most un-qualified source of traffic in this whole rundown. 

Suggested for: it’s best suiting everyone, particularly the individuals who already are active online with huge personal networks on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter. And given we all have companions/family/coworkers, we can tap this network. 

Join Online Networks 

Try not to belittle the benefit of placing a link to your store in the ideal spot. Post on groups like Reddit, join Facebook Groups, and discover niches online networks in your industry. Every one of these channels presents an occasion to reach individuals who’ve coalesced themselves around specific interests. Lead a search for interests that identify with your business. 

Join groups that your target clients visit and become an active member, connecting with others in the network upon building a solid reputation and establishing real connections. Then you can share a link to your store, possibly with a discount code. 

Likewise, you can utilize groups to find support consulting with seasoned business people. For instance, check out with the following networks: 

Suggested for: Stores that offer to specific interest groups, for instance, dog owners. Notwithstanding, anybody can exploit the business-focused support groups online to get helpful feedback from those who’ve been there and done that. 

Make Your First Sale On Shopify: Paid Marketing 

Paid Ads cut as the ideal approach to get targeted traffic pronto-Spending money to make money, they say. Fortunately, many paid marketing channels to permit you to pay per click. In certain cases, you can begin with a spending plan as low as $10. 

Each marketing platform is unique, and you ought to pick these channels depending on your target demographics and how the tools permit you to reach likely buyers. In case you’re focusing on specific regions, you may even need to ascertain which social communities are popular in specific markets. 

Before exploring paid online media marketing, populate your main profile’s feed with a few posts. It’s important that you curate content, given it’s a simple approach. At that point, it won’t be lacking in activity should your prospects hit your site. 

In case you’re experiencing difficulty, consider recruiting Kit to assist with your paid marketing endeavors—a virtual assistant free for Shopify vendors. 

The kit has proved instrumental to many Shopify store owners in the market their online store. Kit handles Instagram and Facebook marketing, email advertising, and social posting; thus, driving sales and grow your business. 

Google Ads 

Ordinarily, when many people want to make a purchase, the first thing they’d do is look it up on Google. Google Ads (Google AdWords) empowers your site to appear at the top of the page when buyers search for relevant terms. 

Google Ads offers a couple of various alternatives: Shopping Ads that show your product photos and price in a more eCommerce-oriented format, and text ads that show up conspicuously in search results. 

You must conduct keyword research to assess the search volume for terms relating to what your target buyers may search. Lots of people find Google Ads intimidating on account of its complex interface.

As such, you want to rent a Shopify Expert’s services if you need to take advantage of the opportunity but would prefer to hand it off. 

Suggested for: Local brands and products/services, and trending products with high search volume. 

For in-depth insights on Google Ads, check out the following: 

  • Common Google Ads Mistakes You Stop Their Subscriptions 
  • Effective Way of Spending Your First $100 on Google Ads 
  • Using Google Remarketing Effectively for eCommerce 

Instagram Marketing 

Besides the visual format and overwhelmingly millennial audience, Instagram’s platform comes with a horde of other allures. 

As per information from Smart Insights, the platform boasts of the most engaged user bases among social networks. It’s an incredible platform for influencer marketing and your regular unpaid posts, reaching a decent number of people if you utilize relevant hashtags. 

Check out : Instagram Marketing : How To Grow Your Business

Instagram marketing empowers you to display your visual ads in others’ feeds to drive traffic. If you venture into the beauty and skincare industry, leverage Instagram ads and offering free samples to promote your products. 

Equally, you can utilize a video to exhibit your product, and as such, Instagram ads help drive product deals. 

Check out: Fastest Way To Optimize Instagram Profile For Growth

Suggested for: Fitness, food, fashion, and any verticals emphasizing visuals is an unquestionable requirement. If you own any high-caliber and alluring product photos, and you intend to market to millennials (20 to 30-year-olds), check Instagram out. 

Facebook Marketing 

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks piggybacking the most diverse user base regarding age, gender, income, and ethnicity, as indicated by Pew Research. 

That is the reason a wide scope of brands can use Facebook’s targeting options that incorporate age, gender, profession, region, and interest to get to their ideal prospects. 

Facebook Shops: The Newly Launched Online Shopping Platform

And that bit on interests—is particularly valuable. You can leverage the pages that your target audience has liked on Facebook as the premise to build ideal customer profiles that determine who your ads reach. 

Suggested for: If you’re a store owner with a clear picture of your ideal customer and what they like. A store that sells shirts with mainstream pop-culture references, for instance, can without much of a hassle discover its target audience on Facebook by targeting demographics keen on mainstream pop culture icons. 

For instance, you can run Facebook ads to advance your eco-friendly products, assuming you run an eco-brand.

Shopify Tutorial For Running Paid Facebook Ads For Beginners

This way, you have the leeway to target clients keen on the environment and conservation to market your apparel. In essence, this model is a carousel ad, where you market various assortments of products.

Pinterest Marketing 

Often, this channel-Pinterest is overlooked. But on the flipside, Pinterest has the most clearly defined user base. Pinterest indicates most of its users as female clients, and HootSuite cites points out that many clients have disposable income. Besides, you can drive critical traffic through free and paid efforts. 

Utilizing Pinterest is like scrapbooking; to collect and save “Pins” in line with specific themes, clients create boards. Often, Pinterest proves handy in curating wardrobe, saving fascinating articles, and planning events. It’s necessary; you remember that when you run ads on Pinterest. 

Pinterest’s tons of tools make it easier to advertise on both of its Promoted & Buyable Pins. 

Suggested for: Fashion, home decor, food, artistry, designs, and different verticals where visuals reign, more so if you’re learning the ropes of how to sell stuff online to a female demographics. 

For your brand, you can run an ad that lands your prospects directly to the product page, which has a comparative look and feel. 

Make Your First Sale On Shopify: Outreach 

You want to connect with the existing audience. Sometimes information about your brand only coming from you won’t suffice. In other words, it isn’t as powerful. Fortunately, in this era, the internet has saved the day. The web has made it workable for anybody to build a platform and, thus, for you to liaise with partners. 

Aside from the following strategies helping drive traffic. However, they regularly use content to do as such— a product review or a news story, for instance—and that enables you to build your brand’s credibility. Principally, with one shot, you’re taking out two targets through each fruitful collaboration. 

Whenever you pitch to establish these relationships, you need to ask yourself, “How will this benefit them perpetually?” keep that in mind.


Make Your First Sale On Shopify reckons that It’s essential that you establish strategic partnerships, given that partnerships can be a terrific method to get your products in front of new partner’s clients. 

The key here is to search for non-competitive brands sharing your interest and already draw in your target audience. It can require some investment at times luck to land and establish these collaborations, although the trade-off is that you’re in a position to get inventive with the nature of the relationship if you do as follows: 

  • Bundle samples of your product or exclusive discount codes with complementary products, for example, say a beverage blend sample in with each order for your partner’s water bottles. 
  • Run a contest with your product as a prize 
  • Work together in creating a product. 
  • Sponsor an event. 

Suppose your brand deals in Baseball Caps. You are at liberty to borrow from successful serial collaborators and work with superstars (celebrities) to launch your Cap lines. 

Suggested for: The partnership serves entrepreneurs with a knack for sales and business advancement, entrepreneurs already working with different businesses in their niche, or reaching relevant partnerships that don’t directly rival them. 


The open-secret about online content: Publishers are consistently looking out for new content and tales to tell. 

With a compelling pitch basing on a good story or perhaps an interesting product, you can win a slot on a blog or publication that your target demographic read. Search for publications that identify with your niche and have a go at pitching them about your brand. 

The following are a couple of ideas offering guidance on collaborations: 

  • Write a guest post highlighting your expertise on a subject, and use your author bio to describe and link to your business. 
  • Pitch a news story using a compelling backstory or even an interesting product as the hook for an interview-styled piece. 
  • Request product reviews by way of offering your product to a blogger free of charge in exchange for a review. 

Whatever suggestion you pick, your pitch should fascinate both the author/editor you reach out to and their audience. Before evaluating the size of the publication’s readership, first, look at publications based on the right “fit.” 

Suggested for: This partnership serves the best entrepreneurs with intriguing backstories, interesting products that bloggers haven’t seen previously, and business persons with an aptitude in their niches who can share it. 

Guerilla Marketing 

It’s not cast in stone that you must drive all your traffic online. In case you have it rough, bring in early sales, take your marketing offline, and spread the word yourself. 

Suppose you deal in dog collars. In that case, visit your nearby dog park and hand out flyers while you engage people.

Alternatively, again, assuming you can without much of a stretch transform your product into samples, consider giving some out free of charge. You could likewise make some buzz with your pop-up shop. 

Guerrilla marketing includes a blend of guts and ingenuity. However, in the era of a connected world, it’s never been simpler to state, “Check Out Website” to somebody offline and witness it convert into traffic online. 

Suggested for: Anyone close to a spot where groups of individuals of like-minded gather offline. It particularly helps in case you’re an extrovert with no issue putting yourself out there. 


Celebrity endorsement isn’t an exclusive reserve for the big brands’ products advertisement. Make Your First Sale On Shopify has since established that you can equally work with influencers—creators with a significant audience in your niche—to take advantage of an existing fanbase for traffic and have some content made about your products. 

Influencers exist on virtually all channels, from Instagram to YouTube. Although you can directly reach out to influencers and negotiate a deal, there are a few influencer marketplaces that interface creators with brands. Consider the following: 

  • Crowdtap is comparatively smaller in scale than the others. But this marketplace lets you incentivize small content creation “assignments” with money and different prizes. 
  • Famebit requires that influencers have at least 5,000 followers to list on their platform. The marketplace puts its base endorsement at $100. 
  • Grapevine counts among the more popular influencer marketplaces. 

Suggested for: Fashion and innovation products can leverage influencers. By working with Instagram, influencers specifically lend ample openings for lifestyle brands to advance their products in the context of lifestyle photography. 

Make Your First Sale On Shopify: Analysis

The analysis provides a window for reflecting on optimizing. At this juncture, ideally, you’ve attempted enough strategies to see a spike in traffic and possibly a few sales. The test is intended to create a feedback loop, where you open your store to traffic, set parameters for its performance, and make enhancements. 

So now you can start diagnosing the probable issues with your store by taking a gander at your analytics dashboard on both Google and Shopify Analytics, alongside the feedback you’ve gotten from effectively advancing your store. 

There are various reasons clients probably won’t buy from you, and you can make educated guesses basing on how your traffic indicates: 

  • When none of your guests add products to their cart, it is possible that you haven’t realized the product/market fit, in which case you need to locate the right niche or try out various products. Or customers possibly don’t trust your store enough to make a purchase. 
  • A high bounce rate—that is, guests going to your site and leaving pronto—a pointer that your traffic is perhaps of poor quality or that your store may take too long to load. You must test the load speed. 
  • If your store registers many abandoned carts during checkout, you may need to re-evaluate your shipping. 

In light of these findings, you can begin tweaking aspects of your store so you’ll have a superior possibility when you have your go at a new round of marketing. 

In case you’re in the state of mind for all the more advertising ideas, look at eCommerce Marketing Essentials: Actionable Tactics to Drive More Sales. 

Make Your First Sale On Shopify: Get Down to Business

It would be best if you got down to business to grow. Driving traffic is tied to making the nexus between your brand and your buyers in a world of ever-evolving prospects. That is halfway what makes marketing so intense—the way that there are countless openings out there. 

You don’t want to adopt a straight-jacket approach with this. Explore, try, fail, and improve makes for the only way to find out what works for you.

And so, the best way to grow involves getting your store out there; it’s the best way to develop. But it proves a hassle in your case-that is; you’re driving traffic without sales; Make Your First Sale On Shopify recommends that you check with our post on the best way to diagnose and improve your store.

Try put Shopify basic plan for 14 days

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