Shopify Lite Review: Pros & Cons of This Plan

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You are in the right place if you want an extensive Shopify lite review.

Shopify Lite is an inexpensive plan that lets you create a simple online store in minutes. It seems like a bargain, but that’s dependent on the situation.

For most eCommerce stores, regular Shopify pricing plans appeal. They include a complete online store and shopping cart; the features leave room for scaling.

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But at $9/month, Shopify Lite allures, and you may consider implementing it in your store. It’s a perfect solution for some businesses selling online.

In this Shopify Lite review, we’ll look into the cheapest Shopify plan and when to use it.

We’ll also delve deeper into the Shopify Lite plan’s benefits for your business and suggest you consider regular Shopify pricing alongside the Lite plan.

In the murky eCommerce platforms, you’ll often have to sift through the inundation of messy features thrown your way—fortunately, Shopify endeavors to keep details straight to ensure value for money.

Folks in their numbers get mixed up about Shopify Lite; walk with me to find out why it might or might not be apt for you.

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Shopify Lite In Brief 

As mentioned, the Shopify Lite plan costs $9/month. It’s Shopify’s base solution and edges out some of the many eCommerce platforms in the market.

Shopify Lite is a plan for merchants who want to sell in person or add a purchase button to their website. It’s also suitable for selling on social media.

Next up in the Shopify pricing hierarchy is the Basic Shopify plan for $39/month.

Compared to other plans, Shopify Lite does not include a complete online store with a shopping cart, and technically, you cannot build a home for your brand in Shopify.

Instead, Shopify Lite seamlessly integrates with existing social media pages or websites. For example, you can start selling custom-made items on a WordPress blog.

Shopify Lite lets you keep the blog and integrate some products to vend on the site.

Whereas regular Shopify store says, the Basic Shopify plan would force your hand to create a separate site in addition to the blog.

Shopify’s Response to COVID-19 Pandemic 

Right now, all businesses are going through a puzzle of uncertainties. But you don’t have to wait until the pandemic is defeated to establish your online presence.

As one of the leading e-commerce technology providers, Shopify has executed various strategies to support small businesses over the coming months.

For Instance, Shopify has extended the free trial from 14 days to 3 months for only $1Monthly.

Start a free trial today and enjoy 3 months of Shopify for $1/month Instead of $39/month on selected plans. Sign up now

Over and above that:

All Shopify plans have physical and digital gift cards, meaning your clients continue supporting you without buying physical products.

Small business funding: If your locale is in the US, $200 million of Shopify capital is available to finance small businesses.

Live webinars and community support: To help with growth, it’s now possible to access a pool of virtual meetups with other Shopify community members.

Social Media Selling

Consider the Shopify Lite plan if you sell exclusively on Facebook. 

The same goes for those with preexisting blogs who intend to sell on both Facebook and the blog.

Shopify Lite offers a fully integrated Facebook store. You run ads on Facebook and drive traffic to that store. 

People don’t have to leave Facebook to make purchases, thus cutting down on steps to complete a sale.

The store marries your Facebook business page by adding a Shop tab on the page, allowing for product galleries and allowing your shopping cart to be inside Facebook.

This feature allows for syncing all products on Shopify Lite to Facebook- isn’t that cool? You can work from your Shopify dashboard without worrying about going to Facebook, so you don’t need to upload products multiple times.

Should you change a product image, description, or price, the change will be reflected on the Facebook store since each product syncs with your Shopify account.

Furthermore, right inside Facebook, Shopify-Facebook integration has a beautiful checkout module. Safe purchasing as there’s no jumping to your site, which often causes customers not to make a purchase.

Also, there’s an option inside Facebook for customers to save payment and contact info. This way, for repeat purchases in the future, there’s no need to punch in the same information all over again.

It’s a robust, customizable Facebook store with a syncing store. Some businesses start by selling exclusively on Facebook, so Shopify Lite is a perfect fit if that’s your situation.

The same applies to those with preexisting blogs or Facebook pages. Planning on selling hundreds of products would help pay for a complete Shopify website.

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Better Customer Support Via Facebook

Much of the selling done through the Shopify Lite plan happens on Facebook, so offering customer support through the same channel makes perfect sense. 

You’ll receive a live chatting module facilitated by the Facebook Messenger app on top of a Facebook-integrated store.

You have a robust chatting tool in Facebook Messenger without leaving Facebook. 

For businesses, the app offers excellent functionality. Customers can reach you and quickly receive relevant responses, assisted by automated product information.

For instance, a customer seeing a bicycle for sale on your Facebook page may ask how it compares with your other bikes. 

Facebook Messenger sends a notification of that message.

And since you can take the app with you anywhere, running the support side of the business smoothly without hiring too many people is possible.

You can reply with your information on hand or send product information from your online store. 

The beauty of these lit information info modules lies in their CTA buttons for viewing online, reading the description, purchasing, and more.

Once the conversation ends, the client can purchase from the Facebook Messenger chat box.

And saving the best for the last:

So that shopping is comfortable from a place like Facebook, the app sends out tracking codes, shipping updates, and a View Order button showing customers exactly when they’ll receive the product, all within the Facebook messenger app.

Shopify Lite Review: Is It For Previously Built Websites?

Apart from Facebook selling, the Shopify Buy button is a crucial feature of Shopify Lite.

This aspect of the plan offers embeddable modules for products and collections.

You can infix the shopping cart and customize each module for your brand.

The Buy button functions well with already successful branded websites. It is also suitable for businesses that want to generate side revenue from their eCommerce stores.

Let’s put it this way: it’s like saying you don’t want to build a completely new website, yet you’d like to sell products on your current site.

Isn’t that awesome? Shopify allows you to upload products and insert the Buy button alongside product information on your website. 

This way, a travel blogger can sell canvas art, custom-printed shirts, and hiking boots.

Through its website, it could experiment with eCommerce, a hardware store selling products from its existing site.

Shopify Lite Review: Accepts Credit Card On-go

Shopify Lite is a quick solution, especially if you want to sell products in person. 

At the same time, there are plenty of options for marketing in the real world, like PayPal, Square, and Stripe. 

Shopify Lite also opens up opportunities to sell online and offline.

In other words, you get access to the functionality required for online and a card swiper free of charge.

This functionality works flawlessly for businesses attending trade or craft shows since the companies are selling online at some point and trying to make some money on the go.

Your inventory gets tracked across all channels, and you can sync items from your Shopify store- isn’t that fantastic? 

With Shopify Lite, you can process any form of payment or refund, apply discounts, and customize taxes.

Shopify Lite Review: Sending Invoices

Suppose you run a business that processes custom, phone, or wholesale orders. It’s an affordable plan for accepting customer payments and sending invoices.

The process has little to no variance from other invoicing tools, as it involves drafting custom invoices sent to the customer, who subsequently makes payment via the Shopify shopping cart.

However, the Shopify Lite plan affords you extra tools for selling on Facebook, offline, and online. Thus, more options are available for making money online.

Why Shopify Lite Plan? Who Is It For?

Shopify Lite is a perfect fit for your business brand for several reasons. Consider the following:

If you already have a preexisting website and intend to start selling there without creating an entirely new site.

Secondly, the Shopify Lite plan works well for those who seek to sell via Facebook with the assistance of a live chat module.

Third, the Shopify Lite plan caters to those selling offline.

Fourth, the plan offers an affordable option available in the market for sending invoices.

Overall, the Shopify Lite plan suits specific situations. Let us know in the comments if you have questions or suggestions about Shopify Lite.

Thank you for reading this Shopify lite review.

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