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10 Best Side Hustle Ideas To Make Extra $1,000 Monthly

“Side hustle.” The expression is often associated with a second job, but what if it were more? What if the extra money could afford you that new car or house you’ve been dreaming about? 

Side Hustle Ideas
10 Best Side Hustle Ideas To Make Extra $1,000 Monthly 4

Or maybe put it towards next year’s vacation where your family can all go and have an adventure together. It sounds like too much work right now because we’re living this busy life already-what. Would it happen then?

Money. Who wouldn’t profit from a bit more of it?


Whether you’re saving for a down payment, planning a wedding, paying off debt-hell, will those student loans ever go away? – or saving for a rainy day, a few extra bucks can go a long way. Your day job may assist you in meeting your basic needs.

However, aside hustle is the game-changer that will significantly boost your income while providing you with the independence you’ve always desired. Thus, these are the best side hustles for improving your earnings.

What Is a Side Hustle?

A side hustle is a pursuit that allows you to make money in supplement to your 9 to 5 job. It enables you to earn more money, which helps you pursue your passions, purchase items you require or desire, and alleviate financial concerns.

The fact is that most 9 to 5 occupations do not pay the bills, in particular, if your career is at the starting phase.


When you factor in the cost of rent, food, bills, and transportation, you may discover that you have very little leftover—what a pitiful state of affairs.

Worst of all, your financial progress is perpetually constrained. Perhaps you receive a couple of hundred dollars in annual bonuses in exchange for a 1% salary raise on your $30,000.

However, is this genuinely sufficient to live the life you’ve imagined? Perhaps, but it is more than likely that it will not.


Thus, you start a side hustle to earn a few hundred or thousand additional bucks per month. Something that can assist you in making more money today, tomorrow, or in five years.

Something that will provide a backup source of income in the event of a job loss

Starting a side hustle

You’ve determined that starting a side hustle from home is the ideal way to earn money online, but you’re at a loss about where to start. Look no further; we have a rundown list of actions you may take to start your side hustle immediately!

1. Draw up a list of your interests.


You must be passionate about your side hustle for it to be effective. If you have a day job and work on your own time and outside of normal business hours, this job will require a great deal of energy and determination to make it stick.

Only anything about which you are truly enthusiastic will motivate you to such an extent. Brainstorm side hustle ideas centered on your interests and abilities to choose the most exemplary initiatives to start or determine whether you can turn a pastime into a business.

2. Decide ahead of whether or not to invest money.

Although side hustles should be inexpensive, they may require some upfront investment in areas such as hosting, branding, and tools.

For example, you may use social media marketing to generate your first sale. Whatever your side hustle’s growth and expansion strategy, you must be mindful of your spending before implementation.

Budget appropriately and track your progress to determine whether you should continue.

3. Avoid conflicts of interest.

If you have a day job or relationship that could lead to a conflict of interest with your side hustle, it is not a brilliant idea to continue. 

Often, the most excellent suggestion is to try something else or postpone your idea to avoid making a mistake. For example, starting a side hustle while facing a conflict of interest may lead to costly lessons learned.

4. Develop a schedule for your side hustle.

A side hustle requires daily time commitments, so ensure that everything runs smoothly. Unfortunately, it is impossible to set up a website, schedule content, and ignore it until the following month. 

Schedule time for your side hustle regularly and define specific goals for this time to ensure your efforts are worthwhile. For example, if you work a day job, commit three to four evenings each week and possibly some weekend hours to your side hustle, depending on its nature.

5. Hold your day job steadfast.

If you’re starting a side hustle while working a full-time job, remember to devote 100% of your energy to that employment. While a side hustle will earn you some money, you will still rely on a check from your day job to cover your bills. Avoid attempting to balance your day job and side hustle inside your 9 to 5 hours, as this is a surefire way to fail.

Let’s look at the best side hustles that will enable you to earn more money working from home.

Making Money on the Side: 10 Lucrative Side Hustles to Consider

Making money on the side is a great way to earn extra cash, but it can be tough with so many options. If you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash, consider these 10 side hustles. Your hard work will pay off in the end!

Side Hustle Ideas
10 Best Side Hustle Ideas To Make Extra $1,000 Monthly 5

(#1)- Start a Print-on-Demand business.

If you fancy creating custom graphics and artwork in your spare time, starting a print-on-demand store may make for an excellent side hustle in your case.

Print on demand (or POD) facilitates you to sell your custom artwork on t-shirts, bags, phone covers, and mugs, among other products. The most excellent part is that you may create and sell your line of products. 

Additionally, dropshipping your print-on-demand products allows you to entirely automate your business’s logistics. 

This is where you create products, add them to your store, market them, and receive customer orders. The print-on-demand company fulfills the orders by printing your designs onto the products and then shipping them directly to the buyer.

How much money can you make by selling POD products? That depends entirely on how well your designs are received and how much effort you invest in marketing your collection. 

It is easy to make an additional couple thousand dollars per month with some work. If you’re ready to take the plunge, read this resource on how to start an online t-shirt business (here).

Try selling a profitable print-on-demand item, such as retail-quality bespoke tees. Individuals are frequently prepared to pay a premium for retail-quality t-shirts with their favorite designs. Find the ideas and themes that attract your audience, and then make personalized designs around those subjects and themes. Then contact a t-shirt printing shop to have the designs printed on retail-quality shirts.

 For example, you may charge between $40 and $150 for each shirt (typical graphic tees sell for around $20-$25, so the profit margin is rather good).

Are you interested in establishing your Print On Demand business? Build your dream store by signing up for a free Shopify trial. The time has come.

(#2). Become an Instagram Influencer

Most people wish to be famous when they are young. However, not everyone is gifted with the ability to sing or act. Luckily, you can still build a personal brand based on your capabilities. Perhaps you have a unique sense of style or the ability to bake a delicious dessert.

Anyone can become an influencer on Instagram and start a side hustle. It’s okay if you’re not a fan of the limelight. You may build an Instagram account dedicated to your dog or your photography. You may monetize your Instagram account in various ways, including sponsored posts, Instagram takeovers, and selling products directly from your website.

influencer marketing side hustle

Is influencer marketing a decent side hustle? Generally, influencers charge between $200 and $400 for each post. This varies depending on the size of your audience, so be sure to research influencer prices.

Hack: Maintain consistency in the type of content you post, the frequency with which you post it, and the timeframe you post it. You’re more likely to get new followers if people understand what to expect from your page consistently. 

You will not monetize immediately, so invest your time increasing your following by publishing numerous times daily.

(#3). Start a Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is a fantastic side hustle opportunity. It enables you to sell a product directly to a customer without requiring inventory. What makes that outstanding? 

You do not need a large startup budget, which keeps your risk minimum. Not only does the manufacturer maintain inventory, but they also send it directly to the customer on your behalf.

Your primary attention should be on marketing and customer service, as these two areas are critical to the success of your business.

If you have solid marketing experience and are looking for a side hustle that leverages your strengths, this is the opportunity for you. It’s a unique side hustle that satisfies a genuine entrepreneurial need. You become the owner of your own business.

You can start a business in any of your favorite hobbies with dropshipping. Are you a fan of kitchen stockings? On the internet, you can sell cooking equipment. Perhaps you’ve discovered this one-of-a-kind solar-powered attachment for cooling your smartphone.

You can start your single-product store and incorporate these business concepts. Do you love applying your makeup? You may sell cosmetics and build an audience through your makeup tutorials. With dropshipping, virtually any niche is viable.

Additionally, if you are a creative individual, you can let your imagination run wild with novel business concepts. After all, as the only owner of your business, you will always have the last word, which makes this an excellent side hustle to start with.

Dropshipping is a side hustle.

What kind of money can a dropshipper make? That is determined by the amount of time and effort you invest in your business and marketing. For example, you can earn an additional couple thousand or more bucks.

Hack: Are you interested in starting a dropshipping business of your own? Shopify users can sign up for Oberlo. The Oberlo app enables you to browse millions of products and immediately begin selling them in your store. Additionally, it automates other business processes.

side hustle

(#4). Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing makes for one of those long-term side hustles that pay off handsomely. 

However, there is a learning curve involved in affiliate marketing before you start making money. It’s not simply a matter of finding the perfect product to sell; it’s also a matter of partnering with the right brand. 

If you decide to become an affiliate marketer for eCommerce sites, your commissions will almost certainly be far lower than if you simply drop ship them. However, some technology businesses will compensate affiliates handsomely for bringing them, new consumers.

Affiliate marketing as a side hustle

How much money would you make with this side hustle? It varies according to the product you’re selling and the affiliate network you’re affiliated with. For instance, if you worked as an affiliate marketer for a technology business like Shopify, you could earn an additional $58 for each merchant you referred. This implies that with just 10 recommendations, you might make more than $500. Sweet!

Hack: Inquire about available assets from the affiliate program or content publisher to marketing their product. For instance, you may use a lead magnet or a free gadget to entice consumers to purchase the product. Often, a piece of content can help convert a cold lead into a warm lead, increasing your chances of success with your side hustle.

(#5). Become a Virtual Assistant

The most successful side hustles share one critical characteristic: they are in high demand. A virtual assistant is an assistant who works remotely rather than in the office of a business.

They can assist with administrative work, social media management, and accounting.

There has been an increase in the demand for virtual assistants from business owners seeking assistance with various tasks. For example, you can specialize in an unlimited number of subjects as a virtual assistant. I’ve previously employed virtual assistants to assist me with social media and customer support.

Additionally, countless other businesses rely on virtual assistants to help them establish and maintain their brands.

How much money can a virtual assistant make? Because virtual assistants work for money, they may be restricted in the number of hours they can work each week.

For example, you might opt for a monthly salary cap or hourly compensation. Some make minimum payments, while others make up to $35 an hour, depending on their qualifications and expertise.

Hack: You can find clients for this side hustle on prominent platforms such as Upwork. However, when you go out on your own as an independent contractor, you may start to experience improved outcomes.

While getting started may be more difficult due to finding clients, you may earn more money this way. You can offer your services by joining popular Facebook groups for businesses or online stores.

(#6). Sell Information Products

If you’re looking for a profitable side hustle, selling information products may be ideal. To succeed with this side hustle, you’ll need to research, invest time, and develop marketing abilities. Are there any current hot subjects about which you are very knowledgeable?

Have you discovered a trending topic for which there is insufficient information? Create content that focuses on these opportunities to monetize them. To start earning, you can self-publish books on Amazon or sell courses.

How much money are you able to make by selling information products? It varies according to the niche, the marketing strategy used, and various other aspects.

However, this type of side hustle might earn you several thousand dollars per month. The trick is to create multiple types of content (ebooks, courses, etc.) that continue to generate recurring revenue for you.

Hack: With this side hustle, target niches where people face a significant problem. If your niche is fitness, you can create a fitness workout course or a diet plan complete with recipes ebook.

If people are frantically attempting to solve a pressing issue, there is an opportunity to solve it by assisting them. Your content can point them in the right direction. The best part is that you may earn money by helping others.

(#7). Sell Your Photography

If you own a camera and have a working knowledge of Photoshop, photography can become a side hustle. If you enjoy photographing your city, consider selling your work to local publications such as a city newspaper or blog.

Sites like Foap enable you to sell your pictures on their site and earn money for each one you sell. If you prefer not to make money from your photographs, you may add them to products such as canvases, T-shirts, and phone cases to earn additional revenue. And if that isn’t enough, you can also seek clients for wedding, pet, or product photography.

Sell your photographs to make extra money.

As a photographer, how much money can you make? If you sell your pictures online, you can make an additional few hundred or thousand dollars per month.

You may make several thousand dollars or more per event if you delve into wedding photography. Working as a weekend photographer or giving classes in your spare time is viable second employment in this niche.

Hack: If you intend to sell your photographs on a stock photo website, you must understand it is a numbers game. The more pictures you take and publish, the more likely you will be discovered. You’ll want to apply the appropriate tags to ensure that your images are easily discoverable.

The more pictures you shoot, the faster your photography talents will develop over time. As a result, it’s a complete victory.

(#8). Begin Freelancing

Is your compensation fluctuating at your 9 to 5 job? If your income is unpredictable, you may require more money in certain months and a little less in others. If this describes you, you may want to consider freelance opportunities. 

These might be gigs you produce on Fiverr or an occasional Upwork freelance project. For example, you might spend one week designing T-shirt mockups for a client and the following week assisting someone with growing their social media following.

Your work may involve a wide variety of projects. However, if you thrive on variation and change, this side hustle may be ideal for you.

How much money can this side hustle job earn you? You may earn between $50 and $2,000 each month, depending on the side gigs you pursue and the site you choose.

For instance, if you want to earn an additional $1,000 per month, freelance writing is a side hustle that can help you meet that objective. The key to freelance success is charging clients according to the value you’ll provide. Most freelancers are undercharged, resulting in rapid burnout and little reward.

Where to look for freelance jobs

Hack: The best freelance opportunities can be found on WeWorkRemotely and Remote. co. Thousands of part-time job seekers visit these websites daily to search for and apply for available positions. However, if you’re just starting, you may want to prioritize creating your portfolio and skillset on Fiverr, Craigslist, or Upwork first, as landing your first few clients is easier on such platforms.

(#9) Start A Blog

Blogging is an excellent side hustle opportunity that can be done from home or anywhere else in the world. It enables you to build a personal brand while maintaining ownership of your assets. Even better, you can write about your interests. Starting a blog in the English language that you understand enables you to connect with an audience of people who share your interests.

Yoga, business, beauty, and automobiles are popular topics for part-time blogging. You can earn money from your blog in several ways, including affiliate links in your posts or linking to your online store where you sell dropshipping products.

Monetizing a blog to profitability

How much money can you make from this type of side hustle? You will make nothing initially. However, some bloggers who persevere beyond the first few years earn enough money to quit their day job and devote themselves entirely to blogging.

Hack: If you’re passionate about blogging, consider creating a monetizable online store that includes a blog. This enables you to start selling your assets before building an audience. Additionally, the synergy between content and commerce is quite potent.

As your blog increases in popularity, you may employ retargeting advertisements to monetize your audience and generate additional purchases. If you consistently produce high-quality content, you’re likely to have a few home run posts that generate a large amount of traffic that’s easier to monetize than if you’re expecting a few direct purchases.

(#10). Get a Part-Time Job

If you’d prefer to exchange your time for money, you may take a part-time job. Dog walking, babysitting, restaurant server, receptionist, administrative assistant, or barista are examples of side jobs that pay well. Additionally, you can find part-time online work in your field.

Perhaps you’re a full-time marketer who picked up a side business in social media. The only disadvantage to working part-time is that you must exchange your time for money.

How much money can a part-time job earn you? The majority of part-time occupations pay between the minimum wage and the living wage. However, you can find a few more lucrative side hustles with a bit of bit.

Hack to Finding Part-Time Job: You can find job sites for nighttime and weekend side hustles. Remember that after a full day’s work, you’re likely to feel exhausted, so choose a part-time job that allows for scheduling flexibility. For example, if you must work four-hour shifts Monday through Friday following an eight-hour day, you risk burning out.


Your side hustle can help you earn money online and add to your monthly income. However, it can also aid in developing new skills, the development of your brand or portfolio, and attaining greater flexibility.

Be that as it may, have fun with it! Take a chance and start a business or explore a new pastime that has always piqued your interest. A side hustle is an ideal way to live your life to the fullest. And with some extra cash in your pocket, nothing can stop you from realizing your aspirations.

The 10 Best Side Hustles to Make Extra Money Per Month

· Start a print-on-demand business

· Become an Instagram influencer

· Start a dropshipping business

· Become an affiliate marketer

· Become a virtual assistant

· Sell information products

· Sell your photographs

· Start Freelancing

· Start a blog

· Get a part-time job

Which of the aforementioned side hustles most interests you? Did we overlook an excellent side hustle that pays well? Kindly tell us in the comments section below.

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