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How To Open Stripe For Non Us Resident (Using Wise)

How To Open Stripe For Non-Us Residents

Many aspiring dropshippers ask if one can open a Stripe For Non Us Resident for their ecommerce business or if it’s possible to get a reliable payment gateway for non US residents.

Stripe is the best, if not one of the most popular payment gateways for online transactions, offering a seamless experience for businesses and consumers.

However, only some countries are supported by Stripe, which can be a real bummer if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner looking to expand your reach.

But don’t worry because we’re here to give you some answers and provide some solutions to your Stripe-related questions.

Stripe is a technology company that provides an online payment platform for businesses of all sizes. It’s known for its simplicity, security, and versatility, making it a top choice for businesses that need to accept payments from customers worldwide. From small startups to large enterprises, Stripe has something to offer everyone.

What Countries are Supported by Stripe?

As of now, Stripe supports businesses in more than 40 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and many European countries. For a complete list of supported countries, you can visit the Stripe website.

Can I Use A Stripe Account in an Unsupported Country?

The short answer is yes, you can use Stripe in an unsupported country. However, you’ll need to find a workaround to get the job done. The best solution is to use a virtual address service to receive payments in a supported country and then transfer them to your local bank account. This solution is called a “proxy solution,” and many businesses use it in unsupported countries.

So can you open a stripe for non us residents?

Unfortunately, Stripe is not currently available for businesses outside the US, but in this guide, you will learn how to get a stripe account approved even if you don’t live in the US. If you’re a non-US resident, you’ll need not look for a stripe alternative payment processor.

It’s a common problem for online businesses – you want to accept payments from customers worldwide, but setting up the infrastructure to do so can be challenging.

Shopify Free trial Banner

If you’re a non-US resident, finding a payment processor that works for you may be challenging.

Stripe payment gateway is a popular processor for US businesses; what about those who don’t live in the States?

How can they get Stripe for non us residents to work for them?

A lot has changed. As you all know, Stripe has upped their game; when they read these tactics online, they upgraded their system hence the recent cries of limitation accounts, especially those who successfully applied the method I shared above.

This post gives you quick setup documentation specific for international sellers who use Shopify for their drop shipping business but find it hard to run the business from their respective countries due to payment processor gateway challenges.

How To Open A Stripe For Non-Us Residents

So I will take you through how to set up a Shopify store and how you will get your Shopify payment gateway done the right way.

Suppose you are an active member of any dropshipping business Facebook group. 

In that case, you know how many store owners post about their store being on hold or limited by payment processors like PayPal, Stripe, and even Shopify payment themselves. 

I hope you are getting something ready to learn how to make Shopify Payments available for your customers.

It happens more frequently if you are dropshipping and term it a high-risk business due to chargebacks and refund-related issues.

But just like you, I wonder why Shopify platforms promote drop shipping, even advertising the business model on Facebook, yet they are the first to simultaneously have your account on hold. 

Double standards?

To my international sellers, we have to make ends meet. We have no idea how long it will take for this e-commerce giant to start thinking of integrating payment gateways that favor us from the ones that suck already. 

Why is this process vital for your Shopify dropshipping business?

I assume you are non-US citizens or any other European country. If you are an international seller, you must adopt this method to get paid the profits you accrue through your online product sales.

There are several payment processors available for Shopify, but funny enough. 

Almost all of them don’t favor you as an international seller who doesn’t have access to EIN/BIN or SSN to have a US bank account. 

So the ones available on Shopify will force your customers to finish the checkout in a new browser tab instead of completing the checkout process while still in your store.

How To Open A Stripe For Non-Us Residents

A typical example of a payment method that takes customers out of your store is a 2checkout; it takes the customers to a new page for the purchase to complete.

Few customers will finish the conversion if they redirect to another page regarding online transactions. 

We are dealing with sensitive information here; who would trust a payment gateway they’ve never heard of, whereas they are only used to Paypal? 

This redirecting hurt a lot of conversions.

When looking for a payment processor as an international seller, you need processors whose rates are pretty considered to the rest.

Most sellers lose a lot of cash when it comes to processor rates and currency conversion rates.

It would help if you had a processor that would offer you a reasonable exchange rate. 

You will be using USD as your default currency on your store unless otherwise; hence working with a processor that provides fair currency conversion rates is way too good not to sign up with them.

I understand that some international sellers have to manage to get their merchant accounts and payment gateway. 

Well, and good, this article is not meant for you since my target is to address those in the business who cannot operate smoothly due to payment gateway issues.

When we were nearing a processors’ solution, Shopify plugged the surprise on us by removing one of its essential plugins, NMI, responsible for a third-party payment gateway that payment processors like Bluesnap heavily on to offer international sellers solutions. 

It’s no more, and BlueSnap can no longer integrate into the PayPal platform.

So, today I share with you the newest, proven method to go around dropshipping and getting paid as an international seller on the Shopify platform.

1: Set-wise account

To start us off, get stripe for non us residents if you don’t have an operative Wise Account.

Capture 18

Why do you need a Wise account at this stage?

Besides the reasons we started with, you still need Wise for a few significant other reasons.

As an international Seller, you have a few, if no other, ways to set up a local US account from your respective country of residence without setting foot in the United States.

You can own a virtual US bank account with a verified Wise account because Wise is in an exclusive agreement with Bank of America to enable you to enjoy this freedom.

How To Open A Stripe For Non-Us Residents

Are you maybe asking yourself why you need a US bank account? 

It would be best if you had it to sign up and operate your store with a Stripe account; it’s a mandatory requirement.

When you have a Wise account, it’s effortless to wire cash to your local bank account; Wise allows you to link your bank account.

The second reason this is so great is that you can connect your local bank account to your Wise account. 

This means you can transfer your money from your US account to your Wise wallet and then from your Wise wallet to your local bank account.

What makes a Wise account one of the best solutions for international sellers is that besides having the best features, it also has the lowest exchange rates on money transfers from your default store currency, USD, to your local currency. 

Shopify payments

This is important and very helpful since it allows you to keep the money you made with the slightest difference in exchange.

Using Wise, you can open a personal or business account, but you don’t need a business account if you don’t want to. You can operate with a personal account, and it works just fine.

2: Connect Your Local Bank Account

Once you’ve completed the first step of signing up on Wise, you need to connect your local bank account for an easy cash transfer.

Wise has a lot to offer for international dropshipping sellers using Aliexpress to Shopify’s business model.

3: Setting An LLC Business In The US

 It’s time to get your valid business name; as part of setting up Shopify Payments, getting LLC in the US is essential, and you will see the advantages of having an LLC.

In this series, how to create Stripe for non us residents, LLC is a key player hence the need to learn how to either create a UK company or Set up LLC, for that matter.

You need to set up LLC because you can connect it to your Shopify account and the US bank account to your online Shopify payment section on your store. 

Capture 20

To run an honest business, you should consider registering an LLC. Getting an LLC is required if your dream of using Shopify Payments is still one you are thinking about.

I know you are asking yourself now that you have a virtual US bank account, LLC, and Wise, what comes to taxation?

I have used the same method I am sharing with you now; I know you don’t need to pay tax, but you will have to get taxed in your respective country after you’ve earned the payment into your local bank account.

Regarding Tax, I can roughly advise, but this will depend on your country of origin.

What I love the most about having an LLC, it is not limited to the number of stores; you can create as many stores as you want. It acts as an umbrella for many stores.

Your LLC can do business as usual if you have heard of that term abbreviated DBA. The same way you see one LLC presented in different business entities, just like KFC and Taco are some of the leading fast-food restaurants but operate under one LLC umbrella called YUM LLC.

Read Also: How To Get ITIN for Non-US Citizen (Step By Step Guide 2021)

I would advise you to choose a brandable LLC name that is broad enough to accommodate any business you may come up with in the future.

How to create your LLC

Technology has evolved, and with just clicks, you can get your LLC in a matter of minutes with the trusted help of Delaware inc.

But why Delaware?

Well, it’s a smart move to incorporate your LLC business. There is more to you as an overseas business owner; they’ve shared a lot of information about their website and services; read more on the above link I provided you earlier.


Head over to their site and fill in your LLC Name (company name) and personal details, and then hit on the GREEN tab, the GREEN PACKAGE for $179. 

The last time I checked, it was around $279. It seems they are running some discounts as I was writing this guide.

While still on the page, adding or checking the FEDERAL EIN Services is essential for an extra $95. This is very important and way more effective than calling IRS directly, which is no longer working.

Shopify Payments: How to Get EIN

For international sellers, getting a social security number SSN is impossible. EIN will act as your SSN; hence very important not to skip this stage.

When using Delawareinc, they will be able to get your EIN when you click the” DO NOT HAVE EITHER SSN?ITIN while making your application.

During the sign-up, you must indicate your” Principal Place of Business, ” which means your local business or company address, and you can also use your address. 

You also need to indicate if you have any job offers in the US in the next 12 months.

If you’ve followed the above, you are done, confirm the order, and your LLC documents will be sent to you within a week.

Step 4. How To Create Your Stripe Account

This is the easiest part apart from signing up for a Wise account.

To get the account, head over to the stripe website, fill in your details, verify your email, and boom, you are good to go.

The next step would be to fill in your SSN (Social Security Number). Since you don’t have SSN, you need to key in the four digits of the EIN you received after the application.

At this stage, expect an email from Stripe saying they can’t confirm your identity, don’t worry. Just reply to the email and tell them you are not a US citizen using a registered company’s EIN.

Next, you will be required to verify your ID and LLC company information. 

But this will be taken care of since you have a US company, and Stripe will automatically verify you.

Now that your stripe account is set up and verified, you will need to set up your business setting. 

You need to use the LLC info and address provided by Delawareinc during the application, which I assume you now have the documents sent to you already.

STEP 5: Connecting Your Wise Bank Account To Stripe

While in your Wise account, click the US Balance area to access your US virtual US bank account.

You need to sign up to use Shopify Payments in your store. There is no shortcut to this.

So, in your Stripe account, you will see a section where you must fill in your banking details. Thus, the spot you need to fill in is your US virtual Bank account. You can get this on your Wise Account Under manage.

It’s simple, and you are ready to go; you should be all confirmed and geared up now to use your stripe payment gateway and have it linked to your Wise account.

6: Connecting Your Shopify Store

In this last stage, you must connect your Shopify store to the approved stripe account for stripe payments.

Sign up for a free trial and enjoy 3 months of Shopify for $1/month on Select Plans.

Shopify account head over to the setting tab, click on payment providers or underpayments, and then choose” stripe “from the menu drop-downs and activate it.

How To Open A Stripe For Non-Us Residents

When you are not logged into the stripe account, it can redirect you to log in before activation, but just if you are logged in will be detected automatically and confirmed right away.

Then you’ll be all set to start receiving payments with Stripe on your Shopify store!

What are the Benefits of Using a Virtual Address Service with Stripe?

Using a virtual address service with Stripe offers several benefits, including:

  • Access to Stripe’s payment platform, even in an unsupported country
  • A virtual address in a supported country that you can use to receive payments
  • The ability to transfer payments to your local bank account in your local currency
  • A secure and reliable solution for businesses that need to accept payments from customers around the world

Are There Any Risks Involved with Using a Virtual Address Service with Stripe?

As with any financial solution, there are always some risks involved. However, if you choose a reputable virtual address service, you can minimize these risks. Some of the risks to consider include the following:

  • Hidden fees or charges from the virtual address service
  • Delays in payment processing or transfers
  • Security concerns, such as the risk of fraud or theft


If you have tried the above, I hope you are about to launch or use this method for your Shopify business.

Have you learned anything new about Shopify Payments and how to go about it? Well, share your thoughts on the same and also your experience.

Suppose you’ve used it before.

If you are looking for a Shopify expert to help design a professional-looking store with hot-selling products, hit me up.

If you were looking for either Shopify Payments alternatives or how to beat Shopify and use Shopify Payments without their knowledge or dodge the account limitations, there you have it!

I hope you’ve learned how to use Stripe to process payments as a non-US resident.

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