10 Wholesale Men’s Clothing To Sell On Shopify

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Have you ever asked yourself what’s the best wholesale men’s clothing to dropship in 2022? Well, you are on the right page.

Are you looking to start selling Wholesale Men’s Clothing on Shopify? Great idea! Shopify is a powerful ecommerce platform that makes it easy to start and grow your online store.

With Shopify’s built-in shopping cart and payment processing, you can start selling right away. However, when it comes to stocking your Shopify store with products, Wholesale Men’s Clothing is a great option.

This post is designed to highlight the 10 best men’s clothing products to be sold in 2022. We’ll explain why each product is on this list and provide some marketing tips to help you make your first sale.

Men’s clothing makes up a sizable fraction of the eCommerce market, and it’s a growing and developing niche.

Therefore, if you’ve been considering starting your own men’s clothing business, there has never been a better time to do so.

Indeed, by 2022, the men’s clothing market is expected to beat the women’s clothing market globally.

You only need to determine which products to sell. How, then? That is a difficult choice, but do not fear; we are here to assist you.

Rearing to go? Let us roll!

Oxford Shirts

Allow us to begin this list of 10 best men’s clothing products to sell with a closet staple.

The oxford-sleeved shirt These classic products are essential for men of all ages.

When we examine the Google Trends data, we observe that interest in oxford shirts has remained consistently high over the last five years. 

Wholesale Men's Clothing
10 Wholesale Men's Clothing To Sell On Shopify 17

When we witness consistent interest in a product, it indicates a “solid seller” instead of a trending product.

Confident new entrepreneurs will avoid a continually popular product, as they are constantly looking for the “next big product.” However, we would argue that consistent sellers are just as valuable, if not more so, to new entrepreneurs.

Wholesale Men's Clothing
10 Wholesale Men's Clothing To Sell On Shopify 18

Consider this: your customers are likely already familiar with the products of consistent sellers, which means you’ll have an easier time marketing them and won’t have to worry about your products suddenly becoming unpopular.

That is why we believe that these critical products will be among the best sellers in 2022. Give them a try; plenty of people are eager to purchase these products, so ensure they come from your store.

Corduroy Jackets

After seeing corduroy dubbed the “new denim” by many design publications, we knew we had to add cord jackets to our list of the finest 10 best men’s clothing products to sell in 2022.

Wholesale Men's Clothing
10 Wholesale Men's Clothing To Sell On Shopify 19

We’re not sure if corduroy is the new denim, but one thing’s for sure: they’re trendy right now. 

These products are undeniably popular, particularly when looking at Google Trends data for the winter months over the last five years.

However, this does not mean you must wait until the weather turns chilly before selling these products in the northern hemisphere.

Wholesale Men's Clothing
10 Wholesale Men's Clothing To Sell On Shopify 20

Bear in mind that when summer occurs in the northern hemisphere, winter occurs in the southern hemisphere.

That implies that it is great to target major eCommerce markets such as Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa with corduroy jacket marketing campaigns from April to September.

Denim Jackets

The following product on this list of the 10 best men’s clothing products to sell in 2021 is vintage.

The denim jacket.

GQ named these universal products as one of their menswear staples, and we couldn’t agree more.

wholesale mens clothing
10 Wholesale Men's Clothing To Sell On Shopify 21

There are statistics to support these statements as well – look at the Google Trends data to see how popular these core products have become over the last few years.

When sourcing these products for your store, we recommend looking for denim jackets that offer a single prominent characteristic.

Best Men’s Clothing Products
10 Wholesale Men's Clothing To Sell On Shopify 22

It could be the cut, the shade, the texture, or something else, but make sure that something about your products makes them stand out.

Then, in your marketing activities, emphasize that differentiation even more. If your audience already owns a denim jacket, you’ll need to convince them that they need your products as well.

Baseball Caps

Following that, we’ve got an accessory that almost everyone can get behind: the baseball cap.

Baseball caps are the classic, consistent seller — they appear to be in style at all times; thus, they make the top 10 best men’s clothing products to sell in 2021.

wholesale mens clothing
10 Wholesale Men's Clothing To Sell On Shopify 23

While there are periodic rise & fall in search volume, these products are continually being sought after.

Baseball caps come in a variety of different colors, fabrics, and styles, so there are bound to be some that fit comfortably in your store.

Screenshot 16 1
10 Wholesale Men's Clothing To Sell On Shopify 24

They are typically quite affordable as well, which is why we advocate introducing some urgency and scarcity methods into your marketing campaigns to help persuade your clients to act.

Striped Shirts

Striped shirts are a big fashion trend for 2021; as such, the articles make the list of the ten best men’s clothing products to sell in 2021

These classic men’s clothing items are highly adaptable. They can be worn throughout the year, but their popularity seems to peak during the summer months.

Men's clothing striped shirts
10 Wholesale Men's Clothing To Sell On Shopify 25

As the Google Trends graph above indicates, their popularity has slowly increased over the last few years and is expected to reach new heights this summer.

But how come?

Simple. These products are ideal for buyers in the market for new clothing for an impending vacation.

Additionally, these products can be readily coupled with various outfits to create a sleek, trendy style.

This is an area where your marketing initiatives should focus their efforts.

Demonstrate to potential buyers how these products pair well with other clothing items you sell – this will aid in upselling.

The “Shop the Look” option on Urban Outfitters is an excellent example of this.

All of the product photos on their product pages include models wearing various products offered on their website.

The “Shop for Style” function makes it incredibly simple to transfer your screen-to-wardrobe look.

Therefore, replicate this brilliant strategy by including a “Shop the Look” section in your store and watch your sales soar.

If you’re using Shopify to manage your store, you may use this straightforward method for adding product photos to your site.


Cargo Pants

Yes, cargo pants make our list of the 10 best men’s clothing products to sell in 2021.

We understand that our product may raise a few eyebrows at first, significantly if you grew up in the 1990s, but we have the evidence to back it up.

Screenshot 18
10 Wholesale Men's Clothing To Sell On Shopify 26

If you were to consider the Google Trends graph, you’d observe how interest in cargo pants has gradually increased internationally over the last five years.

Best men's clothing products
10 Wholesale Men's Clothing To Sell On Shopify 27

We anticipate that these products will continue on their current trajectory and explode this year.

We’ve already seen ultra-fashionable celebs, such as musician Travis Scott, elevate cargo pants to a defining wardrobe item.

When these characteristics are considered together, it is evident that cargo pants have enormous prospects.

When it comes to marketing these products, we believe that influencer marketing will be a profitable strategy for your business.

You can utilize platforms such as NinjaOutreach or Keyhole to promote micro-influencers who can assist you in promoting your products (and your business) through coordinated influencer marketing campaigns.

Keep in mind that engagement is vital when it comes to influencer marketing. An influencer with a highly engaged audience will be far more valuable than one with thousands of followers who earn only a few hundred likes for each photo.

Plaid Pants

Plaid pants are having a fashion moment right now.

We’d even go so far as to say they’re a wardrobe necessity for 2021, as they can elevate any ensemble.

If you look at the Google Trends data for plaid pants, you’ll notice that they’ve exploded in popularity over the previous several years.

Screenshot 20
10 Wholesale Men's Clothing To Sell On Shopify 28

In 2021, we expect these products to experience an even more tremendous surge in popularity.

Because of the product’s upward trend, there are numerous opportunities for small eCommerce businesses to enter and begin selling it in 2021.

Sling Bags

Sling bags are next on our list of the 10 best men’s clothing products to sell in 2021.

These products exploded into fame in 2020, when they took over the world of streetwear, and are currently making their way into the world of high fashion.

Screenshot 21 1
10 Wholesale Men's Clothing To Sell On Shopify 29

Legendary fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton and Dior have prominently featured them in their latest collections, demonstrating, if necessary, that these products are genuine.

However, let us be clear: small businesses still have a great deal of opportunity to succeed in selling these products.

And we believe that Facebook advertising will assist you in accomplishing this goal.

Your job will be to combine an attention-grabbing graphic with great Facebook ad language and communicate that message to a highly targeted audience of potential consumers.

Keep in mind that if you’re utilizing Facebook advertising to promote your products, it’s rare that your first ad will result in a sale.

Typically, you must enter data into your Facebook Pixel with your initial ads to assist the platform in determining who will be most receptive to your ads before you begin generating sales.

Consider targeting Facebook users who are already interested in streetwear companies — they are likely already familiar with these products, making conversions easier.


We discussed fleeces in our post about the finest women’s clothing products to sell in 2019, but the truth is that they’re also ideal for males.

They’ve evolved from a simple item of clothing to a high fashion icon in recent years, and fleeces show no signs of slowing down.

Screenshot 22 1
10 Wholesale Men's Clothing To Sell On Shopify 30

As with corduroy jackets, though, Google Trends data demonstrates that they are seasonal products.

As a result, you’ll need to be strategic with your marketing campaign targets.

However, do not limit your considerations to the locations in which your target possibilities are located. Consider the following.

Please note the demographics of the individuals interested in these products and the features they enjoy.

Then, bolster your marketing campaigns with interest-based targeting and watch the sales pour in.

Cropped Trousers

To conclude our list, we’ve included one more fantastic men’s fashion item: cropped trousers.

Sleek silhouettes are great for the warmer months, evidenced by the five-year global search traffic for cropped trousers.

We observed something extremely fascinating while poring over the Google Trends data.

Cropped trousers are enormous in the United Kingdom.

Consider the following excerpt from Google Trends titled “Interest by region.”

Screenshot 23 1
10 Wholesale Men's Clothing To Sell On Shopify 31

This is critical information for marketing initiatives – you already know which locations to target; all that remains is to ensure your message is delivered effectively.

Read Also:

We advocate marketing these products on Instagram – you’ll be able to reach an engaged community of purchasers who willingly engage with promotional content.

Start Selling Men’s Clothing Today

So there you have it, our top tips for starting a wholesale men’s clothing business on Shopify. It’s not an easy road, but it can be a very lucrative venture with hard work and the right tools. We hope that this article has helped give you a better understanding of what it takes to start and run a successful online store.

If you’re still undecided about whether or not Shopify is the right platform for your business, we invite you to sign up for our 14-day free trial. During those two weeks, you can explore all of the features and benefits of using Shopify as your ecommerce platform. Once you’ve had a chance to try

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below — we will read each one!

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