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Discover 27 Best Free Shopify Apps Store- Must Have

The Shopify Apps Store boasts of lots of Free Shopify AppsIn this piece, we set out to highlight the best Free Shopify apps for your ecommerce store.


With tons of apps in the Shopify App Store, you have a ton of choices regarding expanding your online retail functionality. 

Regardless of whether you need to add customer reviews, publish your products to Facebook, improve email advertising, or get top to bottom analytics, there’s unquestionably an app for that. 


And so, with that background of a plethora of options, we figured it would be smart to feature some of these best free Shopify apps-either free or that offer a valuable free plan that retailers and advertisers can integrate into their store. 

Perhaps you’re beginning with a new store or hoping to upgrade your current site. In that case, this rundown cuts for you. 

PS: This rundown does not list or rank the best Free Shopify apps in chronological order of superiority or functionality.

  1. Advoz
  2. BetterReplay
  3. Change Commerce
  4. Easy Digital Products
  5. Easyship
  6. Fancy FAQ
  7. Friendly Accessibility Tools
  8. Gameball
  9. Jebbit
  10. Mochi
  11. Oberlo
  12. Offset
  13. PayWhirl
  14. PixPix
  15. Pre-Order Alpha
  16. Printful
  17. Product Reviews
  19. ReConvert Upsell and Cross-Sell
  20. Secommapp
  21. Shopify Email
  22. Shopify Local Delivery
  23. Smart SEO
  24. Stocky
  25. Super Reports
  26. TikTok
  27. Tip Quik

Best Free Shopify Apps To Install in 2021


Advoz is an awesome and one of the best free Shopify apps for storekeepers who need some assistance with their social media publicizing.

Best Free Shopify Apps

At the point when you install Advoz, you get to access the services of a certified ads expert who has a drill for custom promotions for Facebook, Instagram, and Google and sets you up with a high-level demographic to drive traffic to your site.

The only things required of you need to have a Facebook Business account, pay for a weekly financial spending plan, and add a product catalog to Facebook. 

Best Free Shopify Apps : BetterReplay

Perhaps you are stuck at why your prospects to your store aren’t converting. No more wondering.


With BetterReplay, you get live recordings of customers’ sessions so you can perceive how individuals interact with your Shopify store and what stuff they portray interest.


With this data, you can assess and fix where customers stall out and explore novel concepts to enhance conversions and lower abandoned carts in your store. 

And here is the deal. First, no coding is required, then the app is 100% free, and for every month, you get up to 5,000 sessions of recordings. 

Change Commerce

In both 2019 and 2020, Change Commerce emerged as a Shopify Staff Pick. More importantly, the app supports over 1.5M special interests not-for-profits programs. Because the app is a donation app, it comes in handy in handling clients who look to donate to a cause straight from your store. 


You can put your donation request widget on a product page, a shopping cart, or at checkout. On the off chance that a client chooses to give, Change Commerce handles the whole donation exercise, allowing you the chance to deal a positive effect with minimal exertion. 

Best Free Shopify Apps :Easy Digital Products

If you trade as an infopreneur, then Easy Digital Products is an awesome free Shopify app to increase sales by letting you sell digital products effectively in your store. 


For Easy Digital Products client, you get to import your license keys or have the app create unique ones for each order. 

The app permits you to attach any files to your products or variants, quickly upload them, and track all orders in the app. In one click, you get to customize the interface, text, and buttons. 

Best Free Shopify Apps : Easyship 

Hundreds of thousands of retailers use Easyship to save time and money for their shipping services.

Easyship makes for an across-the-board dispatching app that empowers you to get to clients worldwide with lower shipping costs and higher conversion rates. 

1 1

Through a single account, that’s if you use Easyship, you gain access to pre-negotiated shipping plans from couriers from across the globe.

The app equally provides you an in-built dashboard where you can oversee orders. That involves printing shipping labels, accessing invoices and receipts, storing product dimensions, generating return orders, and then some. 

Fancy FAQ

FAQ pages are critical to creating an awesome customer experience in your store. The FAQ pages give prompt answers to the typical inquiries and clear up any misgivings they may have.

1 2

The Fancy FAQ affords you the capacity & makes it simple for you to build appealing, search-friendly FAQ pages into your pages this way, establishing trust with customers and impulse them to make a buy. 

Friendly Accessibility Tools 

Online shopping is very subjective. Every individual who shops online do it uniquely. Some use various gadgets and settle on choices at their speed.

Others may have partial blindness and not have the option to recognize particular shades. And then some may experience issues reading texts.


In any case, you need to make a store that is amicable to everybody. Luckily, the Friendly Accessibility Tools module powers your store in attending to all these varied aspects. 

With Friendly Accessibility Tools, you can undoubtedly change settings like contrast, coherent textual styles, text size, and the sky is the limit from there; thus, anybody shopping in your store can navigate it without any problem.

Add the app and activate the features you prefer. And the changes in your store occur in real-time. 


Gameball, a Loyalty & Rewards app, is a client retention platform that empowers you to oversee loyalty programs to build referrals and sales. Clients can tackle challenges, rake up points, and move up through various levels, thus earning rewards and discount codes. 

1 4

Likewise, you can create a referral program where clients are compensated for bringing new clients to your business. 

Gameball allows you to trigger pop-ups to support clients through their shopping experience to interact with individuals, advance your program, and make more loyal clients. The app offers both a free version, with paid plans base price at $29 monthly. 


The hallmark of Jebbit is that it’s a Custom Product Quizzes. This app empowers you to make fun quizzes that clients love to engage in.

The match quizzes, otherwise known as shoppable quizzes, can help prospects locate the best-fit products in your store to move them along the clients’ shopping experience, thus soaring conversions & sales.

Jebbit enables you to build lead gen forms, personality quizzes, simple surveys, product match quizzes. The sky is the limit. 

1 5

Given the app’s visual builder, you can map out and build these experiences rapidly. Jebbit features a no-code design element and omnichannel outreach; thus, you can hit clients where they shop and give customized product suggestions that generate traffic for your Shopify store. 


Mochi offers you the opportunity to chat with clients and guests on your site in real-time. So that you promptly & easily offer the fitting rapidly and without any problem, Mochi furnishes you with details on how somebody got to your site, what products they take an interest in, and even what they add to the cart. 

1 1

It additionally offers Texting and Live Chat Support—and in case you’re not accessible, you’re at liberty to automate responses and lead scoring with Mochi’s artificial intelligence (AI). 


In case you’re searching for a small venture concept or needing a product to sell, Oberlo can help you source a supplier.

With Oberlo, you can look through a market place of products accessible for direct import into your Shopify store.

1 2

When a customer places an order, you can fulfill it through your dropshipping supplier employing Oberlo, which will send the product to your clients for you. There’s no compelling reason to stress over packaging and shipping it yourself. 


If you look to eliminate your delivery campaign that adds to environmental change, use Offset. Offset is a Shopify app that computes the absolute discharges produced by your Shipped orders. That number turns into your Offset cost.

1 3

The expense is commonly low—a couple of pennies for every order—and your payment goes toward forest protection programs. Offset offers a dashboard that displays your ecological impact; for example, the number of trees you’ve helped save and share those stats with your clients. 


PayWhirl simplifies the process of creating, managing, and sell subscriptions through Shopify’s local checkout.

1 6

The app powers Clients to set up their accounts; they can see their billing history and make adjustments to their payment plans at any time. Likewise, they get to add new payment methods and data related to their subscription, all without reaching the customer support team. 

PixPix Image Editor

As a simple-to-use image editor with a load of exceptional features, the PixPix interface is user-friendly, lightweight such that you can crop, resize, and change shades and lighting issues asap. 

1 4

PixPix likewise gives programmed alt text and enhanced file names for SEO. You can integrate PixPix straight to your product pages, enabling you to edit photos and get your products live and selling quicker. 

Pre-Order Alpha 

If you’re looking for a quick and flexible approach to handle pre-order, out-of-stock, and coming-soon products in your store, then Pre-Order Alpha is the game.

By employing Pre-Order Alpha, you can feature pre-order products with customized ribbons; add Pre-Order Now buttons on your product page. Plus, you want to tag pre-order products in your admin automatically. This way, you remain organized and monitor every aspect. 

Best Free Shopify Apps

The setup takes a couple of minutes, though should need to arise, there’s an incredible help-desk on stand-by to hold your hand through the process. 


Printful is extraordinary compared to other print-on-demand dropshipping apps for storekeepers selling print and embroidered stuff like tees and mugs. Upon a client making a product purchase from your Shopify store, Printful automatically fulfills & ships it to them. 

Each month, Printful ships millions of merchandise and handles all production, inventory, and shipping. Thus you can zero in on building your business. 

Product Reviews

Product reviews are critical, particularly when 98% of shoppers assess them during the buying process, as indicated by an eMarketer report. 

With that hindsight, the Product Reviews app allows you to add client reviews to your products. The app thus lends an avenue to your clients to give you their feedback, and you can use social proof to draw in other potential clients to buy from your store. 

Best Free Shopify Apps

Furthermore, the text published in customer reviews can likewise help in Search engine optimization. 

Best Free Shopify Apps : 

This free Shopify app powers your store to make product videos that drive sales. The video creation process calls for minimal exertion on your part.

Best Free Shopify Apps

You need to pick the kind of video you need and the product you need to market. At that point, incorporates every existing picture and video on your site to make an ad video for your business.

ReConvert Upsell and Cross-Sell 

Among the great ways that can help you strategically pitch to your clients include Upselling & Cross-Selling.

The methods help you to expand cart size & mean order value. ReConvert powers you to build a custom thank you page, otherwise known as an order affirmation page, that converts new clients into repeat customers. 

Best Free Shopify Apps

The app permits you to modify your landing page with a simplified (drag-&-drop) builder and access features, for example, countdown timers, customized proposals, post-buy overviews, and reorder buttons that help you seamlessly re-engage clients who just purchased from your store. 


For entrepreneurs looking to run an affiliate ad program for their store, Secomapp offers them the ability to create, oversee, and track affiliates with the app. 

Best Free Shopify Apps

Those who install this free Shopify app gain access to the Secomapp Affiliate Marketplace and find new affiliate marketers for their store. 

You can chat with influencers from the app, generate affiliate links, and track clicks and sales all within the app. 

Shopify Email 

With Shopify Email, you can send branded messages to subscribers from your Shopify admin dashboard in only a couple of clicks.

The app has an assortment of pre-made formats that pull your logo, product pictures, depictions, and more from your store. You can likewise tweak the text and buttons in a swish. 

Best Free Shopify Apps

If you need to advance your business with email, Shopify Email is an incredible advertising app for building an email list and dealing with your campaigns.

Shopify Email affords you 2,500 emails every month free f charge, after which you pay just $1 for every 1,000 emails you send.

It essentially imports your contact records into Shopify. Make and send your campaigns; at that point, track results like clicks, opens, add to carts, and buys to streamline your client acquisition and retention campaigns additionally. 

Shopify Local Delivery

Shopify Local Delivery makes for a free app that helps any physical business make the most of new business trends occasioned by the pandemic. Data from Consumer trends indicate that more individuals purchased the online during the first three months of the Covid-19 pandemic and had it delivered locally more than any other time. 

Best Free Shopify Apps

From your Shopify admin, you can pick your delivery area and pricing. During checkout, clients in your picked area can opt for local delivery. Shopify Local Delivery helps manage the process by offering automated push notifications, optimized delivery stops, and order status updates. 

You’ll find a list of all delivery stops appearing on the app. After a conveyance completes, the forthcoming stops graduates to the top spot on the list. 

Smart SEO

For some entrepreneurs, eCommerce SEO can prove a challenge. Having your site rank high in search engines, you may need to invest time, money & resources. Be that as it may, with Smart SEO, you can automate SEO optimization and generate more traffic to your store. 

Best Free Shopify Apps

Pick a template and let Smart SEO do the rest. It’s a wrap, as it were. This free Shopify app naturally fixes broken links, generate both alt & meta tags, and deals with your sitemap to keep your pages Google-friendly. 

Additionally, Smart SEO lends structured data to Google to help your search results. 


In running any physical or online business store, some benefits come with instituting smart stock management. On the off chance that you sell out-of-sought after products, it can bring down deals—and on the off chance that you keep a lot of stock, you can deplete your assets. 

Best Free Shopify Apps

Stocky by Shopify offers a simple solution to improve your stock decisions. Given that Stocky is one tool to manage and monitor your products, you’ll expend less energy stressing over what to purchase but more time growing your benefits with the best product blend for your store. 

Super Reports 

Super Reports gives you the way to monitor your store’s sales, analyze order niceties, offer insights into stock, and gauge performance over the long haul. Seamlessly, the app links with your Shopify store and pulls real-time reports you can share with concerned parties. 

Best Free Shopify Apps

Super Reports enable you to rapidly spot both winning and losing products, monitor stock levels, and draw key insights that you can leverage to develop your business. 

Best Free Shopify Apps : TikTok 

TikTok counts among the top ten consumer apps. It ranks 6th consumer spending app globally as of the writing of this review. Did you know that, 6th? You’ve probably known about TikTok, possibly not in those terms, maybe.

Best Free Shopify Apps

 Use the TikTok Shopify app for the app enables you to create video ads, track results, and handle every one of your orders within Shopify. The app offers superb access to a youthful target audience ad; it can help drive sales. 

The juice! Well, all new TikTok for Business accounts gets a free ad credit, which you can use in your first campaign. You want to try TikTok.  

Best Free Shopify Apps : Tip Quik

You want to go the Tip Pop-up in Cart route if you look to make both your reps and clients cheerful. Tip Quik gives clients a choice to add a tip for employees before checkout.

Best Free Shopify Apps

With Tip Quik, you have headroom to design to custom pop-up and proceed to install the piece on your checkout page in minutes.

More money in the pocket means your reps will be more joyful, and your clients getting the opportunity to tip—it’s mutual benefit for everybody. 

Final Thought on Best Free Shopify Apps

Visit Shopify App Store to browse for more apps, perhaps by use case, for instance. Shopify apps present openings for new functionalities that will advance your site for a superior client experience and boost sales. 

While the apps mentioned herein are the absolute best free apps accessible in the Shopify App Store, there are Facebook Messenger, cart abandonment, sales channel apps for Etsy, Amazon, marketing automation, all at the disposal of your unique business. 

It all crystallize to finding the best Free Shopify apps and pricing that suits your needs. Even more important, hit us up in comments sharing your top picks. Learn more. Sell more!

If you have any question in regards to best Free Shopify apps or if you were looking for the a must have apps in your store for either building, growing or scaling your store then its my hope you’ve learnt.

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