Eprolo Review: Dropshipping App With 4-5 Days Delivery

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The whole process of Dropshipping has been made easier and quicker by just one plugin, Eprolo

The App has transformed shipping time tremendously compared to the Dsers app

Hence, take your time to read through this Eprolo review to understand why this App is your best dropshipping choice as compared to the Dsers app. 

Eprolo is the best App to help you lower your shipping time. The App will assist you in quickly building a profitable store to compete with other Dropshipping entrepreneurs.

 According to drop shippers doing considerable numbers in the industry, they recognized Eprolo as a user-friendly, timely, and suitable Dropshipping application for your Shopify store.

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The statistics on their official website page prove that people enjoy using this App. There are over 11000 users, and still growing, with over 1 million fulfilled orders since 2016 and over 300 thousand products. 

Today, it is more uncomplicated and more comfortable to venture into the world of e-commerce, where you become a reliable dropshipping entrepreneur, thanks to Eprolo

It assists you in importing products from AliExpress directly into your Shopify account with just a few clicks and on time. 

About Eprolo

Eprolo has dominated the dropshipping industry over time. The App was founded in 2011 and operates in Shenzhen, China.

When Eprolo started its operations, it used to sell all kinds of electronic products via AliExpress, eBay, and Amazon worldwide. 

Eprolo review
Eprolo Review: Dropshipping App With 4-5 Days Delivery 18

Due to that, Shenzhen city owns the most prominent electronic market in China. 

Today, Eprolo has built a trustworthy and good relationship with thousands of suppliers and can source all kinds of products. 

The App allows you to drop shippers effortlessly and quickly import commodities from AliExpress straight to your Shopify account. 


The aim of coming up with Eprolo dates back to 2015. In that, the founders of this App started receiving orders from AliExpress through their Shopify seller profiles, and they began to learn about Dropshipping.
The trend continued as different stores received Dropshipping orders, and some Shopify sellers even placed hundreds of requests daily.
It took a lot of work to place and process orders through AliExpress for both sides. The founders opted to process orders in Excel sheets outside of AliExpress.

They realized there are better options than this and that people make mistakes. Out of clients’ queries, the Eprolo team began to develop a Shopify app, which led to the later Eprolo App being published in the Shopify Apps Store.
It means that Eprolo allows online drop shippers to buy products and then sit down to wait for them to be shipped off to their doorsteps on time, as compared to Dsers App.
It is even a brilliant idea economically, as importing goods from AliExpress at lower rates and selling them at a profit is cheaper.

The key features of Eprolo

Manages and controls quality on your behalf

Eprolo takes the worry about the quality of the product away. They handle all the suppliers and ensure they drop ship to your quality products. When you have this App, your focus is on improving the sales and marketing of your store rather than checking and confirming the quality of products; Eprolo will take care of that.


Outstanding Eprolo and AliExpress integration

When you visit the Eprolo and AliExpress websites, they integrate very well. It means after you install the Eprolo Plugin, it is easier and quicker to go to the AliExpress site, click on the product, and import them, and it will look like you are browsing the web.

Ability to import thousands of products from AliExpress

Eprolo has gained popularity because it has allowed dropshippers to import as many products as they want easily, quickly, and conveniently from AliExpress.

You can also view the product price details, see images, and browse various products.

feature order

AliExpress has a favorable reputation for offering the best quality products at a low price. Eprolo allows you to access all these products anywhere in the world. With the Eprolo plugin, you can import products at fair prices with just a few clicks and grow your online business.

Excellent and easy-to-navigate interface

Eprolo has built its interface professionally. There is an easy-to-navigate dashboard feature on the left hand with a straightforward menu. The arrangement is made systematically to enable easy editing if the need arises. It is easy to search for a product, import, and check product features, among other features, quickly.

Offers discounts

Eprolo values its customers’ drop shippers and grants them discounts when they border on multiple items. It enables dropshippers to save money. Each order also has a discount, allowing you to profit by keeping more.

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Quick delivery

Eprolo understands that many drop shipping businesses face slow delivery times. Hence, they have developed their own Express Shipping channel. It shortens the delivery time to an average time of 5-8 days. Eprolo vs. Dsers delivery time Eprolo offers dependable and on-time delivery.

Eprolo pricing 

Surprisingly, Eprolo is forever free. According to their site, “Eprolo believes success comes from helping other entrepreneurs succeed, so we keep it free.” however, there are different levels with different accesses and profits that come along.

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Customize product information

All the products have complete descriptions and images ready. However, you can edit the description or pictures to look more professional. Editing Tags via Tag Editor Collections is also possible for better product listing.

Push the product to your store.

When you are done editing, the next step is to set up your retail price. All products in the Eprolo database are eligible for free shipping, so you only need to add the profit margin you desire on top of the Eprolo wholesale price. With that, you are set to push the product to your Shopify store. Just click the “push to Shopify” button. 

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Finding Hot Selling Products

It lets you see the most dropshipped products based on different categories and niches. It has integrated the role of product-hunting tools like Ecomhunt or Niche Scraper on its dashboard.

Eprolo delivery on time

On-time delivery depends on your location around the world. Check out their delivery schedule here; 

  • U.S. Express’s average delivery time is between 5 and 8 days.
  •  C.A. Express’s average delivery time is between 7 and 9 days. 
  •  A.U. Express’s average delivery time is between 7 and 9 days. 
  •  U.K. Express’s average delivery time is between 6 and 10 days.
  •  ePacket on Average delivery time is between 15 – 25 days.

Postal Delivery on Average delivery time is between 15 – 30 days.

Eprolo supports worldwide free shipping. They ship all the commodities by default using a free shipping method. They also do fast deliveries, and you can choose if so when fulfilling an order. The product size and weight determine the cost of a quick shipping method.

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The EPROLO Chrome Extension 

It’s free to use and helps you to manage your dropshipping business more efficiently.


You will need the EPROLO Chrome Extension if you dropship products from AliExpress.

How it works

Once the EPROLO Chrome Extension has been installed on your Google Chrome browser, please log in to your Aliexpress and EPROLO before using it.

1. Import Product

 You can import the Aliexpress product to EPROLO by clicking on the green icon on the top left of a product.

EPROLO Chrome Extension

It will take around 2 seconds to import the product adequately, and you can also import multiple products simultaneously.

2. Processing orders

Click the “Order Products” yellow button, and you will be directed to the AliExpress website;

The products and the shipping information will be auto-added by the Extension;

If something is not filled out automatically, you may have to correct it and fill it in manually.

EPROLO Chrome Extension

Payment step: choose your payment method and click the “Place Order” button to process the payment.

(Aliexpress order will take 2-5 days to ship out; delivery time depends on your chosen shipping method.)

EPROLO Chrome Extension

If you want to fulfill your Aliexpress order at EPROLO, click the “Ask for Quote” button to determine if EPROLO can complete this order.

It will take around 24 hours to confirm the price and supply, and then you can click the “Fulfill at EPROLO” button to process the order.

You can find more info about how to use the EPROLO Chrome Extension from your EPROLO dashboard.

EPROLO Chrome Extension

If you have any issues while using the Extension, don’t hesitate to contact our support heroes, and we will get back to you ASAP.


If you’ve been facing shipping delivery with other dropshipping apps, try the Eprolo app and share your experiences.

I have used them,, and they’ve delivered everything indicated on the app landing page. Was this article helpful?

You can join Eprolo Now and then share your experience with their services.

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Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Eprolo Review: Dropshipping App With 4-5 Days Delivery 19

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  1. Hi Samwel,

    Loved your detailed review on EPROLO. I have a question though. After successfully importing products from AliExpress onto EPROLO, will those products immediately get express shipping? Is there a chance that EPROLO is unable to source the products and shipping time will still be ridiculously long since AliExpress vendors will be the ones fulfilling the orders?

    With Thanks,

    • Just like Oberlo you need to authorize order placement after a successful sale. Then Eprolo will fulfill the order automatically unlike in Oberlo the aliepxress supplier is in control,in Eprolo they source and ship the product. They do the shipping direct from their warehouse not using Aliexpress.


    What about shipping label and invoice? Will that have my companies information?

    • Just like Aliexpress, they won’t include any invoice or details of the suppliers’ co they have default message indicating you are a dropshipper and also you can communicate this to Eprolo before you process the order.

  3. Samwel, what about the $1/item fee, as opposed to the Oberlo’s free starter, or $29.99/mo for basic, or the $79.99/mo for Pro? If you are to make money with this dropshipping business you need to sell thousands of items a month so are you going to pay thousands of dollars a month to Eprolo?

    • It all comes down to choices, they are guys using either oberlo or Eprolo and still doing good numbers. So I guess you find what works for you and go with it.

  4. Hey Sam! Quick question. If I have an item on eprolo that says it has express shipping how do I choose that option. It not letting me choose it and automatically choses epacket for me.

    • When you log into their site you will find their skype details, contact them first then the express delivery option will be enabled after they’ve confirm the price of the product you want to ship with them.

  5. Thanks for the detailed information. I had couple of questions. 1. The product I am selling currently is not on Eprolo right now, I can use import from Aliexpress by entering the URL, but then once order comes in, would Eprolo use the same supplier from Aliexpress or will the order be shipped from Eprolo warehouse? How do we know they’ll have that product in stock if it’s not listed on Eprolo?
    2. Is there a way to import the product from Eprolo and override the the current product I have in my store? So that it doesn’t create new product page when I import to shopify? I have ads running with specific product URL. And if I remove that product and import products from Eprolo, it’ll have new URL.

    • Eprolo has their own suppliers and warehouses. When you get a sale you will see the same sale reflects on Eprolo Dashboard with the supplier link on Aliexpress, then Eprolo will source and tell you the price based on the type of shipping method you want. This normally takes 2-3 minutes, you just have to add them on skype. You can add products straight from Aliexpress to Eprolo, they even introduced their chrome extension. So yes.

  6. I don’t understand the meaning of import products from aliexpress to eprolo, how does it work? So eprolo go get the product from aliexpress supplier to their warehouse or what? … Could you explain it? Sorry but my English is not

    • Eprolo uses the Alixpress product link to source the same from their sources, so they immediately extract the product link from Oberlo which in turn has the product from Aliexpress.

  7. Hi Samuel,

    Nice review. I am about to start using eprolo and I would like to know what kind of fulfillment times are you seeing now with covid19? what about shipping time for USA, CA, UK etc… top countries.

    any country where you are seeing a big difference?

    did there service change during those times? like more cancellation?


    • With dropshipping, shipping has delayed due to no flights, also packet has stopped operating in some countries e.g United states which issued a threat to china shipments and cargo. So yes, shipping has delayed generally in all the drop shipping fulfillment agencies. Even the quickest like DHL are counting losses.

      • Hi sir just to be clear. If i import an item from aliexpess through eprolo. And the item says 20 to 40 days on aliexpess, will the shipping times get shorter on eprolo since eprolo has shorter shipping times?or will it still be long as stated on aliexpess. Thank you i really need this info.

  8. Thank you for the detailed information! How do you purchase branding labels for your order through Eprolo?

  9. Avoid Eprolo at all costs!!!

    My experience with Eprolo over the past four months has been deeply unsatisfactory. Despite promises of a 2-3 day processing time, as mentioned in their FAQs, I’ve seen over 40% of my orders delayed, often not shipped for two weeks or more. Their shipping policy is also misleading; even when deliveries are delayed beyond the expedited timeframe I paid for, their inflexible policy offers no recourse unless the delay exceeds 30 days. Eprolo has shown a consistent disregard for their customers. If you have alternative options for your business needs, I advise steering clear of Eprolo.

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