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EcomHunt Vs Niche Scraper: 20 Crucial Factors To Check

As the topic suggests, this is an in-depth EcomHunt vs Niche Scraper review.

It is no story anymore that the competition in the dropshipping business has since intensified. Therefore, sourcing the best-winning products to maximize profit is hard.

Presently, there are a good number of dropshipping tools that can reduce your stress about this process.

Some tools are essential to running the store and making the business profitable.

While exploring my options on dropshipping tools, I found that you can look for the most profitable businesses without spending a dime.

The best tools I have found for searching for the winning products are Ecomhunt and Niche Scraper.

There are many other valuable tools on the list: Dsers for Shopifyand similarly, WooCommerce and WordPress, there are several plugins.

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EcomHunt Vs Niche Scraper: 20 Crucial Factors To Check 7

However, despite all these things, there is always enough traffic to maximize profit. For this reason, one must use tools to help choose the right products to market.

For this reason, a review of two amazing dropshipping Spy Apps, EcomHunt vs. Niche Scraper, is written.

As we know, the success of every dropshipping business is dependent upon the choice of product you sell.

EcomHunt’s features include: 

  • Selling and trending products
  • Product profits and analytics
  • Facebook ads and targeting
  • Links to suppliers and existing selling stores
  • AdHunter tool
  • Webinars and tutorials for beginners

Niche Scraper’s features include: 

  • Spying on other Shopify sites
  • Finding guaranteed winning products
  • Daily handpicked products

And to make it big, you must also focus on the best marketing strategy for your product line.

So, one has to do serious market research and concentrate on campaigns that convert the best for organic traffic to sales.

The primary concentration of every business is growing, and to do this, it needs to sell well.

And I know you would be eager to ask for winning products. Don’t worry; the EcomHunt vs. Niche Scraper review will cover everything you need to know about getting the best product for your dropshipping store.

EcomHunt vs Niche Scraper Part

EcomHunt and Niche Scraper are both tools for product research. EcomHunt is a product research tool that helps identify winning dropshipping products. Niche Scraper is a dropshipping tool that helps find winning products from Shopify stores.

Niche Scraper at a Glance:

Niche Scraper is an eCommerce Spy tool that helps drop shippers source winning products for their online stores. These stores could be hosted on any online shopping platform like WooCommerce, Shopify, or anywhere else.

It is designed to help drop shippers conduct precise research by evaluating the success of selected items on other stores hosted on Shopify.

Ecomhunt Vs Niche Scraper
EcomHunt Vs Niche Scraper: 20 Crucial Factors To Check 8

This process allows drop shippers to choose from the best-performing products and add them to their stores.

This tool’s application is not restricted to Shopify alone; you can also get detailed information on items in Aliexpress.

Most people are embracing this new dropshipping trend, as it is effortless and time-effective if you understand how to use the Internet.

What this App does is that it gives you access to the best products on product sourcing companies like Aliexpress.

So, all you need to do is check on the engagement of the items you intend to import into your store.

You can choose these items based on the products with the highest orders or their seller rating in your preferred niche by accessing them.

Also, Niche Scraper offers detailed product expense reviews on every selected product. This way, you can determine how much to invest in Facebook Ads, video ad copy, social media targeting, and other things needed for effective marketing.

Ecomhunt Vs Niche Scraper
EcomHunt Vs Niche Scraper: 20 Crucial Factors To Check 9

It might be tough to run an EcomHunt vs. Niche Scraper comparison check as they are both great tools with unique features.

Niche Scraper also has a free and premium version, with most of the fantastic features accessible to only Pro users.

So, if you wanted to enjoy the full service of this excellent spy tool, you definitely would have to pay a few bucks.

Niche Scraper has a friendly user interface, implying that dropshipping beginners and professionals can easily use this tool.

Niche Scraper is configured to provide the following services:

  • Select Winning Products
  • Store Analysis
  • Video Maker

Select Winning Products

The article states that Niche Scraper was created to help users find winning products.

So what this device does is that it carefully selects the best winning products for your store and gives you updates on the best products to pick daily.

Ecomhunt Vs. Niche Scraper
EcomHunt Vs Niche Scraper: 20 Crucial Factors To Check 10

When you get each product update, it will include all the necessary information about the product.

These details would include product description, product cost, order rate, features, and possible audience to target on social media. Plus, there are details on how to reach the supplier of each product.

With total ease, you can add these winning products to your Shopify store and send them to your customers at will.

Store Analysis

How do I mean store analysis? This feature works in a way that allows you to access different stores on Shopify with details on the progression of the products.

The kind of niche or store does not matter, as you can access general and one-product stores as long as the store is verified.

Ecomhunt vs. Niche Scraper
EcomHunt Vs Niche Scraper: 20 Crucial Factors To Check 11

All you need to get your winning product from this software effectively is to search via the popularity of target stores or the kind of products you want.

So, you are quickly updated on the traffic data, estimated sales, and other relevant information about the best-selling products to help you prepare well for the market.

Video Marker

With this fantastic feature, creating video ads for your product advert campaign is made very easy. You can use the existing video ad from the membership or create a new video with the Video Maker.

Capture 2
EcomHunt Vs Niche Scraper: 20 Crucial Factors To Check 12

This feature is vital for working on more videos you need to promote any item from anywhere in the Shopify store.

With a video copy, get the URL of the product and paste it into the software, and it will get all the necessary information to create an exciting video for your product.

Niche Scraper Plans

Niche Scraper has three primary ways it gives its services, which include free services. The following are the three plans for you can access the Niche Scraper Spy tool:

  • Free Plan
  • Pro Membership
  • Annual Pro Membership

Free Plan

As the name implies, it is a free service plan. Niche Scraper will allow only a limited free trial period of 3 days for members who intend to access the best-selling products in their preferred store. You might have access to other varied features in this software, but they are also regulated.

Pro Membership

With all the features you need to set up and grow your dropshipping store to a six to seven-figure business, Niche Scraper grants you access to the Pro Membership for a month for $35.

It grants you unlimited store evaluations and the ability to create video ads for your product promotion.

Annual Pro Membership

It is a plan with the same features as the Pro Membership. The only difference is in the pricing. When you pay for a yearly Niche Scraper subscription plan, you get a whopping 60% discount to do your business effectively for a year.

This covers all the necessary features to build a tremendous dropshipping business. So before we compare EcomHunt vs. Niche Scraper, let’s briefly understand the merits and demerits of using Niche Scraper.


The following are exciting things we found out about Niche Scraper:

  • It will give you detailed information on all available best-selling products and how best to reach your target audience.
  • It will help you do a market evaluation to source the best product for your store.
  • Analyze the best-selling products in other stores and their present rating status.
  • Create unique Video Ads with existing product photos.
  • It has a very user-friendly interface and many Video guides and tutorials.
  • It has a very affordable plan, with over 60% discount on the annual membership plan.
  • It allows payments on most payment gateways like Mastercard Credit cards, Debit cards, and, of course, PayPal.


  • Though Niche Scraper provides many details about the best-selling products, it could be more than just a source of information.
  • Niche Scrape group could provide more data on winning items like sales trends.
  • Its price can be much for some individuals on incredibly reduced budgets.
  • To pay with Debit cards, you’ll have to contact their assistance.

Check Out Niche Scraper

EcomHunt vs Niche Scraper Section Two:

EcomHunt at a Glance:

EcomHunt is a very efficient tool for getting the best products for your store.

It does the central part of sourcing and gives you access to everything you need to know about the product.

The EcomHunt is designed to monitor social media accounts, large companies, and Aliexpress to trace the most suitable products for Dropshipping.

Capture 5
EcomHunt Vs Niche Scraper: 20 Crucial Factors To Check 13

It takes the working pattern of its rival Niche Scraper but has a little difference in some functional features. As you read through, you will learn the similarities and differences.

EcomHunt, like many other spy tools, aids its users in finding winning products for their stores. So, with this tool, you won’t need to stress about finding the best product for your store.

So, the following features, as discussed below, give details of EcomHunt vs. Niche Scraper.

Friendly User Interface

With Ecomhunt, you do not need to evaluate products because it automatically sends you daily alerts on winning products in your chosen store.

As a free member, you can only use the necessary tools until you upgrade to the Pro version. When you upgrade, you will be granted access to all the features you need to make the best out of your business on the platform.

Like Niche Scraper, all the products are received with their Facebook targeting, video ad copy, and other relevant information as links to the suppliers but on the store and other online stores.

Ecom hunt, however, is a fantastic tool, aside from the feature of helping you get excellent products.

It also gives you the cost price of the products sourced from the leading seller and your profit for each product sold.

If you already have an account with Shopify, you can also import these products directly to your store in one second with a single click.

The dashboard is intuitive and handy. You can get each winning product on the cards without much struggle. Each day, this dashboard gets updated and shows you the best outcome.

In the dashboard, once you have seen the product you like, click ‘Show me money.’ When you search for the best one, all the data related to the product will be displayed.

Facebook Ads

Regarding traffic generation, Facebook Ads play a vital role in driving the correct type of audience to your store. 

This is basically why this device concentrates on giving users Facebook Ads access.

EcomHunt Vs Niche Scraper: 20 Crucial Factors To Check 14

As a member, you get access to amazing free product videos that you can use on your store to promote products.

This feature, Ecomhunt, is a lovely attribute, as it tells you a lot about how successful Facebook ads will run and convert to sales. So you can learn the strategies using them.

This feature is also a free Facebook targeting tutorial for beginners; if you are new to Facebook targeting, you will easily be able to navigate the system. 

AdHunter Chrome Extension

The Adhunter Chrome Extension is a fantastic feature in Ecomhunt. It provides you with competitive ads on Facebook. So you get active sponsored Facebook ads, with full access to them as swipes for your product promotions.

It also shows the amount of traffic and the location. Plus, all you need to know about sponsored ads. I will also tell you how long those ads will run.

One fantastic thing about this feature is that it is free for active members.

If you are an active platform member, you can enjoy the full potential of the Adhunter Chrome extension.

Product Analytics

With the product analysis of the products, you intend to add to your dropshipping store.

You can get detailed information on the profit margin and enhance your ads campaign to know where and how best to target your audience.

It also gives you a clear view of how the winning products are doing on social media and how effective they are overall, based on the data on where those products came from.

Not only does it give you the location update, but you also get complete information on the number of orders, reviews, ratings, the total votes for the products, and much more.

Video Guides and Tutorials

The tutorials given by this device are worth it 100%. I have reviewed all the video guides, which are very unusual and easy to understand.

And just like starting a new business, most people just beginning to use this tool have yet to learn how the feature works.

But having access to a course on how you can do it already is an excellent way to motivate them.

Although users with the free membership will still experience limited access, it’s only available for the pro members. To enjoy the full videos and tutorials, you’ll have to upgrade to the Pro membership plan.

Using Ecomhunt is very important when you need to find your winning products and use them to reach the store.

Once you have reached the store, you can get the links to the store and the best-selling products in that store.

It will give you access to these stores with many fabulous and hot-selling products. You can use Oberlo for Shopify or the WooCommerce plugins to get the products to your store. With EcomHunt, your time is saved 100%.

Ecomhunt Membership Plans

Ecomhunt, unlike the Niche Scraper with three plans, comes with two effective membership plans: a free membership plan and a Pro membership plan.

The free membership gives access to products for 3days with limited information. The Pro membership plan, however, has everything the platform offers.

The Pro membership plan only costs $29 per month, but you can get it at a discounted price of $20 monthly.

You’ll be provided access to the winning products and features without delay and have equal access to the complete tutorials.


It has almost the same features as Niche Scraper but with a little difference:

  • This device does a rigid market evaluation for the best willing products for your dropshipping store.
  •  You get a complete analysis of the best-selling products in other stores and their present rating status.
  •  It will give you a series of data on each best-selling product, with information on how best to reach your target audience.
  •  You get access to impressive Video Ads with existing product photos.
  •  It has a user-friendly interface, as well as Video guides and tutorials.
  •  The company gives a 14-day free trial and a 31% Discount on the pro plan.
  •  It provides a deep dig into the Facebook data for the products.


  • It does not give so many details about the products sourced.
  •  The price is moderate but could be better with having an annual plan and discounts for active members.
  •  It has limited payment gateways through which to make payments.
  •  The products are not specific to any particular niche.

Try Ecomhunt Today

Conclusion: Full Comparison of EcomHunt vs. Niche Scraper

After going through these tools, you have noticed they are equally impressive but differ in a few features.

Videomaker is unique and exclusive to Niche Scraper, and this is an excellent plus to this tool.

For Ecomhunt, each winning product comes with a live review video. However, I still enjoy using the picture slide videos.

Regarding pricing, Ecomhunt is inexpensive compared to Niche Scraper, as you only need to pay $20 monthly to enjoy full platform access. Niche Scraper is $39 every month.

I’ve been using Ecomhunt for several months now, and I’ve enjoyed every bit of the journey; needless to say, it is pretty affordable.

The tutorials are helpful because I’ve been able to watch and re-watch.

There is no doubt about it, and Ecomhunt is very useful when sourcing trendy and hot-selling products.

Your tool choice depends on your need and the purpose you want to serve. 

Having used them both, I prefer using Ecomhunt because of the cost-effectiveness.

In contrast, seeing the option of Ecomhunt vs. Niche Scraper, one will know what each platform offers its users and what value they get for their money.

As comprehensive as I can be, I suggest you choose Ecomhunt for your dropshipping business. If you want to get the best price for the service you get.

Though it is difficult to choose, you might have to toggle a few features before deciding which tool to use.

My best option to source for winning products?

Just as I stated, Niche Scraper does wonders for me. This tool gives you an impressive video ad copy and all the winning products suggested to the membership location.

Though it is not so much to take preferences on, with the low cost on all the costs, I like using Ecomhunt to source the best products for my store.

Ecomhunt does most of my work for me, with the choice of getting 60% off on their annual plan. 

I did a complete review of Ecomhunt that you can check out to see why I prefer it to Niche Scraper. 

Both tools are great, but as life would have it, we must have a winner even if we put together the brightest minds in the world.

Which one do you prefer? Share the below.

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