Intercart Review: Pros & Cons, Pricing & How To Guide

Sourcing products and reaching your target audience can be a big challenge for a dropshipper if not done correctly.

However, tools are already designed to help you add high-demand products to your store. Welcome to Intercart funnel app review.

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For years, I’ve explored the benefits of some of the different Dropshipping tools and web platforms that claim to offer fantastic conversion for leads. My research found some very efficient and fit for effective Dropshipping processes.

However, many of these dropshipping tools offer premium services, while a few are free. It is essential that working with a premium tool gives you more satisfaction and has, in most cases, been proven to be more efficient.

Whether looking for a target audience or just sourcing for the best products, you still need to run ads and campaigns to drive the desired traffic to your store. You might get the same results as another person with the same tool.

You might not make a massive kill without the right audience and with the wrong approach, even if you had the best product in the world.

Either way, every business needs diligence and patience to succeed. So before you give up your dream of being the best drop shipper in the world, I suggest you continue trying.

However, Dropshipping is one of the most comfortable and practical eCommerce businesses; you still need some of these tools to do well. The reason is that most of the activities you might spend hours working on are already pre-designed into those systems.

Intercart Review: Your Dropshipping Funnel

Intercart is a tool that has proven to be very useful for some time now. As referred to by the Co-founder  Steve Tan on Facebook at prelaunch as “THE GAME-CHANGING CHECKOUT FUNNELS APP.” It is a piece to try out if you want to upsell and increase your customer response to your Shopify store.

Stev Tan

When optimizing sales funnels for maximum productivity, especially within Shopify, Intercart is one of the best Shopify apps to give the best shot at.

At Prelaunch, this product had already processed about $100 Million worth of transactions. However, picking this tool might be your one-stop to building the best brand your dropshipping business needs.

One notable feature of this app is the full range of payment gateways it can take. As some Apps only allow payment from Paypal and Stripe, Intercart supports all the online payment gateways you can access.

Intercart funnel

As described by Steve, one of the Co-founders, in one of the posts before the launch,

“Our App is going to increase your CR, AOV, split test your funnels, and many more.”

Intercart was a deliberate design to fully optimize your store to generate the best possible product from your customers.

Intercart offers premium services, but you will surely get the best value for every dime you spend. However, Intercart is not only restricted to services on Shopify alone.

intercart shopify app

It has a built-in platform where you can easily track all orders and know the average daily traffic generated on your store.

As regards its user interface, it has a load speed of less than a second. And you can easily set up your account in a few minutes. It might seem an exaggeration, but I’ve never seen software loads with that speed.

intercart funnel

You don’t also need to keep track of your upsell manually. The interface loads on your first upsell page.

Because of the satisfaction I get from using this software, I often try testing orders, sometimes for fun. I had browsed through my two upsell pages in just one minute. Your store has the best load speed you can get to help increase conversion.


However, Intercart is suited for not only drop shipping. So, it allows for a very efficient split testing process for optimum response and compatibility with other eCommerce businesses that might depend on each other.

It is not just that random eCommerce software you can scrape from the ruins. You don’t need to waste energy and time on fixing your store with trial and error methods. It is like communicating directly with the experts to manage your business effectively. You cannot go wrong with Intercart.

However, if you want to engage in activities actively daily and still have complete control of your business, then you need Intercart. You might ask why, Intercart? This product is one of the few apps to optimize sale funnels for different region products and offers.

That implies that no matter the product you are dropshipping and the location, Intercart, gives you complete data visualization of every checkout process.


You might want to know that I have increased the conversion rate from 3% to 6% in two weeks using Intercart alone.

This is not to entice you, though.


And I think you might want to do the same if you try it.

With Intercart you don’t need to worry about increasing your profit. Let’s say you have an increase in the gross income of about 10%; you don’t need to pay extra for ad gain.

You need to save money for advertising, as the software does its job. It has a very friendly outlook, so you need no tutorials to add up your stores.


It’s one of the more glamorous tools that was the product of the day on Product Hunt.

A wide range of videos guide you through every step. If you are not familiar with the user interface,


Your Dropshipping business knows little or no competition with your store integrated into Intercart.

Intercart has a multi-language and multi-currency feature. So you need not worry if you can keep in touch with customers you are dropshipping to in their native language.

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Below are the key features that this fantastic app houses:

Basic Features of Intercart

  • Funnel Customization
  • Post-purchase Upsell
  • Express Checkout on Paypal
  • Easy integration with Shopify


  • It has Multi-language and Multi-Currency Features
  • It supports over 100 payment gateways
  • You can easily split-test your funnels
  • It has a friendly User interface
  • Readily accessible video guide
  • Seamless integration with Dropshipping store
  • Fast Load Speed of less than a second


  • It might be relatively expensive to maintain
  • You would still need to run ads and campaign



This new feature, PERMALINK, is now available on all of Intercart’s checkout funnels. This feature allows you to generate a link directly from Intercart and plug it into ANY funnel builder of your preference, Clickfunnels, Zipify Pages, etc. When the user clicks on the link, it will go directly into the associated Intercart checkout funnel from which you have generated the link.

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It is easy to make six figures with your dropshipping business; all you need is the right audience and tools to work. Intercart is one of the best dropshipping tools to harness its benefits to increase upsells, optimize your funnel, and, most importantly, build a strong brand.

In Dropshipping, your store needs the best features, and it can get to convert your leads to profits. However, while considering the best tools to help your dropshipping business, Looking out for apps with features that can increase CR is essential.

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