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Is It Better To Have A One Product Store?

Is It Better To Have A One Product Store
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A One Product Store is a retail establishment that sells just one type of product.

This could be anything from clothing or electronics to kitchen supplies or beauty products.

One common misconception about these stores is that they only carry a junky, low-quality products. However, the truth is that they typically carry high-quality products designed to meet specific needs.

For example, a One Product Store might have an impressive selection of premium hiking gear and clothing, or it could specialize in designer furniture or home decor items.

One other advantage of One Product Stores is that they tend to be much more focused and streamlined than general retail outlets.

By offering a limited range of products, these stores can devote all their attention and resources to each item, providing customers exceptional service and quality every time.

So if you’re looking for something specific, a One Product Store may be the perfect place to start your search!

Years ago, when Shopify launched, and the idea of dropshipping came across, most dropshippers went the general store way. Today we look into your first One product store.

They had a lot of success in owning and running an Amazon replica, but that never lasted since the type of dropshipping business they were operating had its challenges.

The disadvantage of having many products in your shop, you don’t get to control many aspects. In most cases, suppliers may go off on you or delete their products from Aliexpress, and the product will go missing on the homepage without your knowledge.

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In most cases, when a product is removed on ALiexpress, it will still show as listed on your store, but when you try placing an order, you get an error or broken links.

Focusing on one supplier has proven to be the major challenge faced by general store owners who end up closing the shops or getting Paypal limitations.

Why you should Run from a general store?

Remember, they already exist Amazon, Aliexpress,eBay, and what have you; your task is to build a unique brand and not to duplicate an existing venture which will require more cash and time to even break even.

With thousands of products to update daily, checking on price and shipping charges, stock availability, and keeping tabs with suppliers is just too much burden for a start-up who wants to quit 9 -5 and start being independent.

With many products in your shop, you lose focus; you everywhere and having your hands on everything at the same time; you lose track of activities, and tracking ads becomes difficult in terms of which one to kill and keep; this is unlike having one product store.

Do you prefer testing thousands of products or just having one product tested in different aspects in terms of interests etc.? I guess the second option sounds like a plan.

Why do you need one product store?

Imagine you are only required to focus on one product that, if done well, can have your entire shop branded.

A one-product store is a way to go in 2019 regarding doing dropshipping business on Aliexpress and Shopify, but why?

One product store allows you to explore and be creative in branding, running ads, and creating cross and upsell around it.

The budget needed here to launch and test ads is relatively lower compared to the capital required to test ads for a general Shopify store.

You have all the advantages of testing different platforms, interests, and budgets and adding more creatives as you please.

A one-product store gives you time to scale, knowing your sole focus is on one product; here, you can go massive on ads.

Dealing with Supplier

Unlike a general store, you deal with many suppliers who are also dealing with dropshippers like you; hence you don’t get a personal touch or working environment between you and the supplier on Aliexpress.

When it comes to one product store, you can look elsewhere and have 3-5 suppliers dealing with the specific product you are selling; from here, business relationships may arise, and you brand your product with confidence that the supplier will never run out.

On many occasions, the drop shippers fly out to warehouses or manufacturers to ensure quality, and the distribution channel is locked to prevent delays and chargebacks.

How to find that one product?

It comes down to what you want to sell, but just before that, ensure your product either:

  • Offer solutions
  • Solves an issue

When the product you want to sell answers the above, you will not have problems with branding and conversions.

The website should outline the problems the product tends to solve and the outcome.

You must always tap into emotions, and the product must deliver its promises; there is a business, and there is your business relating to your customers.

Will they refer the product to their friends or give you bad reviews?

Remember, at the end of the day, your goal should be to drop ship and change a life through the product you sell in your store.

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I know something now tells you that one product store is very easy to create and launch, don’t underestimate it; take your time, and give it your whole. You may have a winning product listed on a shady-looking website that may take away all the credibility of your product.

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