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Top 10 Facebook Creative That Converts For Product

Our aim with this piece, Facebook Creative That Converts, is to help you understand How & When to Use Different Ad Types. The more time and money you invest in Facebook advertising, the more obvious it becomes that brilliant creativity is critical to increasing your ROI.

Even if you have a robust targeting strategy in place for who you want to see your ad, generating sales can be extremely costly if your Facebook Creative fails to compel your audience to act.

However, with so many Creative formats available and so many distinct objectives for your Facebook advertising strategy, deciding which formats to use and when can be challenging.

Is it best to create a product video? What about a carousel of product images? How about a carousel that is entirely video-based? These options would often render you conflicted.

The first step is to familiarize yourself with all of your Facebook advertising options, as well as the objectives for which each ad format is optimal.


  • Explaining Facebook’s ad platform 
  • Exceptional examples for each Facebook ad format
  • Tools for creating Facebook Creative Ads
  • Finding additional Facebook Creative ad examples
  • Facebook Creative Determines Your campaign’s Success or Failure

Explaining Facebook’s ad platform 

Before you begin creating your Facebook Creative ad, it’s critical to become familiar with Facebook and its network of apps, including Instagram & Messenger.

Having the hang of how and why people use these platforms will help you create Facebook Ads that resonate with their target audiences.

Consider the following critical factors when advertising on Facebook:

·        Content: Remember, these are social networks—users typically see organic content, primarily created using a standard smartphone camera. To blend in on Facebook, avoid using unnatural Facebook Creative. As in don’t use creative, that feels off to the network

·        Attention: Your ads ought to capture attention & hard to ignore: Unlike other advertising platforms, Facebook Ads are completely skippable as you scroll through your feed or tap from one Instagram story to the next. To be effective on Facebook, your advertisement must grab the user’s attention within the first few seconds.

·        Engaging ads: Can users interact with your ads? The other unique feature of Facebook and Instagram ads is that users can engage with them via shares, comments, and likes. By creating an ad that generates comments and shares, you can expand the reach of your post beyond the audiences to whom you advertise directly.

·        Muted videos: By default, videos are muted. Eighty-five percent of Facebook users, according to Digiday, watch videos without sound. Subtitles, attention-grabbing visuals and product demonstrations are effective ways to communicate your message whether or not the sound is on.

Exceptional examples for each Facebook ad format

At the moment, you can create your Facebook Creative ad in one of four different formats. The key to increasing conversions is selecting the best one for your product and business objectives and optimizing each element.

1. Single image ad

A single image ad-one of the most enduring ad formats on Facebook Video has gotten a lot of attention and focus in recent years, prompting many advertisers to abandon the static image format.

Screenshot 2

On the other hand, when used appropriately, single image advertisements remain effective. The components of a single image advertisement, as well as when they remain appropriate for your campaign, are as follows:

Ad elements:

  • A Display URL—typically the domain name associated with your brand—appears above the headline.
  • Add a description to the News Feed link to draw attention to it (optional)
  • Single image preferably on the aspect ratio of 1:1 or 16:9
  • Call to action, such as “Shop Now,” “Learn more,” etc.
  • The destination URL of the ad’s relevant landing page.
  • Use a bold headline to draw attention to the image.
  • Some text displays above the ads.

If you’re selling a single product,

Single product ad.

When you sell a single flagship product and your customers understand its works, a single image is an effective advertising format. Choose an attractive product image that will appeal to a diverse range of potential customers and their motivations for purchasing your product.

Screenshot 4

If you’re conveying a simple message,

Ad with a simple message.

Is there a 50% off sale going on? Is it possible this weekend to receive free shipping? If you have one, a single image advertisement can effectively communicate a simple message in a short period.

Because there is nothing to watch or swipe through, prospective buyers immediately understand your message. This is particularly advantageous for previous retargeting visitors, customers, and email list, subscribers.

Screenshot 6

If you want to increase the click rate on your ads (optimize for clicks),

Optimizing Facebook ad clicks.

Suppose your Facebook advertising strategy aims to drive a high volume of traffic to your store. In that case, a simple image ad can provide enough information about your product to generate inexpensive clicks.

To pique your audience’s interest in your product and how it works with an image that “teases,” you’ll need compelling copies and images. Bear the following best practices in mind when writing copy for Facebook Ads:

  • To elicit engagement, discuss relevant topics or scenarios that resonate with your audience.
  • Use the testimonials from customers, the press, or third-party review sources.
  • Add additional page links to your post copy to increase website clicks.
  • Incorporate relevant and amusing emojis.

When combined with an eye-catching image, incorporating some or all of these elements into your ad copy can help boost click-through rates on single-image ads.

1. Single video ad

Within the Facebook Ad Manager, video ads are now supported in almost every placement. Facebook recently introduced new video-watching experiences such as IGTV and Facebook Watch, all of which indicate that video will continue to gain prominence on their platforms.

Screenshot 5 1

Although videos may appear differently in different placements, the following elements are common to all video advertisements:

Ad elements:

  • Optional description for the News Feed link to provide additional context for the headline.
  • Vertical or horizontal video can be used-with a recommended aspect ratio of 1:1 or 16:9 
  • A destination URL points to the appropriate landing page for the advertisement.
  • A URL that appears above the headline-typically your brand’s domain name.
  • Incorporate a bold headline to draw attention to the image.
  • Call to action, like Shop Now, Learn More
  • Some text is displayed above the ad.

Facebook’s recent emphasis on video is also beneficial to advertisers, as video is one of the most effective ways to sell a product.

Screenshot 7 3

Videos can demonstrate a product’s value, highlight multiple reasons to purchase, all within a single ad, lasting up to 60 seconds on Facebook and Instagram Feeds and 15 seconds on Instagram stories. A video advertisement can be highly effective in the following instances.

Showcasing products

Using Facebook Ads to demonstrate a product.

If a photo alone is insufficient to convey your product’s unique value, a video can demonstrate how it works and why it benefits your customers.

This is especially beneficial if your product has numerous features and benefits. You can appeal to a broader audience by highlighting one feature or benefit after another for a minute or demonstrating the product in various scenarios that speak to different use cases.

Developing a brand

A Facebook ad for brand equity.

Suppose your brand is critical to attracting new customers. In that case, a single video advertisement telling your company’s story can be an effective way to sell your brand’s mission before selling your product.

Take Bombas’ brand values, for instance. They are communicated to customers through the company’s origin story. Suppose your business, like Bombas, has a charitable component. In that case, a video can be used to explain how your organization contributes to a better world, a message that will resonate with some customers.

Prospecting for potential customers

Another advantage of using Facebook video is retargeting individuals who have watched 25 percent, 50 percent, or 100% of the video. This is why advertisers frequently use video as a prospecting tool to reach many new customers before focusing exclusively on those who expressed the most interest in the video.

1. Carousel ad

A carousel advertisement can include multiple images, videos, or both, making it an excellent “in-between” advertisement format. If your product requires more than one image to demonstrate its value, but you lack the resources to create a lengthy video advertisement, a carousel ad can fill the void.

Screenshot 8 4

A Carousel Ad consists of the following elements:

Ad elements:

  • Optional description for the News Feed link to provide additional context for the headline (one per image)
  • A Display URL is a hyperlink to your website located above the headline-one per-image and optional, not used in the example above.
  • You may upload a maximum of ten square videos or images with a 1:1 aspect ratio.
  • Use a bold headline to draw attention to the image (one per image)
  • Call to action, like Shop Now, Learn More
  • Some text displays above the ads.

Carousel ads are an excellent fit for the following scenarios.

Dynamic Product Ads

A Dynamic Product Ad showcases relevant products from your Facebook Product Catalogue in a carousel format based on Facebook users’ behaviors and interests.

Dynamic Product Ads can assist you in reaching new prospects by displaying only products relevant to their interests, making them an advantageous format for online stores that sell a diverse range of products that appeal to a diverse range of demographics.

Additionally, you can use Dynamic Product Ads for retargeting website visitors and showing them only products or collections they previously viewed on your site, minimizing the risk of showing them irrelevant content.

Using various body types to showcase a product

It can be difficult for an eCommerce store selling clothing to convert online shoppers who cannot try on items before purchasing them. Frequently, customers are left wondering how a product will appear on them.

A carousel ad can effectively showcase the same product on various body types, sizes, skin tones, and other variables. This can be used to address fit issues and reassure customers about purchasing the item.

Exhibiting testimonials

Social proof is critical for effective marketing, but it is even more critical when converting customers via social ads. Utilizing a carousel to showcase user-generated content, such as influencer photos or video reviews, can help your message more authentic.

Enhance the effectiveness of your Facebook Ads by incorporating testimonials.

Utilizing a carousel to display user-generated content has the additional benefit of making your advertisement feel more natural within a user’s feed. Because most user-generated content is created on smartphones, your ad will feel more natural and engaging on the platform.

When you create a carousel ad, Facebook prioritizes the image that performs the best in your carousel. Unless the order of your images conveys a narrative, you should let Facebook prioritize your best-converting image to increase conversions.

1. Collection ad

Since the collection ad is a relatively new format, you may not have noticed many of them in your News Feed. On the other hand, collection ads provide significant opportunities for eCommerce brands because they allow for the combination of a Product Catalogue and an engaging video.

Additionally, a collection ad can include a new feature known as Instant Experiences.

Ad elements

  • A hero video or image with a recommended aspect ratio of 1:1 or 16:9 from Collection images from your Facebook product catalog.
  • An Instant Experience uniquely customized for you— (details below) are some practical examples of using this new ad format.
  • An Instant Experience that’s uniquely customized for you— (details below)
  • Some text above the ads.

Creating a branded shopping experience

If the value of your products is derived from your brand’s story, a collection ad can help you raise brand awareness through a long-form video while continuing to sell directly through the attached product catalog.

While product catalog images alone may not be sufficient to pique interest and encourage conversions, when paired with a video explaining your brand’s mission or purpose, the products can provide additional value and meaning to the customer, resulting in a higher conversion rate.

Using a single video to promote different products

The other reason to use a collection ad is straightforward: Selecting the optimal landing page for a photo or video advertisement featuring multiple products can be challenging.

Your video is paired with a product catalog that includes collection ads and links to multiple product pages. This enables you to run a video showcasing various products (for example, an unboxing video) and then link directly to the product to boost sales and conversion rates.

Read Also:

Instant Experiences

Along with the four formats mentioned previously, Facebook has rebranded, formerly known as a Canvas ad, as Instant Experiences.

Instant Experiences are not a different ad format; instead, they are an option when creating your ad. They appear as an add-on to your photo, video, carousel, or collection ad when someone clicks on your ad’s call to action.

An example from TechCrunch. Mobile Collection Ad (on the left), Instant Experience (in the center), and finally, the product landing page (right).

Similar to a custom landing page on Facebook or Instagram, Instant Experiences works similarly. You can personalize the experience by adding photos, text blocks, and various call-to-actions.

Instant Experiences are best used to A/B test various destinations, such as landing pages, to determine how to increase conversion rates from people who click on your advertisements. Because it loads quickly, requires no coding, and is mobile-friendly, the Instant Experience is an excellent tool for testing various post-click messages on potential customers.

If your product is costly, you may need to “pre-sell” it to customers a little more. This means that before you direct customers to a website or product page, you must first get them excited about the prospect of purchasing.

Instant Experiences are well-suited for higher-priced products with longer decision-making windows, such as automobiles or mattresses, because they enable you to share additional information about a product’s features and benefits.

Tools for creating Facebook Creative Ads

After familiarizing yourself with the various ad formats available on Facebook, you’ll want to investigate the multiple options for creating unique advertisements. Compared to traditional print or television advertising, Facebook advertising does not require a large production budget or a lengthy production schedule.

The tools listed below can help you create effective advertising Creative on a shoestring budget and with little experience.


Because low-cost, low-fidelity content performs better in social advertising because it feels more native to the platform, starting with your phone camera is one of the best ways to get started. Crello and Adobe Spark are two free tools for editing video advertisements using pre-existing footage.

Additionally, Facebook recently added a tool to Ad Manager that enables you to convert static images into instant videos, complete with various free video templates.


Additionally, free stock photography is available on Shopify’s Burst and Facebook’s Ad Manager platform. In editing stock photos, Instagram’s native in-app filters can be helpful, and other free tools like Canva make adding text and graphic overlays simple.


With Shopify Marketing, you can run effective Facebook Carousel ads without spending hours fine-tuning countless settings in an ad manager.

Shopify marketing enables you to increase your revenue with Facebook and Google Ads.

Shopify now includes a marketing section to assist you in developing, launching, and analyzing campaigns. We’ve simplified the process to make it as simple as possible to run a successful Facebook carousel ad or Google Smart Shopping campaign.

Finding additional Facebook Creative ad examples

Examining advertisements from other brands can be an excellent place to start with your ideas.

Real-world All you have to do to get Facebook ad Creative is visit any business or brand’s Facebook page and click on the “Ads and Info” tab. This tab lists the advertisements that a business is currently running in the countries in which they advertise.

Another option for locating Facebook Creative examples is to use the Turbo Ad Finder extension for Google Chrome. After activating the extension and logging into Facebook, all posts from your newsfeed will be hidden save for the ads, which can save you a lot of time scrolling through your feed looking for ad inspiration.

If studying your competitors’ Facebook Creative is critical to your business, you may want to consider Adplexity or AdEspresso.Paid services, which frequently include the ability to see how long an advertisement has been running or the data on views a video has received, can assist in determining which advertisements are the most effective.

Facebook Creative Determines Your campaign’s Success or Failure.

Marketers frequently focus their efforts on Facebook targeting. While targeting is critical to the overall strategy, great creativity is almost always deciding whether an advertisement is successful.

To get your Creative right, you must appreciate the nuances of the Facebook platform, its family of apps such as Instagram and Messenger, and the types of content that perform well.

When in doubt, keep in mind that the most effective ads are those that feel natural on the platform, which means that a high level of polish will likely suffice to convey your message and compel users to stop scrolling, pay attention, and engage with your ad.


Facebook Creative has proven that to be effective on Facebook, your ad must grab the user’s attention within the first few seconds. A single image ad is one of the most enduring ad formats on Facebook. Videos can demonstrate a product’s value-highlight multiple reasons to purchase, all within a single ad. 

Low-cost, low-fidelity content performs better in social advertising because it feels more native to the platform.

A Dynamic Product Ad showcases relevant products from your Facebook Product Catalogue in a carousel format based on Facebook users’ behaviors and interests. Social proof is critical for effective marketing, but it is even more critical when converting customers via social ads. 

The Instant Experience is an excellent tool for testing various post-click messages. Great creativity is almost always the deciding factor in whether an ad is successful. It’s essential to get your Facebook Creative right. You must get the hang of all the nuances of the Facebook platform to get the most from your ad. 

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