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Facebook Ad Testing Strategy That Works For New Products

Facebook Ad Testing Strategy That will make you $4k+ Daily.

Facebook Ad Testing Strategy covers how to launch a new dropshipping product and determines if they are a winning dropshipping product or not.

This is different from the article I did on How To Run a Facebook Ads for your Shopify products, in that post, I  merely did an introduction to Facebook ads but today, I take you a little notch high.

I have always believed that every product has the potentials to win big if the promotion is channeled at the right audience with a creative and well-crafted copy.

However, for me, there are some simple but efficient principles I employ whenever I intend to test a new product.

Disclaimer: This is going to be a long read, so if you’re more into the video I will post a link in the comments; though going through the brief review wouldn’t take so much time.

1.Testing Phase:
Facebook Ad Testing Strategy

Before diving totally into actively selling my products, I always start with a Video View Campaign.

But before you make any mistake in running any video ads, make sure to Check out Neil Patel’s guide on The Five Essentials of a Killer Facebook Video Campaign and see if your video meets the criteria he mentioned.

Then as I watch the progress of my previous video view campaign, I will design two ad sets with a creative video campaign on each.

Most often, I just target a super broad audience – with no specific niche in mind, just selecting a suitable country (the USA preferably).

Then, allow the campaign to effectively run for about seven days with at least $20-30 per ad set.

So, here my concentration wouldn’t be the focus on conversions or getting my audience to hit the add to carts button; I do this to know if my audience is engaging with the ad.

And I know that if all KPI’s are going well, then when I start targeting people; the ad will be converted.

2.Scaling Phase 1:

Step 1: Once I know that the product is right; then, it is time to start a new Campaign on WC, concentrating on mainly the Purchase event.

Most times, I start the WC process with a re-targeting ad set, because knowing the right audience to target; I already have a warm audience from the seven days of the View Video test phase.

Next, I will design a custom audience for my audience who I have analyzed, and knowing they have watched at least 50% of the video campaigns I posted earlier; so I just go ahead to re-target them with another creative and catchy ad.

So to maximize your audience and know how effective your campaigns are, make sure to target them with a product demo first and a little longer video to further enhance engagement (The primary reason is that they have already shown interest in your first video).

Step 2: Design another ad set with flex targeting (Interests + Behaviors).

For instance: an audience interested in Men’s Health Magazine should be involved in Weight Lifting as well.

So what you need to do is to create information that would be complementary to each other.

Step 3: Bid 2-3x higher than the suggested bid on Lowest Cost. Why do you have to do this?

It is because you will have a higher cost for a few days, but it definitely would be at your competitors’ disadvantage, and they will give up on their campaigns because you outbid them.

And this most often leads to:

Higher placement on News Feed, tendencies are that even if your ad is not the best ad you will still be 1st on the News Feed and the CTR will be much higher

  • High relevance score and low CPC
  • Lower conversion cost

You are advised to bid higher because if you bid low; because you will only get traffic of an audience that most likely would not buy your product and then when you create LLA, your lookalike audience will be shit.


3.Solidifying the foundation of the ad:

Now it’s time to try your hands on different patterns, to push a lot more creativity and run more offers to your audience.

Step 1: GEO-Scaling – Just as I had suggested the USA in my previous tip, after targeting the USA; I will start hitting more countries and continents. And as well in most cases, target the UK, Australia, and Europe.

Do not focus on a specific region, start targeting different states in the USA and beyond.

Step 2: LLA Scaling – After I get a significant audience from my GEO-Scaling, I then I will start designing Lookalike audiences based on: Buyers list, LTV, VC, PPE, Clicked on CTA and so much more.

Your LLA Scaling is one of the most important things to do, so make sure to remove people who used discount or voucher codes while you start creating lookalike audiences. That way, you only target an audience of people who spend big money. 🤑

Step 3: Placement Scaling – Just as most other scaling factors, Placement Scaling is very vital. Try as many placements as possible on a separate ad set: (For example AN, Messenger, Right Column, and Instagram).

Step 4: Budget Scaling – As much as I can, I will keep it as concise as possible at this point. It is important to double, or in some cases, even triple the budget on ad sets that prove successful, and for the ones that are not doing okay, all I do is just shut them down, so I don’t have to waste more money.

4.Scaling Phase 2:

Step 1: Fan Page Scaling – this is where you need to make a lot of pages like your competition and start running ads directly to your product page.


Step 2: Ad Account Scaling:


  • Make another ad account.
  • Share pixel.
  • Make a new LLA.

Make sure every of your new account starts with re-targeting because that way you get cheap conversion and will increase the ad account score

Conclusion on Facebook Ad Testing Strategy

For far, that’s pretty much it! I’ve tried to summarize my exact principle and method that I use each time I test a new product.

However, the level of scaling might not work for everyone, but the strategies are; so it is advised to try a few things with your scaling to see which works well for your business.

The above Facebook Ad Testing Strategy if applied and implemented well, you are on the road to making $4000 sales per day of your dropshipping products.

All the best and if you have any questions kindly comment below. Join Shopify 14 days of free trial and start your dropshipping journey. Be part of the 1% successful dropshippers in the world.

I was looking for ways of making a living working online from the comfort of my home,few years in am able not only to work from home but also help others achieve their dreams too. I am a full-time eCommerce expert dropshipping business ,Niche research and Facebook ads Expert.

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