How to Boost B2B Sales 3X in a Sluggish Q4

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It is the fourth quarter, and the heat is on. You have only three months left to hit your sales targets and cap the year strong.

What is the real worry?

Your sales stream is almost entirely sapped. Nobody is taking advantage of your offers, and your prospect looks grim.

Yet, the future is not lost entirely.

I’ve presented a list of some of my preferred ways to boost B2B sales and shred your Q4 targets. Not only have these strategies fueled the growth of my business, but they have also tested strategies that I adopt with our clients.

Now let’s unlock the floodgates of B2B sales.

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• Video content

Whether you’re a small business or a multibillion-dollar multinational, you can implement these strategies to boost sales and kick-start your Q4 stream.

  1. Leverage Case Studies to Boost B2B Sales

Selling to businesses is markedly different than selling to consumers.

For one thing, decision-making is often a collaborative process involving several individuals. If you want a ringing yes from everyone involved, you must assert the value of your product or service.

Case studies pre are one of the most effective marketing techniques you can use to demonstrate this. Typically, this piece of content is used near the conclusion of the buyer’s contemplation and early decision stages. When a prospect is debating between two alternative options, it can assist shift business in your direction.

With 81% preferring their friends or family over businesses, a case study enables you to gain from an outsider’s perspective.

Even if you’re the one who generated the content, it’s about how one of your customers attained a specific outcome and what someone can expect when working with you.

It’s the essential social proof we mentioned previously, and it can go a long way toward increasing B2B sales in Q4.

  1. Build a Client List

Which strategy is the most effective for increasing B2B sales? Have a clear idea of who you’re aiming for.

Before implementing any of the other ideas in this piece, decide who you want to convert into paying clients.

It forms the bedrock of your strategy. Without it, you will merely desire a result rather than bring it about.

How do you make a client list? Answer to the following:

  • What is your ideal client’s employee count?
  • How much revenue does the business make on an annual basis?
  • What niche problem are you resolving?

The more detailed you are here, the more likely your B2B sales will improve during a poor Q4 period.

Once you have those answers, you can use LinkedIn or Angelist to identify businesses that fit your ideal client profile.

  1. Design a strategic Email Marketing Plan

Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter experience a major outage almost every couple of years, sending influencers, company owners, and consumers into a tailspin.

It serves as a stark reminder that any of the apps you’ve spent hours developing might vanish with the press of a button.

That is why you must migrate your followers to a platform you control, such as email marketing. Not only do you retain access to your list indefinitely (until someone unsubscribes), but it’s also profitable.

Email marketing creates $44 in revenue for every dollar spent, according to OptinMonster. That’s a staggering 4400 percent return on investment, making it one of the most effective strategies for growing B2B sales.

Start Q4 with a bang and a solid email marketing strategy to acclimate your list.

Are you missing a list? Spend the next three months to expand one through email opt-ins such as the following:

  • cheatsheets
  • checklists
  • e-books
  • industry reports
  1. Don’t Forget to Make Cold Calls or Send Emails.

Cold calling is not extinct (nor is emailing).

It is alive and well and one of the most effective methods for increasing B2B sales in Q4.

There is one caveat, however.

Cold outreach is successful only when appropriately conducted.

If you are mass spamming everyone and everybody with no strategy in place, you will not see any results.


Nobody enjoys wading through meaningless pitch after irrelevant pitch. You’ll score brownie points for taking the time to discover a problem you can solve and delivering a solution in a customized, not mass-produced way.

  1. Exploit the Holidays to your advantage

The holidays are a goldmine for B2B sales growth. With the correct strategy in place, you can seize a portion of people’s excess income during these months.

To get things started, here are a few ideas:

  • Apply expired bonuses: This strategy is particularly effective on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Create one bonus per day to instill a sense of urgency and FOMO (fear of missing out).
  • Raise the price: start with the cheapest offer you can make and gradually increase each day.
  • Devise an exclusive offer: For the holiday season, develop a new product, service, or packaging. You can instill urgency in your audience by informing them that it is only available during the holidays.

Offer free shipping or at a discounted rate: Profit from the psychological appeal of freebies to increase sales. Obtaining something for nothing is a strong emotional trigger dubbed the “zero price effect,” which is incredibly difficult to resist.

  1. Boost Leads Through Paid Ads

You haven’t yet begun to use paid advertisements.

With more people online than ever before & over 80% of the world’s population owning a smartphone, now is the time to tap into this gold mine.

By focusing only on the keywords your audience uses to search for solutions to the problems you solve, you may grow B2B sales while you sleep.

If that isn’t reason enough to create a Google AdWords account, the following will:

  • PPC ads convert at a rate of 50% higher than organic search results.
  • Ads on Google can boost brand recognition by up to 80%.
  • Paid ads boast a ROI of 200%.

On social media, the effects are just as remarkable. B2B paid advertising, according to the Content Marketing Institute, climbed to 83%, with LinkedIn ads ruling the pack.

Paid social media was the second most effective distribution channel to generate results, trailing only SEM.

  1. Pursue Referrals from Existing Customers

Any business relies on referrals to succeed.


A referral is the most direct sell to obtain.

In contrast to a cold pitch, which requires you to earn someone’s trust before saying yes, referrals are warm leads. Because of the personal reference from a friend, family member, or coworker, the individual already trusts your brand and is prepared to offer you their money.

This is one of the reasons influencer marketing has taken over the online arena. Brands pay for the content creator’s endorsement and trust with their audience, which has more clout than a random newspaper advertisement.

How can you increase the number of referrals you receive? Create a program for referrals.

You reward your most ardent supporters for performing the heavy lifting for you: generating high-quality niche-specific leads that typically result in sales.

B2B Sales
B2B Sales
  1. Offer Help to Your Sales Team

If there is one factor that might derail a prospective sale, it is poor sales representative interactions.

Whether it’s someone dropping the ball & ignoring an email for weeks, or a dumpster fire cold email, it may quickly undermine your brand’s reputation and Q4 revenue targets.

How can you avert a misstep in the sales process?

Through team training.

Individuals purchase from those with whom they are familiar, like, and trust. Your sales representatives require the tools necessary to establish relationships with prospects and close the transaction.

Make that your Q4 sales training incorporates the following:

  • Scripts that people might refer to avoid awkward silences or sounding uncertain.
  • How to deal with common concerns and effectively communicate the results of your brand.
  • Strategies for generating leads and advancing them through the buyer’s journey
  • Bear in mind that the more knowledgeable your sales crew is, the faster you will reach your 150% Q4 sales target.
  1. Social Selling as a Leverage Point

 Are you still skeptical about social media’s buying power? You are squandering the opportunity.

54% of social media users conduct product research across various sites.

71% of users will purchase as a result of a referral from social media.

Following a fantastic social media encounter, 77% of consumers will choose a brand over the competition.

Social selling – what is it? It is the process of locating and interacting with prospective clients online.

Each time you check into Instagram, respond to a direct message or share an article on LinkedIn, you offer value and social selling. It’s a far gentler approach than cold emailing, with a greater emphasis on forging long-term, genuine ties than conventional sales strategies.

How can social selling be leveraged?

Build a brand as the industry’s go-to expert: Fully exploit content marketing to answer your prospect’s top concerns and guide them through your marketing funnel.

Propagate case studies & testimonials: Social proof is a significant aspect in determining whether or not an individual will make an online purchase. Utilize your outcomes to establish your superiority and strengthen your audience’s know, like, and trust factors.

Capitalize on engagement: Rather than focusing exclusively on content creation, focus your efforts on relationship time. Reply to all direct messages, join LinkedIn group discussions, follow and connect with your ideal customers’ content.

Distinguish your transformation from your features: Businesses and consumers buy transformations, not features. When promoting your product or service online, focus a premium on the result of a customer’s interaction with you.

  1. Set Video Content as a High Priority

Video marketing is here to stay and is reshaping the business, but what accounts for its success?

After all, isn’t it easier to skim a few paragraphs of a blog page (like you are currently doing) than to go through an entire 10-minute video?

While videos take a greater time investment than text, clients still prefer them, offering numerous commercial benefits.

Viewers retain 95% of video content.

78% of marketers say that video content promotes sales.

YouTube is by far the most influential platform in terms of influencing customer behavior.

Increased site traffic and page dwell time are attributed to video.

After watching a demo video, online customers are about 2x likelier to convert.

Instagram is battling TikTok for market share, and the platform is putting forth a lot of effort to do so.

What is the result? Instagram Reels receives a high level of engagement and is prioritized by the algorithm over photo posts. Indeed, Instagram has stated unequivocally that it is a video-sharing platform, not a photo-sharing application.

The takeaway: There has never been a better time to incorporate video into your content marketing strategy and leverage it to boost B2B sales. Start a YouTube channel, plan a Reels strategy, or include videos on your website.

Increase B2B sales Final Thoughts

Whereas the world of B2B sales has evolved significantly over the last decade, you now have access to a slew of new tools. Rather than opposing social selling or the rise of video content, embrace them and use them to boost your Q4 B2B sales.

Bear in mind that the more proactive your strategies are, the greater your competitive advantage. Continue trying with your sales strategies and settling on the ones that produce the desired results.

Which of these strategies do you intend to implement in Q4 to boost B2B sales?

B2B Sales
B2B Sales

Increasing B2B sales FAQs

What is a B2B strategy?

A B2B strategy is a marketing strategy used by businesses to sell their products or services to other businesses rather than consumers.

What are the different types of B2B marketing?

B2B marketing is classified into four types: producers, resellers, governments, and institutions.

What is the B2B sales process?

The B2B sales process refers to the procedures taken by a business to market and sell its services or products to another business.

What does B2B mean in terms of sales?

The term B2B refers to business-to-business transactions. It occurs throughout a business transaction between two businesses. For instance, one company may purchase raw materials from another to manufacture its end product.

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