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Niche Scraper : Shopify Dropshipping Product Spy Bot

Heard of Niche Scraper ? Outsourcing or finding a product to sell on your Shopify store can prove to be a difficult task; most people end their dream of setting up an e-commerce store right before they own their store as a result of the hardship they encounter while finding the right product to sell on their store.

But once you can figure out how to start your dropshipping business with the right products to sell, you have already begun your journey to success. Read the below steps as I will carefully explain how to go about finding the right product you can sell on your e-commerce store using niche scrapper, a powerful research bot.

What is Niche scraper?

You can outsource for the product you want to sell on your dropshipping store using the Niche Scraper. The Niche Scraper is a robust product research exploitation tool that can be used to examine other Shopify store and look for products that are popularly searched for,top-selling products or trending products on Shopify top stores or store of your choice.

Niche Scraper

Niche scraper allows you to make findings of the products that are the best selling, frequently asked, and assured winning products. All you need to do is to search for a category of products that you wish to sell; then the web crawler will provide you with the results of products that have a proven track record of a massive sellout and easy for conversion.

Niche Scraper

The Niche Scraper tool will instantly display lots of best sellers from numerous websites, and you can then go through the results and see those that best fit your needs.

The Niche Scraper is embedded with a tool that allows you to filter the stores in your results and display only those stores that allow dropshipping since the stores that allow dropshipping are your main point of interest.

Niche Scraper

Niche Scraper extracts data from Shopify store of your choice and allows you to import the product you want to list on your shop. It makes it easy to import; you will have to connect your Shopify to with your Niche Scraper account which is just a pop up a way.

Niche Scraper Features

Proven Facebook Ad Copy & Targeting

This tool gives you insight of top selling products on Shopify and besides that,you get to see how they are targeting,age group,interested,ad types and the demographics you are suppose to target.

Other features of the Niche Scraper are the traffic estimator of each store, the revenue for each store, a product section for handpicking including FB target suggestions and suppliers.

Niche Scraper

Niche Scraper is also an automation tool that is specially designed to ease your stress of searching and surfing and also save you long hours on product searching. Although there is some product searching that could be done manually, especially when you have a piece of information about the seller.

Hand Picked Winning Products, Every day

In this section you find handpicked trending products gathered around from top selling shops on Shopify.

Manually searching for the Products or stores that are doing well on Shopify  will require a long time to check. Searching for products keyword in each section to filter the product content and information you are looking for is also made possible using the Niche Scraper tool is integrated with a web crawler tool.

Majority of the sellers in dropshipping business uses the Niche Scraper tool to hunt for products to add to their online store and also handpick on a product section for recommended products.

How to add to a section to the Niche Scraper tool

Adding a new section to your niche scraper is a straightforward task, below you will find a few lists of products that are manually researched.

They include;

  • The Facebook Ad targeting suggestions
  • The product description section
  • The short video on the product
  • The suppliers
  • A list of the approximate profit margins
  • And checking other suppliers that sells the products

Spying on the Best – Selling Products From Online Shopify Store

The Niche Scraper tool allows you to understand and study the niche that is best selling and are highly demanded.

The essence of the web crawler is to provide you with other best-selling products from other Shopify stores. One of the most effective ways of maximizing this tool is to handpick the winning product with the highest demand every day.

When you see some new winners, but you noticed they have only a few clicks, you don’t have to waste your time and money because having few clicks might imply that they have a bad product.

Also, choose a proven Facebook Ad copy and targeting. Moreover, if you are having difficulty with your Facebook Ads, we can show you how to target your exact niche for having higher customer audience.

You can also maximize your Niche Scraper by early discovering of excellent and Hot products before people start recognizing them and the products start going viral.

Search for products that have less competition and try as much as possible to make use of the opportunity as the selling of unsaturated products will always give you an edge ahead of your fellow sellers.

What makes Niche Scraper so unique?

Niche Scraper is a tool that uses an automated machine to search for Shopify websites and display their best selling products. This tool is without human interference; it is entirely automated.

Is there any difference between a handpicked product and a Niche product scraper?

One of the significant advantages of Niche Scraper over the hand-picked is that, whereas the “handpicked ” brings products that are mainly selected by the user just like ad targeting, suppliers, and others, the Niche scraper uses a real-time tool to crawl for Shopify stores in other to show their best selling products.

How can the Niche Scraper help my Shopify store?

One of the most difficult and tasking part of setting up an e-commerce website is to outsource for winning products and active niches; they can be stressful and time-consuming as it requires spending lots of time and energy on researching for a product only to find out that the product does not work out.

With the Niche Scraper, you will be able to search for products that are clinically beneficial and well proven to be the best on other Shopify store; you will also have the ability to view the revenue estimates of such products.

You don’t need to be “hand-picking” using the test-and-fail method. With this tool, you will have access to a drop-down of a numerous number of best selling and winning products that you can outsource and sell on your Shopify store.

What is the advantage of being a member of being a free user?

If you are using a free version of, you will be limited to only a few numbers of scrapes. Meanwhile, a PRO member has unlimited access to the Niche Scraper; they are allowed to scrape products as much as they wish. Another advantage of being a PRO member is that PRO member has access to all the videos of training that are available.

What is the cost of joining the Niche Scraper?

There are 3 packages available on Niche scraper,there is free package,basic and pro,most of the users tend to take the Pro since it comes with a lot of added advantages compared to the basic and free packages.

Niche Scraper

One of the opportunities being granted is that; you can pay up your registration fee after 2-3 sales, a membership fee of only $49.95 per month is payable. Also, you can decide to opt out and cancel your membership at any point in time.

Niche Scraper

After the membership fee, is there any recurring payment?

At the end of every month, there is an automatic payment feature which collects your bills from your account.

Sometimes along the line, If you feel you are convenient with the position of your Shopify store and you think you no longer need the membership, you can cancel your membership at any time.

Shopify review

All you need to do is to click on the “Cancel membership” button in your account settings. Very easy to use, no hassle, no human interaction. It’s easy to join and easy to cancel.

Conclusion about niche scraper

Unlike other research tools like bigbig product,niche scrapper gives you the freedom to extract data from any shopify store of your choice. You can then design your shop and import the Product to your Shopify store.

Nothing can beat the functionalities this tool comes with and the design it self  is easy to use.

Do you want to try Niche Scraper? Check it out Now

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