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Why 95% Shopify Stores Close Without Sales

Shopify stores close
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Why 95% Shopify Stores close Before Making a sale.

If you just clicked this link, it means ; you wondering just like me why Shopify stores close with no sales, or you once had dreams of starting your dropshipping store on Shopify but failed terribly or you are about to start your dropshipping journey, and you don’t want to be among the 95% Shopify stores closed, due to the reasons am about to highlight below.

There are Millions of stores online all trying to make entry into the eCommerce business with goals of building their brands and making the huge sell off their products.

Among the stores, are store owners who sell the same product as you. or are more advanced in matters eCommerce and have Advertisement budget to back it up.

There are many stores created every day on Shopify but, only 5% make it to the end, the remaining 95% either struggle to make it or quit the journey.

There are several reasons why one would close their store despite the time and money invested in creating, researching and launching.

Dropshipping business has been surrounded by a lot of myths and malicious information about its wealth and getting quick cash.

The reason why Shopify Stores Close Without A Sale

Get Rich Quick Mentality

Now more often than ever, after years of failing to secure a 9-5 job or getting laid off, it is in the human nature to look for ways to survive and keep up with the effects of recession and struggles of life.

At this point, you come across dropshipping and since you’ve watched million YouTube videos and invested hours watching dropshipping courses bought at half price from Instagram re-sellers (Should be banned), you are more than convinced you can nail it and make it happen.

You’ve launched your store of course like any other dropshipping store for beginners you’ve started with a fashion niche, which every newbie is doing. You just joined the newbie class with everything in your store copy and pasted.

The small savings you had is being invested in random ads which you have no idea the result they will yield, all that matters to you is to make money and prove the world wrong.

Facebook ads work miraculously when you expect them to show you results is when they dig deep down your wallet extorting you the few bucks left with promising of getting sales.


Now, stranded with Ads that don’t convert, no money no moving forward plan, is when you realize dropshipping needs strategic planning and investing your time into learning the nitty-gritty of how not to fail to do dropshipping as the first time.

So what failed you? It was the niche that every beginner thinks is very lucrative, it is the poor ads targeting which if not all newbies think is just boosting a Facebook post.

You failed to dropship the very start you decided to copy and paste someone’s niche and store design.

Now, if this was one of the reasons you read this today, rewind and come back with layout strategies of fewer products and narrow down interested and don’t throw cash at Facebook, they are hungry and yes they won’t say no to a desert.

2.Poor Choice of Niche or product

I just talked of one in the first point, what makes 95% of Shopify stores closed is doing the same thing that made other stores exit the dropshipping business. When you follow what you think is selling without valid facts to back it up then you are on your way of joining the statistics of failed dropshipping stores.

A niche or product plays a major role in determining your store longevity, out of 10 Shopify stores 5 re either fashion-related, gadget or doing survival-related niches.

Shopify Stores Closed

So, what is the best niche you should venture into? Well, when I always tell my reader to sell the problem and not the products. Many fail with their store since the products listed on their platform doesn’t solve issues or offer a solution.

In most cases they are in a flooded niche that everyone else is trying to promote and make a sale of, this is the hardest truth, have you imagine how many customers see the same ad with the same products at different prices all from different Shopify stores?

When you target new moms with a product, there are other stores doing the same, the customer ends with 10 different ads. Suppose this was you, would you place an order?

Choose a niche that is in high demand but with less competition, how you package your niche plays a role in conversions.

Try as much as possible to be unique in your product choice to stand out among the millions of stores online.

3.Following Passion

When started I was told to sell products that I was passionate about and so I did, and thus how my first 6 stores failed terribly. You see, you maybe passionate about something, but that doesn’t translate to how bad other people want the product you are crazy about.

Shopify Stores Close

In dropshipping, passionate plays a very small role when it comes to choosing your niche and products, you have to go with the demand and s said above product or niche that offer solutions.

Passion is nice but it very hard to convert it into sales, study shows than most successful dropshippers ended up selling products they had no idea of, despite having the passion they chose to go where money was.

There are many sectors that passion matters but drop shipping are one of them, even though you will meet gurus who will try selling you the passion idea, trade carefully in that line, statistics don’t lie.

4.Poor Marketing Skills

At this point let’s assume you have a hot niche or a good product but, with no skills on how to bring in sales.

In most cases, newbies tend to do the opposite, Instead of running advertisement from the ad account, they do boost posts for social media engagements, and they are more pleased with the likes, comments, and shares, to make their day When customers tag their friends in the post.


Facebook marketing entails a lot, you have to do audience insight and analyze different interests and pages related to your niche or product you want to launch an ad on.

Shopify Stores Close

When you just boost a post you telling Facebook you need just but awareness and not conversion.

Most stores close because the owners don’t want to accept their inefficiency in running ads.

So, when you want to start a serious dropshipping business, make Facebook ad account your book, analyze and study the behavior of your ad, this will help you check performance and your ads spent.

  1. Poorly Design Stores

Just like an offline office, your store needs to be kept clean and neat in terms of navigation and design. Customers should find it easy to find products and make their orders without having to contact support or exit your store.

Many store owners don’t want to spend on getting a professional-looking store done for them, they tend to do it themselves via watching YouTube tutorials on the same.


Shopify Stores

I am not disputing or rallying against self-learning, but if deep down you know you are not capable of delivering what is expected of you, then you rather hire someone to do it for you.

You need to take your online store serious, just like an offline office, you would have decorated it to make sure it is attractive at the same time professional for both returning clients and prospects.

Invest in a good theme and work on product pages, make the store clean and simple and avoid unnecessary apps that may make your store look spam.


There are many Shopify Stores closed this year alone, count yourself lucky you now know why they ended up closed.

If you want to succeed in doing dropshipping business more so if you are importing products from Aliexpress to Shopify, then you must strive to be unique in no matter niche you want to venture into.

Look for the most different products that are very hard to find and make sure the products are not available locally in stores like Wal-Mart etc.

Focus on the problem your product is solving and tap into the customer’s emotions.

Learn your way into creating an effective advertisement plan then execute it.

There is nothing that can stop you from starting and running a profitable store unless you want to play around and have fun throwing cash to Facebook ads and testing niches that are proven to be infertile in terms of conversions and longevity.

Do you want to start dropshipping business today? Why not! Head over to Shopify, create a 14 days free trial store, enter your store desire name and start importing products today.

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Do you have any questions about bad habits why store owners get close down their stores? Don’t hesitate to comment below. I will be more than glad to offer insightful info as per your request.

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I was looking for ways of making a living working online from the comfort of my home,few years in am able not only to work from home but also help others achieve their dreams too. I am a full-time eCommerce expert dropshipping business ,Niche research and Facebook ads Expert.

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