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50 eCommerce Tips You Should Know Before Starting A Store

Bravo on your newfound venture as a store owner. Setting up your own business is a rewarding experience that pays off in spades – literally.


Being a first-time entrepreneur is exhilarating since everything is new. New entrepreneurs, on the other hand, might occasionally become overly enthusiastic about the wrong stuff.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, I’ve had my share of missteps. And that forms the basis of this list of 50 eCommerce tips for new entrepreneurs like you, so you can get started on the right footing straight away and generate money from your new store.


I also urge that you acquaint yourself with these eCommerce concepts (Here) before starting to guarantee you understand everything that will be covered herein.

Ecommerce Tips Post Contents

  • Leverage free trials of apps to determine which ones best fit your business.
  • Participate in various social media sites for eCommerce.
  • Before you begin selling, ensure your store is completed.
  • Automate as several aspects of the business as possible 
  • Focus on niche keywords when optimizing your store
  • Add the discount codes to a discount code directory
  • Employ Oberlo to search for millions of products.
  • Create a FAQs page for your eCommerce store 
  • When needed, snap your product photos.
  • Develop strategies to elevate your customers.
  • Join the Facebook community for support 
  • Be-specific-with-your-product-categories
  • Make marketing your primary objective
  • Draw customer feedback for your store
  • Optimize your website’s user experience 
  • Make online shopping more convenient
  • Market your store in ways besides ads.
  • Consult your city’s business center 
  • Share images of your customers
  • Make a visually appealing website 
  • Do not use books as a cover-up.
  • eCommerce Retargeting Tips
  • Outsource your shortcomings
  • Maintain a consistent schedule.
  • Build contacts with influencers
  • Give your copy some thought.
  • Generate distinctive content
  • Speak with your customers
  • Flash Sale eCommerce Tip
  • Create SMART objectives
  • Forgo pricing competition
  • Setup and monetize a blog
  • Create a loyalty program 
  • Offer Payment Gateways
  • Always ship with ePacket 
  • Incorporate upsell offers
  • Build out your email list
  • Test, Adapt & Customize
  • Identify a popular niche
  • Create ads from the get-go.
  • Draw product reviews
  • Make product videos 
  • Create your channels
  • Start building links
  • Finding competition
  • Offer free shipping
  • Abandoned carts 
  • Boost your posts
  • Contact details 
  • Start today.

(#1): Leverage free trials of apps to determine which ones best fit your business.

As a new store owner, experimentation is critical. I strongly advise you to heed this eCommerce tip to squeeze out the free trials available for various apps in the Shopify App Store

Screenshot 7
50 eCommerce Tips You Should Know Before Starting A Store 12

Determine which Shopify apps are the most useful now before your store becomes increasingly busy.

Naturally, you’ll want to verify that you have enough traffic and sales to determine which apps are the most effective. I propose beginning with apps that aid in business growth, such as upsell and abandoned cart apps.


(#2): Participate in various social media sites for eCommerce.

When it comes to social media, and here is where these eCommerce tips come in handy; many stores make the error of focusing exclusively on one platform.

For instance, some businesses may limit their marketing efforts to Instagram and leverage influencer marketing exclusively.

Others are entirely reliant on Facebook because they’ve discovered that Facebook ads are perfect for their stores.


Using a combination of platforms, on the other hand, requires slightly more effort but provides a competitive advantage.

A competitor may notice that you’re solely on Instagram and decide to focus their efforts on a broader range of social media, eventually outperforming your business.

Keeping up with approximately three to four social networks is frequently achievable. Do not rely on a single platform, as that platform may disappear at any time, leaving you with nothing.

You can as well try the latest kid on the blog Tiktok ads marketing.


(#3): Before you begin selling, ensure your store is completed.

Whenever a newbie opens their first online store, they typically overlook numerous critical aspects. The most common error I’ve observed store owners make has an empty homepage.

And this follows this essential eCommerce tip that says: Don’t forget to add the placeholder text on your homepage with your copy, logo, and graphics.

Additionally, you’ll want to ensure that your products are correctly classified (for example, dresses, skirts, etc.) rather than lumping everything together without categories.

Additionally, it is critical to offer your website contact information, refund policies, and shipping information.

Screenshot 8
50 eCommerce Tips You Should Know Before Starting A Store 13

While it’s incredible how enthusiastic you are about starting to begin selling, it’s critical to verify that your website is geared towards making sales.

Having a completed store will instill confidence in your customers when they make purchases from your new store.

(#4). Automate as several aspects of the business as possible 

Use Shopify’s Kit as an eCommerce tip.

Simplify your business by utilizing eCommerce automation technologies. Shopify solutions like Oberlo and Kit enable you to automate order processing and marketing with only a few clicks. The more your business becomes automated, the more time you’ll have to focus on sales or enjoying a more accessible & flexible lifestyle.

Assume the role of the store owner, not an employee. You do not want to be a business owner, as this can consume a lot of your time. Be a business owner who earns money and lives her life on her terms.

(#5): Focus on niche keywords when optimizing your store

The majority of online merchants prioritize short-term revenue-generating techniques such as Google or Facebook ads or influencer marketing. Nonetheless, one of the most critical eCommerce tips is to incorporate a search engine optimization approach.

If you intend to build an online store for more than six months, search engine optimization can assist you in expanding your organic traffic.

When you begin ranking for relevant keywords, you can expand your customer base and sales without spending additional money on advertising.

Your advertisement account and brand page may be terminated for unforeseeable reasons. Avoid relying on a single platform. You’ll want to guarantee that if your ad account is suspended, even for a day, you may continue to make money from your store in other ways.

When implemented correctly, a search engine optimization strategy can assist in driving a significant amount of free traffic to your store.

(#6): add the discount codes to a discount code directory

For many online customers, the price of a product is critical. They’ll utilize tools and apps to locate discount codes, allowing them to save even more money.

eCommerce tips: Always price your products high enough that you can afford to offer customers a discount without incurring a loss.

On Fiverr, you may pay someone to submit your discount code to the most popular sites. This enables customers to receive a discount on your site, so ensuring the sale.

Certain stores have an offer page in their top navigation or footer, listing their store’s discount codes.

Additionally, you may like to post discount codes on your social media pages, such as ‘FB10’ or ‘INSTA15.’ Customers will be thrilled to save money while receiving a high-quality product.

Additionally, you’ll close the sale, making it a win-win situation.

(#7): Employ Oberlo to search for millions of products.

You may use Oberlo to add millions of products to your store. You’ll find products in practically every dropshipping niche, from fashion to home decor.

Additionally, you can more easily add products to your store with a single click with one-click imports.

 Using Oberlo as a hack is indeed an eCommerce tip that lends you an edge.

(#8): Create a FAQs page for your eCommerce store 

eCommerce tip: Your online store should have a FAQ section to address your customers’ most frequently asked inquiries. You can send the URL to customers who frequently ask questions. However, by providing a page that answers their queries, you’ll also reduce the number of support emails.

Screenshot 9
50 eCommerce Tips You Should Know Before Starting A Store 14

The FAQ page should send shipping delays and charges, refunds, sizing, and other product-related inquiries. If customers frequently ask for specific product queries, you may want to expand the information on your product page.

(#9): When needed, snap your product photos.

You can import any of the product images into your store using Oberlo. Occasionally, however, you may need to change or take your images.

You may opt for this eCommerce tip to remove branding from product images to achieve a cleaner look.

Additionally, you may wish to snap pictures differently to improve conversions.

For instance, a photograph of your clothing laid flat on white background may not be as attractive as a lifestyle shot of your apparel being worn.

Screenshot 10
50 eCommerce Tips You Should Know Before Starting A Store 15

Additionally, you can shoot your photographs to limit the possibility of picture copyright infringement and protect your brand.

The product image is a critical component of the conversion process. Ascertain that your product image is designed to make the most sales via ads and direct sales on your product page.

(#10): Develop strategies to elevate your customers.

Putting your customers on a pedestal counts among the handy-dandy eCommerce tips.

When you serve your customers well, they will return. Maintain contact with your customers. Demonstrate your appreciation for them.

You can arrange a ‘Customer Appreciation Event,’ in which you provide early access to new products or an additional discount to existing customers.

Sending customers thank you notes expressing your gratitude for their patronage, along with a modest gift or discount voucher, goes a long way.

Consider what you can do to make your customers happy while also improving your relationship with them.

(#11): Join the Facebook community for support 

Join a Facebook Group – joining an eCommerce Facebook group is one of the top eCommerce tips for beginning entrepreneurs. You’ll be able to network with and learn from other eCommerce entrepreneurs.

You can receive feedback on your new store, seek advice on how to increase sales, and share new techniques you’ve discovered to help other entrepreneurs succeed.

Screenshot 11 1
50 eCommerce Tips You Should Know Before Starting A Store 16

Associating with a community enables you to keep current trends, develop relationships with other entrepreneurs, and grow as a businessperson.

You can join eCommerce groups such as Shopify Entrepreneurs and eCommerce Entrepreneurs, among others.

(#12): Be-specific-with-your-product-categories

In getting specific about your product categories to guarantee that customers can quickly find the products they’re looking for, this eCommerce tip provides as follows:

When you have say15 products, it can be easy to put them all into general categories. However, as your store grows in size, you’ll want to become more specific in your product categorization.

Despite their prevalence in many stores, having product categories such as ‘women,” men,’ and “children,’ does little for SEO.

Screenshot 12 1

What’s more, some stores simply throw all of their women’s fashion under the heading ‘women,’ with no divisions. 

Most individuals dislike exploring an entire selection only to find that their store does not have dresses.

Consider Amazon’s product category organization. You can easily find particular goods. 

The easier it is for customers to find what they’re looking for, the more likely they will purchase from your store.

(#13): Make marketing your primary objective

Make marketing your primary objective when it comes to eCommerce.

Marketing and advertising generate revenue, so avoid wasting time perfecting your store. You should be engaged on social media daily, if not multiple times a day.

Following that, you should contact publications and blogs to inquire about featuring your products. Don’t forget to budget for advertising as well.

Regularly publishing blog content will aid in your website’s ranking. By promoting your store, you increase your chances of attracting new customers.

(#14): Draw customer feedback for your store

When you open a new store, it’s critical to solicit feedback. The most common error I notice entrepreneurs make involves seeking input from other entrepreneurs in public communities. The issue with this approach is that you are effectively sharing your niche and products with your competition.

While an entrepreneur might provide invaluable insight, among the vital eCommerce tips calls, you should avoid relying on feedback from individuals who may be competitive.

Never reveal your niche to another business owner.

(#15): Optimize your website’s user experience 

Enhance your online navigation with eCommerce Tips. Your top navigation menu includes categories such as ‘Home, Fashion, Jewelry, Accessories, and Sales.’ The top navigation’s first and last items receive the most clicks.

Screenshot 13 1
50 eCommerce Tips You Should Know Before Starting A Store 17

While most people place the home button first, placing a product category first is more strategic. Customers enjoy looking through sales items, so putting them last works well. Whichever product collection or page you wish to emphasize should be placed first and last.

It is critical how you name your top navigation. Certain fashion companies prefer to include customers” and “in their top navigation to make purchasing easier for their diverse clientele.

Generally, you want to have broad categories in the header and narrow them down into particular sub-categories.

For example, you are unlikely to include the term “dresses” in your top navigation, but you may have terms like “women,” “fashion,” or “clothing.”

(#16): Make online shopping more convenient

The following critical eCommerce tip is to take steps to make online buying as simple as possible for your customers.

Make it simple to navigate your website. Include product reviews to reassure customers about their purchase.

Ascertain that your images and copy appropriately depict the product. Provide popular and well-known payment gateways

Run a speed test on your website to check that it loads quickly. Remove out-of-stock goods.

Add pages that will benefit your customers, such as shipping and return information.

(#17): Market your store in ways besides ads.

There is a considerable probability that your ads will be a significant source of money for your store. But here’s the thing, these eCommerce tips hold that you do not want to confine your monetization to Facebook, Instagram, or Google.

Spend time promoting your eCommerce store using search engine optimization, pitching your products to blogs and prominent publications, developing content, being active on social media, and email marketing, among other methods.

Marketing encompasses much more than the creation of ads. The more exposure your brand receives, the more sales it is likely to generate. Build organic traffic by optimizing pages for specific keywords.

Create a list of influential magazines and blogs in your niche and approach them about featuring your products. Develop a social media following by utilizing hashtags, publishing many times a day, and sharing relevant and engaging content.

Build an email list, then send promotional emails to your customers regularly. Create a loyalty program in which you provide loyal customers with exclusive discounts.

(#18): Consult your city’s business center 

Among the best eCommerce tips is to educate yourself about the business rules in your city. Each city, province or state, and the country has its own set of regulations governing how businesses should be conducted, how much tax must be paid, and the laws that apply to a particular type of business.

It’s always preferable to contact a city representative about these matters since they will be familiar with the specific resources you should become acquainted with.

Several cities hold seminars and workshops on optimal business practices. They are unlikely to teach you how to run a profitable business, but they will legally educate you on operating a business.

You’ll discover the tax rates applicable to your particular type of business and city. You could find a few excellent resources for additional reading. To get this type of information, consult your city’s website or community library, which is frequently informed about city-sponsored business courses and activities.

Always consult with your city officials or a lawyer before starting a business.

((#19): Share images of your customers

Once you’ve made your first few sales, ask your customers to photograph your products. Additionally, you can contact friends, family, or influencers to have them model some of your online store’s pictures.

If you offer garments or other accessories, obtaining as many pictures of individuals using or wearing your products as possible will assist in establishing social proof for your business. Customers want to see how the product appears when received, not how it appears in a Photoshopped image.

Screenshot 14
50 eCommerce Tips You Should Know Before Starting A Store 18

Make contact with your customers and request that they share their pictures with you via social media. If you compensate influencers for their pictures, you can use them in your ads.

Avoid utilizing pictures of your customers in ads, but feel free to share them on social media or add them to your website. Always give credit to your customer by including their name in the snapshot.

(#20). Make a visually appealing website 

By making your website visually appealing, your entire website should be highly graphic. And this eCommerce tip holds that multiple product images demonstrating various angles and purposes should be included on product pages.

Your homepage should feature an eye-catching banner image that enables customers to visualize themselves using the product.

Even your blog postings should have a strong visual component. Each post should include multiple images, GIFs, and sometimes even videos to break up the text.

(#21): Do not use books as a cover-up.

Procrastination is an odd phenomenon in that many people are unaware they are engaging in it. Whereas actively participating in eCommerce communities, reading blogs, and occasionally taking an online course is an impressive eCommerce tip, you must recognize that you can not hide behind your books.

You must improve your store. Sales will not come if you spend more time “researching” than you do working. You’ll learn so much more by experimenting and then Googling the next step if you get stuck.

After you’ve made a few errors, you’re going to start thriving. Mistakes provide an insight into what true success looks like. Therefore, figure it out as you go, knock your head against the wall if necessary, and persevere until you achieve your financial objectives. You possess the skills needed to prosper on your own. I have confidence in you, and you should as well.

(#22): eCommerce Retargeting Tips

Keep retargeting ads running at all times.

My store was only a few days old when I began utilizing retargeting ads, a sort of advertisement that is displayed to those who have previously visited your website. We are churning out a ton of content on our site, including interviews with influencers.

While following this eCommerce tip, you may want to replicate what we did. Like we saw an uptick in traffic when influencers shared the content with their audiences. We targeted our customers with a retargeting ad featuring our most popular product, which resulted in sales. Our ads generated a 9x return on investment.

During your store’s development, you’re likely to come across a few abandoned carts during the early stages of your store’s growth. You can attempt to re-engage lost customers by retargeting their add-to-carts. Additionally, it converts better than the majority of abandoned cart emails.

Your retargeting ads will typically be inexpensive, but they will assist in converting customers who were not ready to purchase the first time around.

(#23): Outsource your shortcomings

When it boils down to running a business, there will be things you excel at and things that everyone else excels at. While being an entrepreneur demands you be a jack of all trades, you will struggle with certain tasks.

As such, eCommerce tips 101 holds that working to your strengths is essential in any field, whether writing excellent product descriptions, accounting, or marketing.

Find someone to help you with the tasks you’re not good at. The key to success is collaboration.

Collaborate with individuals who are stronger in areas where you are weak. If you focus exclusively on your strengths, you’ll notice a higher return on your business. Outsourcing your weaknesses enables you to build a balanced and lucrative business.

You can let ai write your product description and other content on your Shopify store, check out Jarvis one of the best copywriting assistants.

728 x 90 2
50 eCommerce Tips You Should Know Before Starting A Store 19

(#24): Maintain a consistent schedule.

When you’re just starting with an eCommerce store, you’ll want to maintain a consistent schedule so that your customers know when to return.

For instance, if you introduce new products weekly, you should do so on the same day of the week to ensure that visitors to your website check back on that day each week.

If you commit to a blog, posting on the same day will encourage readers to return. Once you start to exhibit inconsistencies, you will begin to lose consumer loyalty.

(#25): Build contacts with influencers

Cultivating relationships with relevant influencers is a vital eCommerce tip because finding the right influencers to promote your products might take many months, and even then, success is not guaranteed.

I found a fantastic influencer to promote my products, but they were doing so many sponsored posts less than six months later that they were rendered ineffective.

Finding a great influencer is far more complex than it appears. Occasionally, an influencer’s price is high yet does not translate into sales. Consider using Famebit to have access to the finest influencers.

(#26): Give your copy some thought.

The other eCommerce Tip involves giving your copy some attention

When importing products into their store, many dropshippers make the error of omitting copies. While the bullet points provide information on the product, they do not help convert sales independently.

Writing a product description and selecting the most relevant bullet points will assist you in increasing sales.

When consumers are on the fence about a product, they frequently read the copy. By writing a brief paragraph that explains how the product benefits the consumer, mentions key features, and demonstrates how to utilize the product, you may better encourage your browser to make a purchase.

For instance, if you sell gowns in your store, you may mention how stunning they would look on their next occasion, how the fabric accentuates their form, and what shoe colors or jewelry styles would match the dress the best.

Read how you can create unique store content using Jarvis ai copywriting technology Review: The Copywriting AI Rendering Many Jobless

(#27): Generate distinctive content

If you’re dropshipping products, you almost certainly need to find a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

The most straightforward eCommerce tip to accomplishing that would involve the creation of unique content.

Consistently publishing blog entries many times a week is an excellent approach to building an audience, educating visitors, and keeping your website looking fresh and current.

Additionally, you can create videos online to help make your brand.

 Luxy Hair developed YouTube videos that aided in their meteoric rise to fame. Today, their YouTube channel has a subscriber base of over 3.1 million. Unique content can significantly increase the profitability of your business.

Screenshot 15
50 eCommerce Tips You Should Know Before Starting A Store 20

(#28): Speak with your customers

Please communicate with your customers and identify their interests.

Building relationships with customers takes time, but it is critical, as demonstrated by this eCommerce tip. To better understand my customers, one of the simplest things I do is email them individual emails.

I’ll directly email each customer and inquire about their satisfaction with the product they purchased, any other products they wish our store had, and any type of blog post they’d like to learn more about in the niche.

As an added incentive to share this information, I may include a VIP discount coupon in the first email to thank you for your feedback.

While not everyone will respond, those who do will assist you in better understanding your customer’s demands. Additionally, it enables you to service them more effectively.

(#29): Flash Sale eCommerce Tip

Incorporate a section for flash sales

Urgency might aid in the growth of your store’s sales. Adding a flash sale section to your store is one of the simplest ways to do so. Each of your products should have a countdown timer in this section. \

Once a week, rotate the products you add to have a new variety to keep customers coming back for more bargains. You can include a Flash Sale section in your top navigation to help customers find your sale items.

As a general rule, make it the final category on your top menu, as the first and last categories receive the most clicks.

(#30): Create SMART objectives

Establishing SMART objectives. It is a vital eCommerce tip & it applies whether you’re getting a financial goal or a store milestone, and therefore it’s critical to have a SMART goal. 

SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound. 

You want to make sure that your objectives are well-defined. Make timetables to determine when your objective should be accomplished. You need a goal that is rational and that you have the resources necessary to achieve the objective. 

Finally, you want to ensure that you establish a time limit that permits you to achieve the goal without devoting more time. A SMART objective would be to generate at least $10,000 in revenue in a single month by December 31, 2021.

(#31): Forgo pricing competition

Among the many critical eCommerce tips are that you must always be profitable. Avoid the trap of undercutting your competition; this is a lost struggle. You will not prevail. Customers typically pay fair market value for products. Without a doubt, they adore it a great deal.

However, whoever markets to that customer first wins the majority of the time. When it comes to dropshipping on Amazon, the lowest price always wins. The best pricing also wins if you’re running Google ads against other dropshippers selling the same product.

However, if you run Facebook ads, get featured on a blog, or are discovered organically on social media, you will almost certainly win the sale if people find your product first. Always look for a workaround.

If you get to a fork in the road and are obliged to give up profit, discover another route that does not require you to do so.

(#32): Setup and monetize a blog

Several eCommerce tips, but forging a blog for your eCommerce store can effectively educate your customers, attract new customers, and increase your store’s money. Expanding your blog content naturally increases traffic to your store via SEO and social media.

You may monetize your audience by showing them your products through retargeting ads, as your niche content attracts qualified traffic. Following that, monetize your blog content by creating gift guides featuring your most outstanding products for key events and holidays.

Moreover, you can make money blogging by including relevant product links within your post.

(#33): Create a loyalty program 

Developing a loyalty program for your store enables you to retain customers. While you should continuously seek new customers, it is more cost-effective and beneficial to keep existing customers. This eCommerce tip ought to come as an open secret of sorts.

The objective is to increase your repeat purchases. Customers loyal to your brand will continue to spend more than new customers. In business, the more customers you retain, the more money you save and make.

You have made a financial investment whether you use ads or other paid marketing types to attract your customers.

(#34): Offer Payment Gateways

Choose the fitting payment gateway. Each country offers a unique selection of payment gateways. eCommerce tip: You should offer to include payment gateways like PayPal, Apple Pay, Shopify Pay, Stripe, or 2-Checkout in your offering. These are frequently the most popular. 

Do not be dismayed if your country is unable to offer customers these forms of payment gateways. Select the most popular option in your location to simplify checkout for your customers. Offer your customers to pay using a variety of different payment gateways.

(#35): Always ship with ePacket 

Shipping charges have the potential to deter a customer. The costs may not be purchased if they are set too high. If the wait times are excessive, they may request a refund. eCommerce tip: With ePacket shipping, you may address two issues with a single shipment.

It’s one of the quickest shipping services from China, and it’s also one of the cheapest. Most products are merely a few dollars to ship, enabling you to run a profitable business.

While some products that ship using ePacket are free to ship.

The most admirable aspect is that you can quickly select products that ship using ePacket delivery with a single click. You can narrow your search to only products shipped in this manner to ensure that your customers have a positive experience receiving their products.

(#36): Incorporate upsell offers

Getting your first sale can be an exhilarating experience. On the other hand, if you leverage this eCommerce tip to incorporate upsell offers on all of your products from the start, you will avoid missing out on simple sales.

Customers who have previously used their credit cards are far easier to sell additional products than new customers.

Not only will your average order value grow, but you’ll also make more profit per customer, which will reduce your advertising expenditure even further.

I use an upsell of a similar product in my store and include a free + shipping gift if they order now.

Each day, my store receives many upsell purchases — this is one of the things that contributed to our rapid growth to a five-figure monthly revenue store.

(#37): Build out your email list

Email marketing is an excellent method of informing leads and customers about your products. You’ll want to capture emails from your audience via an exit intent pop-up or lead magnet so that you may continue advertising your brand and products.

You’ll want to invest time developing and testing compelling subject lines that entice customers to open your emails and discover your offers.

Mentioning discounts in your subject line frequently works well for eCommerce businesses, such as ‘50% off today only.’

When it comes to email marketing, you may also send VIP offers to your most loyal customers, recover abandoned carts, and add value by teaching customers about relevant industry tips and tricks.

(#38): Test, Adapt & Customize

Experiment as though your business is at stake.

So, to truly succeed, eCommerce tips provide that you have to experiment extensively. You’ll need to render ads for several products. Evaluate various copies, formats, and images. Experimenting with ads is what will ultimately attract customers and increase sales. After you’ve produced profitable ads, you may start experimenting with them on your website.

Many people begin by optimizing their websites. However, you have no way of knowing how customers react to certain features if you do not yet have them.

Contrary to popular belief, avoid forming assumptions about your customers. Allow for the possibility of being incorrect about what truly works – you will not know the reality until you examine the data.

(#39): Identify a popular niche

You want to choose a popular but dependable niche, & this approach draws from the hindsight that it’s detrimental to setting up a trendy store.

First, the majority of folks become aware of a trend when it reaches its zenith. As a result, your sales are unlikely to increase. Secondly, it’s difficult to determine whether something is trendy right now or if it will be around. 

For instance, this eCommerce tip points you to the spell fidget spinners skyrocketed in popularity and then began to wane.

On the other hand, when leggings initially became popular, no one knew if they would last. Leggings continue to have a big market in fitness and fashion.

When choosing the best business ideas for your new store, you need something that will last for years. If a product is popular, consider adding it to your store as a product collection to maximize sales.

However, avoid basing your entire store on a passing trend. Concentrate on time-tested niches such as fashion, fitness, pets, phone accessories, beauty, or jewelry. In particular niches, trends will emerge, allowing you to capitalize on best-sellers.

However, if you stick to popular, stable niches, your business will have a better chance of survival in the first, second, and fifth years.

(#40): Create ads from the get-go.

The other eCommerce tip would you running ads from the start. Ads generate traffic that turns into customers. You’ll need to experiment with several products to find your winning ad, but once you do, the rest is easy.

If you want to earn $12,000 in revenue, you’ll need to spend approximately $4,000 on advertising. The initial advertising costs will be challenging, so feel free to start with a lower budget and gradually build it. Bear in mind that it takes 3-5 days for an advertisement to be optimized.

If you continue to reinvest your profits in advertising, your business will expand rapidly. Within roughly two months, one of my stores was generating $15,000 in monthly revenue and growing at a rate of about 5% every day.

It takes a few weeks to determine which products will be your greatest sellers and whether the pricing of your products is viable for the product. You can use our dropshipping traffic calculator to find the amount of traffic required to meet your financial objectives.

(#41): Draw product reviews

Product reviews provide your brand with the necessary social proof to guide customers through the sales funnel. The eCommerce tips: When you make your first few sales, contact your customers or utilize a Shopify tool like the Product Reviews Addon to send automatic messages.

On your product page, you can encourage customers to add photo reviews. If customers post your product on social media, you can invite them to leave a review on your website, complete with their pictures.

The more examples you can provide of potential customers using your products, you can build more customers. Knowing that others have purchased and enjoyed products from your store reassures new customers.

(#42): Make product videos 

Videos can help your store increase conversions and sales. Producing product videos has a dual purpose. First, you might include product videos on your product page to display various product angles or utilize your product.

Secondly, you can use the product video to promote your business. Facebook video advertisements provide a high degree of engagement, clicks, and transactions. While developing video content can be time-consuming, it ultimately aids in the successful growth of your sales.

Additionally, it gives your brand a competitive edge, as many brands produce little, if any, video content. Product demonstrations make for a solid eCommerce tip.

(#43): Create your channels

As a newbie, one of the eCommerce Tips I bring to your attention requires that you build by expanding your channels.

Once you’ve purchased the domain name for your store, you can start creating an audience. You may start with social media posts to grow a fanbase to have a ready-to-buy audience when you launch. After opening your store, you’ll want to start collecting email addresses and generating referral traffic.

By implementing this strategy from the start, you will increase the growth of your consumer base. By focusing on growing your social media presence, email list, and referral traffic, you can expect to spend less on advertising in the long run. Through your channels, you’ll be able to promote your materials to your audience.

(#44): start building links

It is critical to building external backlinks to cut ad costs while increasing revenue. And this eCommerce tip can be accomplished by promoting your products on relevant and famous blogs and magazines, as well as by contributing guest pieces to blogs.

The more sources of traffic you have driving to your website, the less money you’ll spend on advertising. For instance, if you publish a guest post on another blog, you may not be promoting a specific product, but you may receive traffic to your website.

When you discover clicks on your website, you can retarget them with your best-selling product, which is much less expensive than acquiring new customers. I generated a few sales utilizing this strategy when my store was still in its infancy.

(#45): Finding competition

It would be perfect if you found an eCommerce brand as a role model.

When first starting, this eCommerce tip is an inspiration as it’s critical to seek a mentor. Access to a successful eCommerce mentor, on the other hand, can be challenging at times. Individuals are not always eager to share their niches, ad layouts, and answers to easily Googled questions.

You can occasionally join communities to seek advice. However, the most effective strategy is finding an eCommerce company you admire and model your business after. For instance, if you want to run a customer-focused business, you could model your store after Disney.

If you’re serious about branding, you might want to model your business after the Inspireuplift. If you’re looking to build a massive marketplace, you might want to model your store after Amazon.

Screenshot 16
50 eCommerce Tips You Should Know Before Starting A Store 21

To succeed, you do not need to copy their niches or style; all you need to do is find the patterns you admire in a particular online store and replicate them.

(#46): Offer free shipping

Offer free shipping is an essential eCommerce tip.

It’s critical to compare free and paid shipping. However, if you’re a new store with a bit of a social following, it’s best to offer free shipping to entice customers.

People may be hesitant to pay for a product or service from a company they have not yet trusted; providing free shipping mitigates this risk. 

Around 50% of online retailers offer free shipping, which gives you an advantage over the competition when you do.

Many suppliers on AliExpress offer free shipping or use ePacket, a low-cost, fast shipping service, enabling you to offer affordable shipping without sacrificing your profits.

(#47); Abandoned carts 

Learn how to recover abandoned carts with eCommerce Tips

Experiment with various abandoned cart applications and email templates. 

You can’t retrieve all the carts. However, even if you convert between 1% and 5%, you will be financially better off. According to Baymard, the average percentage of abandoned carts is between 60% and 80%.

While abandoned carts are standard, you should not cease doing everything possible to make them. To maximize conversions, the first email should be sent within six hours of the cart’s abandonment. Consider sending at least three emails following this in an attempt to recover them.

You could provide an additional discount to convert the sale into a sale conversion. You could begin with a 10% discount and then increase it to 15% in your final email if they haven’t recovered it yet. 

(#48): Boost your posts

As one crucial eCommerce Tips requires that you do not immediately take the profits

It’s natural to want to keep any profit you make. However, if you want your business to grow, you must reinvest in your business. Money generates revenue. Rather than investing in new equipment, invest your profit in advertising. You’ll probably want to start with many $5 ads to determine which product gets the most response. 

However, once you’ve identified your winning product, you’ll need to invest significantly more than $5 to at least make the kind of money that most people dream about.

If your goal is to earn $3000 each month, you’ll need to spend approximately $3000 on advertising, which will generate roughly $9000 in income.

Boosted Facebook posts are the best for my business, but you’ll need to experiment to find which form of ad works best for you. By reinvesting the profit for several months, you provide your business with an opportunity to grow and become self-sustaining. Eventually, you’ll be able to subsist entirely on the money you earn.

(#49): Contact details 

Make sure customers have access to important information.

When you open an eCommerce store, you’ll want to ensure that your customers have all the information necessary to make an informed purchase. You’ll want to include information on shipping and returns so that customers know the policies before making a purchase.

Make sure that your contact page is available so that customers can simply contact you in the event of an issue or inquiry. 

(#50): Start today.

When it comes to eCommerce Tips, this is the most critical: stop postponing your eCommerce business’s start. Yes, you will make errors. However, you will swiftly recover from them. Many people just fantasize about starting a business, unaware of how simple it is to make it a reality.

The success tales you read about entrepreneurs earning five, six, or seven figures are accurate. It’s pretty simple to succeed with dropshipping. I opened an Oberlo store around two months ago, and it is already generating five-figure monthly revenue. 

I am a regular dropshipper, just like you.

Believe in yourself; you will succeed more quickly if you do. The longer you wait to enter a niche, the more competitive it becomes. Therefore, I will put this blog post aside and get back to work.

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