Modalyst vs Dropified : The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

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If you were looking for a Shopify dropshipping app to install in your store then this read this Modalyst vs Dropified review seeks to address questions around which app to use in finding excellent products and how best to select.

And since your eCommerce store is in place, a solution to these issues will help you efficiently run your store thus, join the eCommerce bandwagon.

Out there, you’ll find lots of plugins. But you rest easy, in this post, we’ll look at the two dropshipping apps used by thousands of eCommerce store owners.

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As a business model, Dropshipping is incredibly popular, and it’s thanks to its low risk arising from little/no financial implication. So, it’s no wonder that many entrepreneurs search for the fitting dropshipping app to locate wares to sell.

This write-up will look at the two significant players in the dropshipping plugin market: Modalyst & Dropified. 

The goal is to offer an overview; thus, you make a stat-based decision on which one perfectly caters to your needs. Sounds good, Let’s roll.

Who’s Dropified?

Dropified is a dropshipping application that as per its website’s description lets eCommerce businesses:

Modalyst vs Dropified
Modalyst vs Dropified : The Ultimate Cheat Sheet 7

“Conveniently import and manage dropshipped products into your eCommerce store platform like-Shopify, WooCommerce, among others) and then ship those sold products straight to your customers.”

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Yet again, just like Modalyst, you don’t have physical contact with what you sell. Also, your customers hail from any part of the globe.

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Dropified receives overwhelming positives reviews on the media. And its homepage inundates in glowing reviews from its customers whose number currently accounts for over 44,700 registered users.  

How does Dropified work?

Dropified on their website summarizes the entire process down to four simple steps as follows:

  • The customer places the order on your online store
  • Then Dropified places the consumer’s order with the supplier.
  • The supplier ships the request to your customer
  • Customers automatically get tracking info; thus, monitoring delivery from start to finish.

Who’s Modalyst?

Modalyst is a dropshipping automation software for eCommerce businesses. It offers big-brands eCommerce stores access to high-quality products.

Modalyst vs Dropified
Modalyst vs Dropified : The Ultimate Cheat Sheet 8

Jil Sherman is the CEO of Modalyst, a brand found in 2012, and its headquarters in San Francisco. In 2015, Modalyst co-founder Alain Miguel made Forbe’s 30 under 30 retail list-inspiring stuff, right?

Among some of the wares, Modalyst’s has to offer include shoes, bags, accessories, and clothing. If the information on Modalyst’s website that “over 150k of successful eCommerce brands have added Modalyst products to their store” is anything to go by, clearly, you won’t go wrong with thousands of entrepreneurs.

How does Modalyst work?

Modalyst on their website has summarized the entire process down to four simple steps, and they are as follows:

  • With just a mouse button-click, pick the branded products to sell on your site.
  • The customers buy the products in your online store.
  • You the purchase your customer’s order (markup factored in) via the supplier listed on Modalyst
  • Your supplier ships the products directly to your customer address. Automatically, the supplier sends tracking info to both you and the consumer. This way, at any given time, you get shipment’s exact location.

Put it another way, with your eCommerce store; you don’t have to make advance purchases.

Modalyst gets overwhelmingly positive reviews on the press. Ok, access these reviews on Modalyst’s homepage, you are not obliged to take our word for it.

Modalyst vs Dropified: A Snap Price Comparison


While Dropified charges $39/month for Builder plan amounting to an annual bill of $468$97/month for Premium plan-$1,164 annually; Modalyst has a 25% discount both Pro & Start-Up Plans for yearly payment.

Modalyst vs Dropified
Modalyst vs Dropified : The Ultimate Cheat Sheet 9



  • The Builder Plan: For $47, this plan allows you to list 15,000 Dropified products on your store
  • The Premium Plan: For $127, you can list up to 50,000 products on your online shop
Modalyst vs Dropified
Modalyst vs Dropified : The Ultimate Cheat Sheet 10

All Dropified plans come with a free 14-day trial.


For every purchase a customer makes, all the plans surcharge a 5% transaction fee.

  • The Hobby Plan: At $0 the plan lends access to 25 of Modalyst products on your store
  • The Startup Plan: At $35, you can sell 250 Modalyst of products on your store
  • The Pro Plan: At $90, the Pro plan lets you publish unlimited products.
Modalyst: Privileges

The following entails the main benefits of Modalyst:

  • A free plan which benefits beginners and small operation
  • You can change product prices
  • There’s the order tracking for customers
  • Real-time alerts enable automatic inventory management
  • You don’t get minimum order limits with Modalyst suppliers
  • You get an extensive product selection

However, one major downside with Modalyst is that accessing premium brands; you’d have to upgrade to a higher tier plan.

Dropified: Privileges

The following makes for the main benefits as regards:

  • You get a free 14-day trial
  • Seamlessly integrates with Shopify
  • A dashboard that simplifies management of your earnings and inventory
  • You can handle more than one store
  • Dropified integrates with lots of other eCommerce platforms
  • On just a click, you get to list products on your shop
  • You can see your net profits
  • Automated order fulfillment
  • Dropified has a robust relationship with several suppliers including AliExpress, eBay, Walmart, Wish, and Amazon

Dropified’s main downside has to do with its cost-it’s an expensive option for startups. Also, users grumble about Dropified’s unresponsive customer support in answering calls.


  • Modalyst easily integrates with Wix, Shopify, and BigCommerce
  • Dropified seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, GrooveKart, CommerceHQ, and Shopify 

Modalyst vs Dropified: Websites

Modalyst’s website has a unique feel to it; its audience is sort of B2B-oriented. Although the site looks more professional, it’s harder to get info. 

Well, the information exists, but compared to Dropified, some of it isn’t readily accessible.

The Dropified website has a simple vibe to it; regardless of its homespun design, it packs all the info a would-be online store owner needs before they would proceed to dip into the eCommerce business.

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Equally, the homepage has a fairly disarrayed feel to it, and perhaps it’s by design, who knows, but more importantly, it delights on how contended its customers are with them. Then there are lots of reviews from real live users and photos.

That’s some serious credibility, right?

Modalyst vs Dropified: Training & Development

Modalyst comes with a Help Center that takes you through getting started, shipping, pricing rules, et cetera. In the search box, customers can type questions they want answering. Also, you get to live chat, but only between 9 am to 5 pm PST.

As a customer, you can request Modalyst to create a tidy profile.

On Modalyst’s homepage, you’d find some training blogs. For instance, a guide to the best product to sell, “Dropshipping on Amazon and eBay: 5 Tips for Instant Success,” “ Your Dropshipping Business Plan: 11 Step to eCommerce Success,” “How to Make Money Without Paying Anything.”

On the Dropified website, you find an extensive selection of training videos, and the majority can slot in the “how-to” category of video. The topics covered include using Variant Mapping in Dropified, Connect Your WooCommerce Store to Connect Your Shopify Store, et cetera.

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Yet again, you find a whole Help section where customers can key-in their queries. Additionally, the chatbox for live chat and FQA section addressing subjects around advanced features, orders, and setting up your account.

I’d opine that Dropified’s training and development materials rank high. Generally, Dropified paints a picture as having carved out a niche for an outfit set to assist its customers and hold their hand through and through any difficulty or issue that may arise.

Modalyst vs Dropified: Which One Takes the Day?

We’ll not root for any dropshipping app for your selection; it boils down to you, your fledgling or existing eCommerce store’s needs. But if you need a walkthrough, then Dropified is highly your go-to app. However, if you’d instead work with more of a B2B-oriented solution, Modalyst is the way to go.

Modalyst and Dropified go neck-and-neck as regards many integrations. The same goes for both apps when it comes to automation of your store’s aspects.

Though Dropified can prove quite expensive after the free 14-day trial lapse if you’re just starting and yet to have the hang about dropshipping, but with a budget, Dropified is probably the way to go.

Have you used either of these two plugins? How have you got on with these apps? So, which of these plugins is it going to be? Modalyst or Dropified? We’d love to pick you brainwave, let’s know in the comments section.

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