Modalyst vs Spocket : Should You Install Both Or None?

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If you’re exploring for a Modalyst vs Spocket review, you’re in good luck because we have a write up here.

There are several options out there for anyone running an eCommerce store or contemplating to start one, so much so that it gets real messy trying to find the best out there.

It’s important to appreciate from the get-go that today’s consumers are quite an internet savvy.

They look up products, along with corresponding prices, search both good & bad reviews as well as hyper-critical should things go south more so, as regards shipping.

Also, you’ll need to appreciate that today’s online shopper has one eye out for the best bargain on excellent quality products and the other on inexpensive (free shipping).

Based on those reasons, it’s imperative to pick the right dropshipping solution. So, let us delve right into the gist of this review, shall we?

So, where Do We go from Here? 

It’s imperative to trust your dropshipping provider, unreservedly. So, you must use a brand with a robust reputation for picking top-notch quality products, packing and dispatching quickly and efficiently.

If you miss the bus on employing the services of a trustworthy brand, you set yourself up on the path to damaging your brand’s reputation.

You’re likely to receive glowing reviews say from customers who get their products on time, in one piece, and quickly as opposed to those who’d have to wait and get disappointed at the quality of items.

Not to mention, leveraging a descent dropshipping provider lends you the time you’d need expanding your business, rather than force your hand to focus on the everyday aspects of your eCommerce store—for example, high-quality sourcing wares.

So, with that hindsight, lets narrow it down to Modalyst vs Spocket.

What is Modalyst?

Modalyst concentrates on automating several eCommerce related tasks, for your convenience, they bring to light what they do in four simple steps.

  • “Step#1 Source an incredible assortment in one click
  •  Step#2 Customer buys a product through your storefront
  •  Step#3 Shop buys item directly from supplier on Modalyst
  •  Step#4 Supplier ships the item directly to the customer. Tracking gets automatically communicated.”

Modalyst is famous for offering a massive selection of products from high-quality and independent brands across the globe.

Modalyst vs Spocke
Modalyst vs Spocket : Should You Install Both Or None? 7

Usual products entail things such as accessories, shoes, clothes, bags, et cetera.

To put it another way, it’s a B2B marketplace. You do not purchase anything in advance.

Instead, you just pick products you want to sell on your eCommerce store, and then subsequently order these goodies once your customer makes a purchase.

There’s an indication on its website that “over 150k successful online businesses have added Modalyst items to their store.”

Jil Sherman is the CEO of Modalyst, a brand found in 2012, and its headquarters in San Francisco. In 2015, Modalyst co-founder Alain Miguel made Forbe’s 30 under 30 retail list.

The brand pre-occupy itself with fashion brands & linking them to designers, agents, retailers, and consumers.

Modalyst has overwhelmingly positive reviews in media. Plus, soft-soaping mentions in publications such as Businessweek, TedX, Vogue, Fashion Digital Daily, and Bloomberg.


On its website, Spocket indicates that it;

Modalyst vs Spocket
Modalyst vs Spocket : Should You Install Both Or None? 8

“lets you pick the best products to sell from thousands of dropshipping suppliers from across the globe.”

Spocket is essentially a WooCommerce & Shopify app that lets you link with suppliers both in the EU and the US.

Simply install the Spocket app on your Shopify store, pick the products to sell from their catalogs, and then add them to your online store.

Also, you can order sample products for testing out first. And since most Spocket suppliers mainly base in the US and EU, comparatively, deliveries tend to be more reliable than most of Spocket’s competition.

Sites like GeekWire & Daily Hive review Spocket in a good light. Recently founded in 2017, the Vancouver based outfit has over the three rounds raised a cumulative total of $2.3m in funding. Quite impressive, right?

Modalyst vs. Spocket: A Brisk Price Comparison



  • Hobby Plan @ $0 which entitles you to product limit of 25
  • Start-Up Plan @ $35 which allows you to product limit of 250
  • Pro Plan @ $90 which entitles you to unlimited products
Capture 8
Modalyst vs Spocket : Should You Install Both Or None? 9

All plans attract a 5% transaction fee.


  • Starter Plan @ $9 after a free 14-day trial
  • Pro Plan @ 49 after a free 14-day trial
  • Empire Plan @ 99 after a free 14-day trial
  • Unicorn Plan @299 after a free 14-day trial
Capture 6
Modalyst vs Spocket : Should You Install Both Or None? 10


  • With Modalyst, you get a 25% on the Start-Up & Pro Plan for the annual payment
  • Spocket gives up to five months free for the yearly payment upfront

Spocket’s is more forthright concerning what you get with each type of program. And so, we’ll list them below.

FYI: Modalyst is less user-friendly, much as you get an easy read on price plan, you won’t get a table or list to view what you get on each type of program.

The info exists; however, it would be better was the information categorized per price plan.

Over to Spocket:

Starter Plan

  • Up to 25 exceptional products
  • 24/7 chat support
  • Currency exchange
  • Unlimited orders
  • Real-time inventory updates
  • Shipment tracking number
  • Global pricing rules

Pro Plan

This pricing plan includes everything in the Starter plan plus: 

  • Up to 250 products
  • Premium search 
  • Up to 25 premium products
  • Exclusive deals
  • Branded invoicing

Empire Plan

This pricing plan includes everything in the Pro plan plus: 

  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited premium products

Unicorn Plan

This pricing plan includes everything in the Empire plan plus: 

  • Product request 
  • 24/7 phone support
  • A dedicated account executive
  • Bulk checkout

Modalyst Features at a Peek

Modalyst vs Spocket
Modalyst vs Spocket : Should You Install Both Or None? 11
  • Tons of dropshipping products
  • With a few clicks, you get to customize your product pricing and listings
  • Both you and your customer get instant notifications on the order tracking
  • Easily integrate with your site, including Shopify and BigCommerce
  • Using CSV files, you can import products to other eCommerce sites
  • Make data-guided decisions when swopping between wholesale and virtual inventories
  • Standardized contracts that include a 14-day return policy
  • Direct shipping to the customer from Modalyst
  • Inventory investment
  • Custom data export and data analytics

Modalyst vs Spocket: Their Merits & Demerits

Modalyst’s Merits

  • A free Plan
  • Access to the US and EU suppliers
  • Modalyst handles customer returns
  • Give access to high-quality brands
  • Zero inventory costs
  • Direct integration with Shopify & BigCommerce
  • Tracking info

Modalyst Demerits

  • A 5% transaction fee applies across the board
  • The brand takes up 60% of suggested retail price irrespective of the actual selling price
  • The order placement process isn’t entirely automated
  • Unless you are on the premium plan, you won’t see the entire supplier network
  • Shipment times and costs vary

Spocket Merits

  • They offer a free plan
  • Simple user interface
  • You own branding
  • You get to order product samples
  • An automatic inventory updates 
  • A dependable Shopify integration
  • You’ve got room to automated pricing levels

Spocket Demerits

  • Shipment costs more outside the US and takes longer as well
  • Product prices don’t include customs tax & duty; hence, you want to factor it into your product prices and profits
  • The free plan doesn’t offer chat and call support
  • No Wix or BigCommerce integration
  • Selling on Etsy, Wish, eBay, and Amazon isn’t feasible.

Modalyst vs Spocket: Their Websites

With the two websites, we’d root for Spocket site with the reason being; it has more straightforward navigation, and it set up with the customer in mind. 

On the other hand, Modalyst assumes a certain degree of knowledge, and to the extent that it gives little details about them as a brand.

Both sites, however, are pretty resourceful, mostly crafting articles and blog posts for would-be store owners and entrepreneurs. In that way, both sites empower online businesses.

Spocket specifically, is big on rubbing it on our faces how they’ve assisted, to date, about 30,000 entrepreneurs. Also, with a chic feature, you get to order products yourself to ensure the drop shipping function works as intended.

Modalyst vs Spocket: Integrations with eCommerce Platforms

Modalyst integrates with Wix, Shopify, and BigCommerce. Spocket integrates with WooCommerce and Shopify.

Modalyst vs Spocket: Resources

The resources in this context refer to training and help. Modalyst, on its home page, has a Dropshipping Insights section. Here, you’ll find articles on subjects like The 2020 Ultimate Dropshipping Business Guide for Beginners, 100 Profitable Products to Sell in 2020, and more.

Modalyst runs a help center that addresses subjects ranging from creating an account, pricing rules, handling customer orders, and shipping. Also, in the search box, you can key-in a subject matter or question and find helpful answers.

However, much as a forum or helpline appears non-existent, you’ll find a live chat support option running from 9 am to 5 pm PST.

Also, Modalyst provides a feature it calls Showroom & Profile Uploading, which seems to suggest that if you get too busy to set up your profile, the platform may work something for you so long you communicate.

As for Spocket, right at the top of its homepage, you’ll find a Review tab where Spocket is candid about its reviews (5-star rating, a plenty!) as well as Help Center. From here, customers can find FAQs, articles tackling how to reach the Spocket help team, and more.

Additionally is a link to the Spocket Community, which directly leads you to its Facebook page.

On the whole, Spocket offers crucially far superior resources contrasting Modalyst.

Modalyst vs Spocket: Final Word

We won’t choose for you, of course not. But if you look to be part of a community and latch on the support along the way, then Spocket will work for you.

Spocket’s cheapest plan is moderate, and a good pick for startups or newbies starting on eCommerce.

But if you do not wish to get involved with the shipping and just want to deal with known brands, then Modalyst ranks high on your picklist. 

Over to you, of the two sites, which will you latch-on? Do you have any question about Modalyst vs Spocket ?

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